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As the focal point of any bathroom, finding the perfect vanity for your home that is both stylish and functional is critical. With an impressive array of designs and styles, there’s a bathroom vanity for you. At The Home Depot, we have a wide selection of single and double sink vanities to meet any need you might have.

Highly popular, the double sink vanity is made to fit every bathroom size. In addition to being beautiful and affordable, a vanity with two sinks becomes highly practical in a one or two bathroom house when people are in need of the sink at the same time. Modern bathroom vanities come in every shape. They are made to embrace the latest trends in luxury modern bathroom design. Offering a simple yet elegant look, the modern vanity combines both high quality and elegance.

One unique look in today’s bathrooms is the floating vanity, which is attached to the wall and gives the feeling of the vanity floating above the floor. Adding sophistication to your bath, the floating vanity is simple and creates more storage space in your bathroom. More storage space allows for more organization, including accessories like bath shelves and linen cabinets.

Finish off the look of your bathroom vanity with the right medicine cabinet. The Home Depot offers a wide variety of medicine cabinets for you to stay organized. Two popular options for medicine cabinets are the recessed medicine cabinet and the corner medicine cabinet. They will keep you organized while placing all of your bathroom essentials within easy reach. All of our medicine cabinets are sophisticated while offering you the same high quality as our bathroom vanities.

From a bathroom vanity, to bath mirrors, bath hardware and wall cabinets – The Home Depot is the place to go for all your bathroom needs, regardless of budget. Take your bathroom to a whole new level and increase the value of your home at the same time. Our knowledgeable professionals are at the ready to help you turn your bath into the one you have always dreamed of.