French Door Refrigerators

Easy Access Door In Door

Convenient design with easy access to food plus reduced cold air loss

Flexible 4 Door

Four convertible cooling zones provide the freshest food storage available

Counter Depth

Gives the look of a built-in flush with cabinets and countertops

Ice & Water in Door

Easy access to ice and water on outside of door plus reduced cold air loss

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Was  $3,499.00
$3,149.10 / each
Save $349.90 (10%)
KitchenAid 25.8 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel

Model # KRMF606ESS

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Was  $3,049.00
$2,744.10 / each
Save $304.90 (10%)
Electrolux IQ-Touch 21.93 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Counter Depth

Model # EI23BC35KS

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Was  $2,349.00
$2,114.10 / each
Save $234.90 (10%)
Electrolux IQ-Touch 22.37 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in White, Counter Depth

Model # EI23BC30KW

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Was  $3,299.00
$2,969.10 / each
Save $329.90 (10%)
KitchenAid 21.9 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Panel Ready, Counter Depth

Model # KRFC302EPA

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Was  $7,499.00
$6,749.10 / each
Save $749.90 (10%)
KitchenAid 20.8 cu. ft. Built-In French Door Refrigerator in Panel Ready

Model # KBFN406EPA

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Was  $3,599.00
$3,239.10 / each
Save $359.90 (10%)
LG Electronics 31.7 cu. ft. Built-in French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel

Model # LFXS32726S

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1 Option Available

Was  $3,499.00
$3,149.10 / each
Save $349.90 (10%)
Whirlpool 26 cu. ft. Double Drawer French Door Refrigerator in Monochromatic Stainless Steel

Model # WRV996FDEM

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Average rating for French Door Refrigerators
(4.3 / 5)
81,366 Reviews
  1. 4 weeks ago
    great refrigerator for 2 adults and 4 kids
    The delivery and set up went smooth as silk, the home depot delivery guys had the new out of the truck and set up in the refrigerator in less then 30 minutes, and that included loading up the old one and hauling it away.
  2. 12 months ago
    Great Fridge !!!
    Absolutely the best fridge we’ve ever owned. Plenty of space, quiet, the vegetables last longer than our previous fridge. My favorite feature is the chiller drawer it keeps a 12 pack of...Soda just above freezing. You know, there's nothing like getting a really, really cold soda after mowing the lawn. I recommend this refrigerator without hesitation :)
  3. 1 year ago
    great refrigerator
    It is a big refrigerator, it almost didn't make it to the kitchen. Nice doors. lots of space but little space for tall containers like 2lt.coke. that is the only thing I don't like. the water access got very scratch on the first week, it is a little bit hard to maintain clean and shiny the outside doors.
  1. 1 month ago
    Great Looking
    The refrigerator looks great , and our electric bill is down. I am very pleased with it. The only short coming is that the through the door ice maker is slow to dispense ice, and the cubes are smaller than our old fridge.
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  2. 1 month ago
    Great product
    Very happy with this fridge. Fits our family of five.
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  3. 9 months ago
    2 Months... and loving it still!
    Ability to remove all hinges, doors, and handles made it possible to get into the kitchen. Food is lasting much longer than the side-by-side it replaced (and that fridge was not 'that' old). Love the produce bins with separate humidity controls. Pull out drawer is awesome. Cannot believe how much more it holds and really is easy to find what you need. Only concern seems to be a slight drip from the water/ice dispenser. Never enough to fill the tray with more than a drop or two, but it does ... read more exist. Gotta spend some time figuring out how to adjust the one door, so it does completely close... right now it kinda hangs open a bit... and fear this could provide a time where we don't realize it is not closing. BUT, know this is solvable.
  1. 1 year ago
    Excellent refrigerator
    Excellent two drawer freezer compartment; roomy and convenient fresh vegetable drawers; nice full width drawer for meats; very quiet operation; good icemaker and water dispenser
  2. 4 months ago
    Good looking and nicely organized refrigerator !
    This refrigerator has several very nice features. The shelves in the main compartment are all easily adjustable ... half shelf at a time. They also seem very sturdy. The door-in-door design. This offers a bit more shelf space for things in jars ... like jelly, salad dressing, etc. It also offers easy access to items like milk; you can keep things in the door-in-door that you need often and don't have to hunt for them. Why "good" in the Quality, rather than excellent? Some of the shelving in the ... read more door appears "flimsy". It may be just fine but I would have liked it to be more robust. This may be the way things are these days, though. So I go for "good" but not "excellent".
  3. 1 year ago
    The French door design with freezer drawer on the bottom is a tremendous improvement over traditional freezer on top and full-length side-by-side designs. Having everything in the refrigerator at or very near eye-level makes it so much easier to keep leftovers and produce "moving" (i.e., not moved progressively toward the darker nether regions where they slowly spoil, rot and become insidious biology experiments. Also, it makes cleaning the refrigerator much easier. The lighting array is so much ... read more brighter than older refrigerators, and that helps, too. This LG is NOT loud and looks great.
  1. 2 years ago
    We are very pleased with the quality and features of this refrigerator/freezer
    The refrigerator/Freezer is very quiet. It has easy access to a very large refrigerator section that features several types of storage facilities including a unique pull-out drawer which accomodates large platters and long packages. The dual ice makers are very efficient with no icing or spillage. The freezer is large and well laid out. All in all an excellent choice aftersuffering through the poor pereformance of our previous brand name unit.
  2. 3 years ago
    Very pleased with product!
    We've only had our new fridge a little less than a month, but we can only say great things about it so far! There is a lot of space inside the refridgerator and the freezer as well. Actually a lot more space than I expected. Everything has a spot that fits efficiently. The ice and water dispenser in the door is very convienent and does not take up too much space at all. After about 24 hours both ice machines were filled up. We haven't had a chance to put the ice maker to the test as far as how ... read more much ice it puts out, but so far it seems like it produces a good amount. I spent a lot of time reading different product reviews while searching for the brand and model of fridge that would fit out needs and I believe this Samsung model will live up to our expectations.
  3. 3 years ago
    Everything it says it is and should be
    I purchased a refrigerator 2 years ago after researching and still found that it wasn't what I expected after using it. For this purchase, I did more research and got this refrigerator recently and absolutely love it! The dual ice makers are great, we go through a lot of ice in our house and always had to keep store bought ice in the freezer but not now! Having 2 separate controls on the in-the-door water & ice dispenser works great, no more getting ice when you wanted water and vice versa. ... read more There are many options for the adjustable shelves and the sliding shelf is very convenient so I can add an extra gallon of milk when needed without having to lay it down. The freezer drawer opens and closes easily and I like having the small bin in the front for the smaller and frequently used foods. Lots of pros, have not found any cons.
  1. 2 weeks ago
    A really nice well thought out refrigerator
    There is a lot to like about the Samsung 28.1 cu. ft. 4-DoorFlex French Door Refrigerator but there are some things that need to be considered prior to purchasing. 1) Make certain it will fit. This refrigerator stands at 6 feet tall - taller than most free standing refrigerators. 2) For the drawers to open - the doors need to open well beyond 90 degrees, This could be a problem for some installs if there is an adjacent wall to the right or left of the refrigerator. This can be a real issue to ... read more clean out the drawer - removing the drawer completely requires the door to swing completely out of the way. 3) The FlexZone compartment doesn't give an exact setting. It are four selections Cool, Chill, Soft Freeze, Freeze. Although the Samsung manual states the temperature target for each of these settings, you do not have the option to adjust to a specific temperature outside these presets. Outside the above, the refrigerator is a very well thought out system. Pluses include: - the easy access integrated water filter - recess grab handles, a real plus, makes the refrigerator seem slimmer because the lack of protruding grab handles - soft rolling drawers in the refrigerator (so quiet you think it had high grade cabinet drawer slides). Too bad the freezer didn't follow with the same hardware. - easy to use and set control panel - Samsung Smart Home App - ability to monitor and control the refrigerator remotely using your in-home wireless internet - easy to install, the almost totally enclosed back makes it easy to keep clean. Only the water line and power cord are all you need room for - low floor clearance - giving you most of your refrigerator storage from top to bottom. - quiet! Yes, so very quiet. I barely hear ice dumps and rarely ever hear any other noises such as compressor or fan - storage! Well thought out storage in the door to get to most common use items such as gallon milk. Several can be kept on the door and the right refrigerator middle door shelf has two height options. The left side refrigerator door shelves are only practical for condiments. Freezer and FlexZone door shelves are slim but still can provide use for smaller package items. Samsung gave the space to deeper drawers and the top rolling shelf (another real plus) - lots of lighting. Lighting from all around including from the back. Again, well thought out from the design team. Other notes: The french door gasket seems to have gone through some great improvements. It makes a good seal and doesn't inhibit either door from being opened/closed independently. Ice production seems on par with the average. We haven't ran out yet but we haven't placed our summer ice demand on it yet either. Over all I am very please what Samsung has done with this refrigerator.
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  2. 1 month ago
    Spacious Fridge
    Great Fridge We had it a little over 2 years bought on black Friday at a steal deal. 2 years later still more expensive. Down side it stopped cooling so We got money back through waranty purchased same fridge.
  3. 1 month ago
    I rarely give five stars, but for this product there were a lot of good reasons. This refrigerator is seriously big, yet it fits into my small galley-style kitchen, and with only two inches on either side, one side of which is a wall, the four doors open wide to reveal even more interior space than I was expecting. The top two doors provide access to refrigerated space with multiple glass shelves that have many options in height adjustment. An especially clever idea is the shelf where one half ... read more slides in on itself (see photo), allowing for the placement of tall items in that space. Super handy for some of my jars and bottles that are just too tall to fit on the door. And the LED lighting is so bright that I can see every item at a glance even if it’s at the back of a shelf! And speaking of the doors, there are multiple plastic “bins” that can be completely removed which makes them easy to clean by placing in the sink and washing, instead of the usual awkward wipe down with a sponge. The one tiny criticism I would have of the door bins is that one end of some of the bins on the left door are very narrow and there’s not a lot of items that could fill these spaces. I realize the shape of these bins is to accommodate the ice maker and I’m not sure if there’s any way around that. The bottom left compartment is the freezer with sliding clear fronted bins and I love this as it’s easy to see and remove what’s in each bin. There are also fully removable door bins here too. And the best part? The bottom right compartment is called the Flex Zone and can be set at four different temperatures – use it like a fridge, use it like a freezer, or choose one of two other settings in-between. This versatility is one of this fridge’s most outstanding features. The outside of the top door can dispense crushed or cubed ice, and chilled water. And right above it is a control panel that allows you to change the temperature of the fridge or freezer compartments including a very handy feature called Power Cool and Power Freeze. This feature lets you crank up the cold in the fridge or freezer if you want to cool or freeze something in a hurry – so useful after bringing home the groceries on a hot day! Another feature I like is that there’s an alarm you can turn on that will alert you if the fridge door is left open longer than 2 minutes. I am extremely happy with my choice of this Samsung Flex refrigerator and it’s everything I hoped for. The appliance is made from very good quality materials, nothing flimsy or cheap looking. An added bonus is that the stainless steel finish on the doors does not show fingerprints as badly as many other products with a similar finish, so a quick wipe every few days keeps it looking clean and shiny. If you’re looking for a fridge with loads of space, lots of versatility on how you use that space, and above average customer service – Samsung called me to make sure the fridge had delivered safely, was installed and fully functional, and that I was happy – this is the appliance that should be top of your list.
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  1. 4 years ago
    A good French Door when you don't need a huge one.
    I like the LED lighting and the quality and design of the door trays a lot. It's just under 20 cubic feet, which is perfect for us. We liked the French Door refrigerators but so many were over 26 cubic feet, and very wide, and we didn't need that, so this one was perfect. We're tall people too, so the freezer on the bottom is best.
  2. 5 months ago
    This model fit our 1959 built-in cabinet space
    The fridge was installed about ten days ago. It is a very quiet fridge that keeps food cold and the freezer keeps food frozen. The french doors close easily and the door with the baffle slips easily into place without the other door having to be open. The drawers open and close very smoothly. We chose this fridge because it fit into the built-in space in our kitchen. There are only two adults in our household, and we would have preferred a larger fridge. We kept our old fridge for beer, wine, ... read more and holiday food overflow--the deliverymen moved it downstairs for us for $15. The freezer is a vast improvement over our previous freezer-on-top: it slides out easily, everything is easy to reach, there's a sliding piece that helps keep everything vertical, and it's very well lit. We don't use ice makers, but we do use a lot of ice, which I make in traditional stacked ice trays. The water doesn't spill when I open the freezer drawer, and it is easier to replace the water-filled ice trays in the drawer than it was in my freezer-on-top model. The design of model exceeds our expectations.
  3. 4 years ago
    Great Fridge!
    this fridge is great and it fit our small space well yet it holds a lot. It makes lots of ice and it has a nice big ice bin. The door alarm is great because the doors don't close easily so sometimes they stay open and if it wasn't for the door alarm i wouldn't notice! Doesn't get dirty fast on the outside, we use the pledge stainless steel cleaner and it works great! the fridge is super quest and has the energy saving feature which is nice. Overall we are happy with the purchase and the price was reasonable
  1. 1 week ago
    Great features
    We like the French doors and freezer on the bottom
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  2. 1 month ago
    Love my Whirlpool
    Love buying American made products. My last refrigerator lasted 25 yrs. Was still working, but was no longer energy efficient. Glad to know you are here to stay Whirlpool.
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  3. 3 weeks ago
    Love the looks and the space, items easily organized, u open the fridge and one can easily see everything inside. Love the bottom drawer freezer!
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  1. 2 months ago
    24cuft Refrigerator
    This refrigerator replaced an Amma that was 20 years old, I hope this one lasts that long.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Beautiful refrigerator
    This refrigerator is beautiful and seems to have more room than our side by side. Love the middle drawer for easy access without feeling that we let all the cold out of the top part. Only draw back...we got rid of our old refrigerator after the ice maker quit. It was 14 years old and did great other than that. We loved our ice maker on the other one. It made lots of ice and did it quickly. This one is really tiny. It runs out super fast and was really disappointing. Should've read how big the ... read more bin was. But other than that, we love it. Just have to buy some bagged ice and keep in the freezer.
  3. 1 month ago
    Great price, looks good, and lots of storage
    I would definitely recommend this appliance to a friend. I am also looking to purchase a stove and will definitely buy another Kitchenaid product.
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