Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets


Everyone longs for that dream bathroom that is innovative & beautiful, yet practical. Bathrooms are made for living and over the years have evolved from basic to elegant and efficient. At The Home Depot we offer a wide variety of bathroom vanities and cabinets that organize your bathroom, yet add charm while matching your lifestyle.

One of the unique opportunities to add style to your bath is our double sink vanity. Create a stylish and functional bathroom with a vanity that will give you that extra space needed to keep from getting in each other’s way. These also make a great vanity when more than one child uses a bathroom. Also available is a wide variety of modern bathroom vanities. Manufactured in many styles, these vanities are made of the highest quality while offering options to match any taste.  

Another option for your bathroom is the floating vanity. Currently all the rage in contemporary bathrooms, these vanities offer a unique floating appearance. While traditional vanities sit on the floor, the floating vanity is attached directly to the wall – usually with a clearance of 8-12 inches. It is a clean look that will make small bathrooms feel larger.

The finishing touch in any bathroom is the medicine cabinet. A recessed medicine cabinet will take up less space in your bath without cutting back on storage capability. By tucking the cabinet inside the wall, you will make your vanity area feel larger. Another option is the corner medicine cabinet which allows you to save space in smaller bathrooms while still offering storage.

Come to The Home Depot where we have an incredible selection of bathroom vanities and cabinets at the lowest prices to match any budget or need. Our knowledgeable professionals will be glad to help you with any questions you may have about your project.