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Find your new water saving toilet at The Home Depot

How To Choose A Toilet

Whether you are concerned with saving water or simply wanting to replace an old toilet, we carry the latest models including one-piece toilets, dual flush and water saving toilets. Our WaterSense labeled toilets use up to 32% less water than standard toilets.  Learn more about the right toilet for you in our buying guide.

We can help you install your toilet yourself, or do it for you

Installing A Toilet

Our toilet installation project guide and video will show you how to install a toilet yourself. Including tips for a successful do-it-yourself installation.

WaterSense toilets save you money and cut water use

  Water Saving Toilets

WaterSense retail partner of the year 2011. Installing WaterSense® labeled toilets in your home saves you money on your water bill by using fewer gallons per flush. Do your part to help the environment by saving thousands of gallons of water each year.  The Home Depot Eco Options program shows you the water and money savings that can be realized by upgrading to water saving products.

Use our rebate finder for your new toilet purchase

You may qualify for a Utility Rebate

A water conserving toilet purchased from The Home Depot may qualify for a rebate from your local county, city or water district. Enter your zip code in our Local Utility Rebate Finder to search for rebates from your local municipality.

Affordable bathroom updates at The Home Depot

Half Baths Under $250    

Update your half bathroom for $250 or less with just a few simple upgrades. Discover fast cost-effective ways to make better use of limited space in price ranges to fit most budgets. Explore the latest water saving bathroom faucets and toilets to save on water bills, and upgrade your bathroom hardware and bath safety accessories for a great new look. Some items available online only, not in stores.

Our professional toilet installers get the job done right

Toilet Installation Service

Get your new toilet installed by our professionals. Let us take away the frustration and delay and give you a professional installation and peace of mind.

Toilets deliver powerful performance with comfort and style

Toilets are one of the most under-appreciated fixtures in our home, and the latest advances of today’s modern models have done wonders for saving thousands of gallons of water each year, and saving money on utility bills. WaterSense labeled toilets use 1.28 gallon per flush, which reduces water bills and helps our environment.

At The Home Depot, you will find the latest one-piece toilets, dual flush and chair height toilets. New toilet seats, bidets and bidet accessories also offer convenience and comfort.

If you are considering additional bathroom upgrades, check out our wide selection of bath fansgrab bars and other bath safety accessories and bath lighting. We also carry supply line pipes and hardware for bathroom sinks, as well as toilet supply lines and parts.