Electric Ranges

Double Oven

Cook two dishes at different temperatures at the same time

Single Oven

Prepare multiple dishes at once with a large oven and cooktop


Use hot circulating air to cook food evenly and quickly

Induction Ranges

Get fast and efficient heat with a cool-to-the-touch cooktop

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Model#  JB700DJBB
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Electric Stove

If you’re looking for a cooking appliance that’s safe and convenient, it’s hard to beat an electric stove. Electronic control pads make it easy to heat things in a hurry without using an open flame. Some high-end electric models even connect through Wi-Fi so you can keep an eye on your food from a different room. 
The Right Range 

There are several types of electric ranges. Smooth cooktops are by far the fastest to clean—simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. For increased cooking flexibility, browse stoves with five elements that include tri-ring and warming burners. Induction ranges use magnetic coils under ceramic glass to warm pans quickly, but with precise heat. 
Warm Up to Oven Features 
If you do a lot of baking, look for an oven with up to seven cubic feet of space. Multiple rack layouts are also helpful. You could opt for a double oven to cook several dishes at the same time at different temperatures. Convection cooking uses a fan to move air around for even heat. Save time with a self-clean process and consider safety features like a lockout and auto shut-off. 

Freestanding ovens are always a favorite. You could also try a slide-in stove with easy-to-reach controls and a seamless look. If you want something that looks like it was built into your counters, consider drop-in options. Click here to learn about appliance delivery and installation.

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