French Door Refrigerators

Easy Access Door In Door

Convenient design with easy access to food plus reduced cold air loss

Flexible 4 Door

Four convertible cooling zones provide the freshest food storage available

Counter Depth

Gives the look of a built-in flush with cabinets and countertops

Ice & Water in Door

Easy access to ice and water on outside of door plus reduced cold air loss

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Model # FGHG2366PF

Was  $2,449.00
$2,204.10 / each
Save $244.90 (10%)
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Was  $3,109.00
Special Buy  $2,443.00
$2,198.70 / each
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Model # GYE22HMKES

Was  $2,899.00
Special Buy  $2,442.00
$2,197.80 / each
Save $701.20 (24%)
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Model # GFE24JSKSS

Was  $2,399.00
Special Buy  $1,996.00
$1,796.40 / each
Save $602.60 (25%)
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Model # GFE26GSKSS

Was  $2,199.00
$1,979.10 / each
Save $219.90 (10%)
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Model # FGHN2866PF

Was  $2,149.00
$1,934.10 / each
Save $214.90 (10%)
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Model # WRF757SDEM

Was  $2,599.00
Special Buy  $2,108.00
$1,897.20 / each
Save $701.80 (27%)
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Model # LFX25973D

Was  $2,549.00
Special Buy  $2,054.00
$1,848.60 / each
Save $700.40 (27%)
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Model # KRFF302ESS

Was  $1,999.00
$1,799.10 / each
Save $199.90 (10%)
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Model # KRFF305EBL

Was  $1,999.00
$1,799.10 / each
Save $199.90 (10%)
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3 Options Available

Model # FFHN2740PP

Was  $1,749.00
$1,574.10 / each
Save $174.90 (10%)
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Model # LFCS22520S

Was  $1,699.00
$1,529.10 / each
Save $169.90 (10%)
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Model # WRF560SMYM

Was  $1,699.00
$1,529.10 / each
Save $169.90 (10%)
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Was  $1,499.00
Special Buy  $1,443.00
$1,298.70 / each
Save $200.30 (13%)
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Model # RF22K9581SR

Was  $5,799.00
Special Buy  $5,442.00
$4,897.80 / each
Save $901.20 (16%)
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1 Option Available

Model # KRFC400ESS

Was  $3,199.00
$2,879.10 / each
Save $319.90 (10%)
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Model # LPXS30866D

Was  $4,299.00
Special Buy  $3,442.00
$3,097.80 / each
Save $1,201.20 (28%)
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Model # LFXS24566S

Was  $2,699.00
Special Buy  $2,110.00
$1,899.00 / each
Save $800.00 (30%)
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Model # LFXS27566S

Was  $3,099.00
Special Buy  $2,332.00
$2,098.80 / each
Save $1,000.20 (32%)
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2 Options Available

Model # GNE21FMKES

Was  $1,599.00
$1,439.10 / each
Save $159.90 (10%)
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3 Options Available

Model # MFF2055DRM

Was  $1,499.00
$1,349.10 / each
Save $149.90 (10%)
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Model # LMXS30746S

Was  $3,699.00
Special Buy  $2,998.00
$2,698.20 / each
Save $1,000.80 (27%)
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Model # MFC2062DEM

Was  $2,099.00
$1,889.10 / each
Save $209.90 (10%)
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Model # LFX21976ST

Was  $2,799.00
$2,519.10 / each
Save $279.90 (10%)
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Average rating for French Door Refrigerators
(4.3 / 5)
82,152 Reviews
  1. 1 year ago
    Spacious and well-designed refrigerator
    We purchased this refrigerator because our existing refrigerator was too large for the space in our new mid-century house. Because of its superior design, this refrigerator seems more spacious than our old one. I love the shelves in the door, the convenient shelf in the freezer, and the lights. I also like the gray sides, because they don't contrast with the stainless steel like the black sides do on other refrigerators. The only thing I miss is having a designated dairy compartment.
  2. 3 years ago
    Really good but different than I was expecting
    All the Samsung refrigerators in the store had a special lift up for the freazer handle, but mine didn't after installation. Not sure if I got an older model or if that didn't come with this Samsung, since because of the special size it wasn't in the store. However after seeing that feature in the store and asking the guy if all had that feature, that is why I picked this fridge. Otherwise it has been great. The fast cool down worked well. The ice came quickly and we always have enough. It runs ... read more quietly. It does smudge some. I really like it, just wish the freezer drawer had the special lift function rather than just drawer pull-out.
  3. 2 years ago
    A good choice if you have a 30-inch space
    This fridge was a great compromise. We wanted French doors but had limited space (33 inches wide by 69 inches high). We chose this model over the RF221NCTASP, which had a water filter we didn't want or need. We had to give up ice in the door, which our old side-by-side Hotpoint had. But we gained useful, flexible space, with a nice-size freezer and deli tray. We chose the platinum finish, which doesn't show fingerprints. It looks great, and it matches our other Samsung stainless steel appliances ... read more more than well enough. We've lived with the fridge a couple of months now, and we're happy with it.
  1. 9 months ago
    Great Refrigerator
    I bought this fridge to replace a defective Samsung 4 Door Select that a compressor had gone out on. This black stainless is as beautiful and smudge proof as the Samsung model. I wasn't sure about the door in door feature but it is working out fine. I also LOVE the small ice cubes!
  2. 2 months ago
    Nice product
    I bought this refrigarator a week ago and now I am enjoying it. It is quiet and has a lot of space inside. The bottom freezer has two parts, so my daughter can put her ice cream in one drawer apart from rare meat. The only thing is its size. the delivery guy scratch the front door a little when they moved it inside the house.
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  3. 1 year ago
    This is a great product that we waited a year to buy on the black friday specials. Our 25 cf side by side was completely full but only took up a 1/3 of the new unit. We are able to see verything that is in the refrigerator and no more food getting buried in the back unseen and creating a rotten mess. The drawer is our drink drawer and puts a little slushy to the soda that we love - Ice cold Would recommend to everyone - it is the perfect chefs refrigerator
  1. 2 years ago
    Technically, this is only the second refrigerator we have ever purchased. Almost everywhere we lived already had one. The first one years ago was nothing like this. This is one beautiful appliance. It is elegant looking sitting in our kitchen. The space in the upper part is not as roomy as one might think it should be. Plenty of room, but it is deceiving from the outside. The middle tray/door is a great feature. Being able to get at our drinks without opening the main part is nice. This ... read more refrigerator is relatively quiet when it runs. The controls are fairly easy to figure out. The LED lights inside are super bright and light the entire inside very well. When on sale, a great purchase.
  2. 1 year ago
    Love this machine!
    We're in week three with this fridge and LOVE it. The only reason I am not giving it a full five stars is the shelving is limited for tall bottles but otherwise it is perfect! The third drawer makes for more room in the main fridge. The ice and water dispenses great. The temperature remains consistent (unlike the POC GE model we had for seven years and it didn't work right from day one). It's great to look at, too (we bought it in stainless). Added bonus was the two fellows who delivered it were ... read more so polite and did a great job getting it in our kitchen, We are almost an all-Samsung appliance home now and cannot be more pleased with the products they make.
  3. 8 months ago
    Beautiful high end
    The fridge is modern looking and lovely in white. The finish is shiny and bright white. I have only had the appliance for a week, but so far it has not leaked, nor made any loud noise, as others have experienced. The compartments are well organized, and the pullout drawer is a very convenient feature. The crushed ice feature does crush, but has a mix of sizes, and not fine crushed. It is on wheels, and fits perfectly in a tight space.
  1. 2 years ago
    My Wife Loves It -- So do I
    The Refrigerator is amazing! It is large and well lit. In fact, there is so much space, that once we moved our food from our normally packed, disorganized side by side frig into the new LG frig, we had so much space that it made organizing the food so simple. We could literally put triple the food in there, but no need. Also, the two icemaker feature is great since both my girls play lots of soccer. The only thing that I have noticed is that the compressor runs nearly all the time when the door ... read more is closed. It is just barely audible. At first, the new very faint sound was slightly concerning, but after a while I realized that is was actually quieter than most other refrigerators. Now I don't notice it all.
  2. 2 months ago
    The only thing stopping this fridge from getting 5 starts is the left door with the ice maker closes fast and hard when you forget to hold on. The right door is fine. I suspect the installer may have the refrigerator tilted back a little too much and or the weight of the ice maker is the culprit. NOT a big deal. Fridge runs very quite and unless the house is completely quiet and you listen closely you never know its on or the ice maker is refilling. With two ice makers there is always plenty of ... read more ice. I would buy it again.
  3. 11 months ago
    Almost Perfect
    I would give this frig a perfect score, except for the fact that we can't move the shelves to better fit our needs and the vegetable/fruit bins are awfully small. But love the dual ice maker and it's so much easier to find things in this frig compared to the Samsung we hated from the start.
  1. 2 weeks ago
    The design is better than other brand
    So far working good , silent at night time, temperature of the compartments are working in selected range.
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  2. 2 months ago
    Lots of room
    I couldn't get a full size refrigerator because of space, saw this at the store and bought it. Cannot believe how much room it has. The only thing I wish it had would be more door racks for taller items, everything else is great.
    This review was originally posted to
  3. 1 month ago
    Great Looking
    The refrigerator looks great , and our electric bill is down. I am very pleased with it. The only short coming is that the through the door ice maker is slow to dispense ice, and the cubes are smaller than our old fridge.
    This review was originally posted to
  1. 5 months ago
    Beautiful refrigerator with tons of features!
    Hours of price shopping and online study went into our purchase of this fridge. The features are terrific and it is a beautiful addition to our kitchen. We saved over $600 buying during the Black Friday promotions. Samsung has some bad reviews for service so we purchased the 5 -year warranty as well. So-far the fridge is quiet, makes plenty of ice, has lots of room and is easily organized. Door-in-door feature is terrific and one of my favorites. Front panel display and controls are easy to ... read more manage and add to the modern-techy feel of this fridge.
  2. 10 months ago
    Nice Icebox
    Wow! An awesome 'fridge! We've been suffering with an old Maytag due to a broken icemaker, and use a lot of ice. Debated about the dual icemaker Samsung model, but the new SS produces plenty of ice with just the single icemaker. Temperature control is very versatile, and lots of room at almost 28 cu ft. Ice and water dispenser in the door is wonderful, takes large glasses and containers with room to spare. Also wondered about the 'showcase' door feature - it was an extra $400 - but we love it, ... read more glad now that I went for it. We also love the French door configuration and bright lighting in both the fridge and freezer.
  3. 1 month ago
    A lot to like about the fridge
    It is quiet and cooled very quickly upon arrival. It took a little longer than expected to initially produce ice, but I guess that is normal. We like all the features and convenience that this unit has. My only concern is that the fridge temperature control says 34 degrees like my old fridge, but the milk is not as cold. I will try to move it near the "Metal Cooling" in the door to see if that helps. Overall a great purchase.
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  1. 4 months ago
    Good looking and nicely organized refrigerator !
    This refrigerator has several very nice features. The shelves in the main compartment are all easily adjustable ... half shelf at a time. They also seem very sturdy. The door-in-door design. This offers a bit more shelf space for things in jars ... like jelly, salad dressing, etc. It also offers easy access to items like milk; you can keep things in the door-in-door that you need often and don't have to hunt for them. Why "good" in the Quality, rather than excellent? Some of the shelving in the ... read more door appears "flimsy". It may be just fine but I would have liked it to be more robust. This may be the way things are these days, though. So I go for "good" but not "excellent".
  2. 2 months ago
    Best high-quality refrigerator ever!
    I absolutely LOVE this fridge. The door-in-door feature is wonderful. I love the reminder chime when the door is left open.... It has so much more room than any other refrigerator I've ever owned. Great features. The ice maker is perfect for our purposes. Water dispenser takes a little getting used to, as it is in front of where you think it would be (the ice dispenses with your cup on the 'shelf' but you need to hold your cup up and push against the water 'tab'). It's a gorgeous and very ... read more functional refrigerator. Definitely recommend it to others!
  3. 1 year ago
    I Truly Love My French Door Refrigerator!
    I can't stop saying this. Every time I open the fourth door to just get a bottle of water, or milk, I find myself amazed that I don't have to open the whole door to do this. It's great. We really love the freezer on the bottom. There is a tray that is easy to put things you want, like ice cream, or food you want to use right away. It is easy to see the food in the freezer. All in all, I am very happy with it.
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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Great Design and looks
    Best refrigerator we have had, and we have had a few. Love the bottom freezer and the French doors. Plenty of room for items and love the pull out cheese and meat tray. No more not knowing what is in the back of the drawer only to find it turning green. Only thing I would suggest to Whirlpool design wise is to include an internal water filter. Unit needs to be hooked to an external water filter for the ice machine.
    This review was originally posted to
    Seeds Program Review
  2. 5 days ago
    Best Refrigerator Ever!
    We purchased this refrigerator one month ago and could not be happier. We love the top frig and the bottom freezer. It is wonderful not to have to bend down everytime we need something from the refrigerator. The French doors are great. I have the things I get out most frequently on one side so I don't have to open the whole refrigerator every time I want the coffee creamer. The ice maker works perfectly. This is a beautiful, roomy and quite refrigerator. We spent weeks looking at different ... read more reviews before making our purchase. We are so glad that we decided on whirlpool.
    This review was originally posted to
  3. 2 weeks ago
    So far I like it.
    I had previously had a bad experience with a side-by-side refrigerator:not being able to put large trays of food in either side, the rotary ice maker plastic parts easily breaking and the plastic hose for the filtered water drying and breaking (and consequently leaking). So I opted for just the ice maker in the Whirlpool. I should have gotten the water filter also. I like the freezer drawer at the bottom and the arrangement of the shelves and the wide door opening. I especially like the wide ... read more deep meat drawer. So far I've noticed that the stainless steel requires more cleaning/shining than the old white appliance.
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