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How To Choose A Toilet

Whether you are concerned with saving water or simply wanting to replace an old toilet, we carry the latest models including one-piece toilets, dual flush and water saving toilets. Learn more about the right toilet for you in our buying guide.

Installing A Toilet

Our toilet installation project guide and video will show you how to install a toilet yourself. Including tips for a successful do-it-yourself installation.

Toilet Installation Service

Get your new toilet installed by our professionals. Let us take away the frustration and delay and give you a professional installation and peace of mind.

Ask an Expert

Having a problem with your toilet or bidet? Ask one of our community experts for advice on how to solve your bathroom dilemma.


Toilets are an essential part of any functioning bathroom. At The Home Depot, we offer consumers a wide range of toilets that are rugged, reliable, and durable.

Known for their high performance and durability, Toto toilets have been one of the top selling toilets for over 90 years. Very popular, the Toto toilet is highly efficient, including one and two piece toilets as well as bidets. One of the extraordinary options now offered are wall hung toilets. This type of toilet offers the ultimate in design and performance, while being the perfect way to update your bathroom. Space saving and easy to clean, the wall hung toilet has been in use for many years in Europe. The water tank is concealed behind the wall between studs, while the toilet height is adjustable at installation, allowing each individual owner to size to their needs.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution for your toilet, a composting toilet is natural alternative. Self-contained, non-electric and waterless, the composting toilet is earth friendly and a great way to recycle waste products. In addition, you will save lots of money on your water as almost 30 percent of home water usage comes from the toilet.

For bathroom storage, The Home Depot also offers many styles of over the toilet storage. There are lot of solutions that will fit over or around your already existing toilet features while making great use of space in your bathroom!

Come to The Home Depot and see our new generation of toilets and accessories that will transform your bathroom from the ordinary to extraordinary.


Modeled after early-1900s American design, the Bancroft collection Modeled after early-1900s American design, the Bancroft collection embodies traditional elegance with its refined curves. In addition to its classic appeal, this water-conserving Bancroft toilet offers a high level of comfort and efficiency. A 1.28-Gal. flush setting provides significant water ...  More + Product Details Close
With its concealed tank and minimal foot print, With its concealed tank and minimal foot print, the innovative Veil wall-hung toilet saves up to 12 in. of precious bathroom space over KOHLER's longest floor-mount models. This model includes a C3 toilet seat with bidet functionality for enhanced cleansing, ...  More + Product Details Close
The Archer Comfort Height Toilet combines exceptional performance The Archer Comfort Height Toilet combines exceptional performance and the enduring transitional style of the Archer collection. Blending subtle design elements found in Craftsman furniture and the intricate facets of fine jewelry, this combination of beveled edges and curved bases ...  More + Product Details Close
The San Souci 1-piece toilet offers a sleek, The San Souci 1-piece toilet offers a sleek, contemporary design combined with KOHLER touchless flush. Just hold your hand over the tank sensor to activate the flush. No handle to touch means fewer germs to pick up or leave behind. ...  More + Product Details Close