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Wall Ovens

How To


Before you buy your wall oven, you'll need to measure your current wall oven cabinet cutout to ensure a perfect fit with no need for alterations. Remember, this measurement will be smaller than the overall height and width of the wall oven.

1. Check your home's main circuit box, then find the breaker for your oven and turn it off. Your new oven's amperage should not exceed this amperage.

Circuit Box

2. Measure the overall height and width of your wall oven.

Wall Oven

3. Open the oven door, then locate and remove the screws that secure the oven to the cabinet.

4. Carefully pull the oven forward no further than 1-2 inches without pulling the oven door.

5. Measure along the top and sides of the cabinet cutout.

Cabinet Cutout

6. Push the oven back into the cutout and replace the screws securing it to the cabinet.

7. Turn on the circuit breaker for your oven.

Now you are ready to shop! For additional assistance, contact your local store.



Appliance Repair

Fix any wall oven problems using our appliance replacement parts locator and our appliance Repair Guide and get tips on DIY repairs for many types of appliances, including electric wall ovens and gas wall ovens.

Also, find an appliance repair specialist and schedule service in your home for most major appliance brands. Need help installing a part or figuring out the problem? Check out our extensive project guides and videos to find repair help.

The Home Depot Protection Plan

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It's convenient and easy to purchase The Home Depot Protection Plan online during checkout. For products that are only available for in-store purchases, please see a store associate for details.

Oven Space-Saving Solutions

Wall ovens are a convenient solution for homeowners who want to save space by having an oven that fits seamlessly into a kitchen wall, or for those who simply prefer that their oven and stovetop are separated for easier access.  They come in many different options for your convenience.  Choose between an electric wall oven or gas wall oven, as well as a single wall oven and a double wall oven, depending on how much oven cooking space you need.

Wall ovens are a great addition to other standard kitchen appliances, including cooktops, ranges and microwaves.  Shop for the best deals on all major appliances for the kitchen and the rest of your home. Visit Appliance Offers to learn more about our current deals on appliances at The Home Depot.