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Using a ladder is a basic need for every homeowner. Whether you are a DIY’er or Pro, at The Home Depot, we have the right quality ladders to solve every need you might have. A cheap ladder can fall apart in no time, and you don’t want to be the one on it when it does. Safety is a critical feature in the purchase of your ladder; two important factors to consider in your purchase are how high you plan on going, and the ground that you will be climbing from. 

Ladders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Be sure to check on how much weight it is designed to carry as buying the right ladder for current and future projects will be money well spent. Adjustable ladders will handle just about any situation around your home. They come in a couple of styles - the most popular being one that will extend to higher length, and another style that will fold in areas where you may not need a great deal of height. 

An industrial ladder is ideal for a Pro. They are a common piece of equipment found in most warehouses, and are available in a variety of heights, extensions, step width and slope of the stairs. They are made to help workers in reaching high areas and are designed to help workers get the job done right without a lot of safety concerns. 

When you are ready to buy your ladder, come to The Home Depot and our knowledgeable associates will assist you in getting the right ladder for the job. With a huge ladder inventory, we are the best resource to assist you in getting the perfect ladder for the job and more.