Step Up Your Ladder Game

Step Ladders

Great choice for most odd jobs or projects around the house.

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Platform Ladders

Use both hands to work with greater mobility and safety.

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Multi-Position Ladders

Configure easily into different positions to suit your project. Work planks sold separately.

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Extension Ladders

Perfect for exterior projects like painting, decorating, or routine maintenance.

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Weight Capacity and Rating

Ladder Capacity

Ladders are designed to safely support a specific amount of weight. Consider your weight fully clothed, plus any tools and materials you’re carrying onto the ladder, to determine the total amount of weight your ladder needs to support.

Shop Type 1AA – 375 lbs

Shop Type 1A – 300 lbs

Shop Type 1 – 250 lbs

Shop Type 2 – 225 lbs

Shop Type 3 – 200 lbs

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Ladder Materials

Lightweight and durable, aluminum and steel ladders are a popular choice for a wide range of household and professional jobs. Fiberglass is the go-to ladder for pros, safer for working with electrical or in slippery conditions.

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Top Ladder Brands

Best ladders for the home or jobsite.

Shop our wide selection of premium ladders, including Little Giant Ladder Systems. The Alta-One multi-position ladder offers ultimate in strength, safety & versatility, and it's one of the lightest multi-use ladders on the market.

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The Right Ladder Puts Any Project Within Reach

A good ladder, or two, is a necessity for many projects around the house. And no matter how large or small the task, whether you’re looking for traditional wood ladders, or lightweight aluminum or fiberglass, we’ve got the right ladder to help you get it done safely.

Step ladders are handy for doing a wide range of things around the house, from changing lightbulbs, interior painting, or installing a new ceiling fan to retrieving or storing away items in hard to reach locations. Multi-position folding ladders that can be configured into several different positions offer you a single ladder than can help accomplish an even greater variety of tasks. We also have a huge selection of household, utility, and kitchen step stools and ladders that can be conveniently tucked away for quick and easy use.

For outdoor work, we carry a large selection of durable, reliable ladders from the top brands, including aluminum and fiberglass telescoping ladders, roof ladders, scaffolding and more.


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