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concrete, cement & masonry

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Great for all-purpose projects like setting sidewalk slabs and steps

Ideal for setting posts & other projects that require rapid set time

Use for countertops, driveways, and sidewalks that require more durability

Fiber reinforced to reduce cracking from drying without needing wire mesh. Use for driveways, sidewalk and patios

Designed to harden and reach full high-strength faster than standard concrete

Mix with aggregate and other ingredients to make concrete mix, mortar, or base coat stucco



Mixes for setting bricks, stones, or concrete blocks for structural walls

Versatile, weather resistant exterior wall finish available in a variety of colors and textures

Concrete cinder blocks, deck blocks, bricks and more

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Fill or seal cracks, grooves and gaps

Protect concrete, brick, masonry, pavers or stucco surfaces

Repair cracks asphalt surfaces like driveways or sidewalks

Plugs leaks in cracked masonry or concrete surfaces

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Your next DIY endeavor shouldn’t make you want to bang your head against a wall – even if you are building one. Keep it simple. Let The Home Depot be your one-stop-shop for masonry supplies and more.

Whether you’re looking for cinder blocks, buying bricks to build a backyard fire pit, creating your own concrete bookends or installing decorative glass block for your bathroom walls, we have high-quality products from all the brands you trust. 

Got a driveway full of cracks? Fixing it has never been easier. Check out our driveway sealer and concrete sealer products to help protect your paved surfaces from staining and damage. 

At The Home Depot, we’ve got concrete products for every professional contractor and DIYer, no matter what you’re working on. Browse our selection of construction supplies and make your project a success.


Quikrete 8.6 oz. Epoxy Concrete Repair is a Quikrete 8.6 oz. Epoxy Concrete Repair is a specially designed repair product suitable for most concrete and masonry surfaces. It is caulk gun applied and can sculpt to match the contour of the existing surface. Quikrete 8.6 oz. Epoxy Concrete Repair is a non sag formula so it is suitable ...  More + Product Details Close
The BEHR Premium Solid Color Concrete Stain is The BEHR Premium Solid Color Concrete Stain is a durable, weather resistant, solid color stain designed to help protect and enhance both exterior and interior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. This 100% Siliconized Acrylic formula was created with high-performance, acrylic resins, that form a strong long-lasting, opaque film on properly ...  More + Product Details Close
Krystol Plug is an extremely fast setting cementitious Krystol Plug is an extremely fast setting cementitious powder. When mixed with water Plug is used to immediately stop the flow of water through voids and cracks in concrete and concrete block. Plug will withstand high hydrostatic pressure.. Stops flowing water immediately; provides exceptional strength. East to mix and easy ...  More + Product Details Close