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Gas Stoves

Energy-efficient option that heats food quickly and lets you precisely control heat level

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Features easy-to-clean and ignite cooktop surfaces.

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Gas and electric fuel type for energy efficiency, temperature control and even cooking

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Double Oven Ranges

Double Oven Ranges

Allows you to cook two dishes at different temperatures simultaneously

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Fast, efficient and more convenient heating with a cool-to-the-touch cooktop

Convection Ranges

Uses a fan to continuously move air around food for even cooking

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Sleek and stylish ranges with front controls for easy access

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Fits easily into apartments,
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Home isn’t home without the right range for your kitchen. Luckily, The Home Depot has you covered with one of the best assortments of gas and electric ranges to help you create some memorable family meals and gatherings. Many of our gas and electric ranges also come equipped with a self-cleaning oven feature so you don’t have to dread cleaning your range after cooking a big meal. The high temperature process works its magic on its own without you having to use any harsh chemicals or supplies to clean your stove. You’ll also love the quick and efficient heating of our gas stoves so you can get cooking in no time.

Browse our powerful electric stoves with amazing features like cool-to-touch cooktops and induction technology which helps you save even more on your energy bills. Enjoy faster cooking times with our double oven induction ranges, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at one time. If you’re limited on space, we offer smaller sized ranges specifically for small spaces with both free-standing and wall oven options made to fit your kitchen just right.

For an even more functional kitchen space, partner your new range with an over-the-range microwave, a perfect option for smaller sized kitchens. Enhance the style of your kitchen with over-the-range microwaves and ranges in eye-catching colors and finishes like stainless steel, black and slate.

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Your 5.3 cu. ft. GE Profile Electric Range Your 5.3 cu. ft. GE Profile Electric Range in Stainless Steel features an edge-to-edge cooktop surface giving you extra room for pots and pans of all sizes and letting cookware move easily from element to element. Chef Connect gives you three options with a single touch—for instant convenience choose when ...  More + Product Details Close
This all-in-1 electric range includes Downdraft which integrates This all-in-1 electric range includes Downdraft which integrates the ventilation system so a separate hood is not needed. Smoke and odors can be removed outside or filtered air can be recirculated inside. It also has a Steam Rack that offers the ability to add moisture to the oven and enhances ...  More + Product Details Close
This beautiful freestanding KitchenAid Electric Range produces flawless This beautiful freestanding KitchenAid Electric Range produces flawless cooking results with Even-Heat True Convection. The unique bow-tie design and convection fan ensure the inside of the entire oven is heated to and stays at the perfect temperature. The cooktop features 5 heating surfaces including a dedicated warming zone allowing you ...  More + Product Details Close
The LRE3193ST Single Oven Electric Range has a The LRE3193ST Single Oven Electric Range has a large capacity True Convection system allowing for quicker preheating SmoothTouch glass touch controls and EasyClean technology. With LG's large-capacity oven at 6.3 cu. ft. you can handle it all. 5 radiant elements deliver a range of outputs to accommodate a wide variety ...  More + Product Details Close