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Shutter Lok Fasteners in 002 Black (12-Pack)

What moron designer thought this was a good idea? Sure, the day the house was built, all is good, pop them in, tap with a hammer, snug fit. Fast forward a few years, they are all breaking off (hint: plastic, outside, hot/cold, sunlight). Now your on a ladder, trying to drill chunks of plastic out of a mortar hole, of course you have to use a normal drill bit as a masonry bit won't do it, and of course you can't get it all out, and of course you wind up making the hole bigger. And of course the new ones bend and break going in! Oh boy! I can drill the new one too! Another example of the designer not giving a hoot about long term view. Moron.

15 in. x 63 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #030 Paintable

This product was easy to install, and well worth the money!

15 in. x 6 in. Eliptical Paintable Eyebrow Tops Pair #030-DISCONTINUED

Would not order again. Difficult to paint even though ordered paintable 030.

14 in. x 59 in. Board-N-Batten Shutters Pair, 4 Boards Joined # 027 Burgundy Red

I just purchased 10 pairs of Builders Edge Spaced Board & Batten shutters and they are beautiful. Is this price only for the size shown or is this a shutter promotion for which I would qualify. Please respond to Dale at Thank you. Regards, Dale

1/4 in. x 32 in. x 4 ft. White Square Vinyl Decor Panel

I recently installed 16 of these pannels around the lower portion of my pool cage. It is a good product...solid..sturdy and much better than the lattice that Home Depot has on the shelves. It comes packaged very, very secure. My only disappointment was with the last batch of 5 that I received. They were obviously just recently cut, and were a different shade of white. (I kept them because I wanted to finish up the project). I was able to put them behind some bushes so they did not show as much, but I am satisfied overall.

Decor Design Wired Door Chime

This doorbell NOW is functioning very well and has great sound. It is loud enough to be heard while we are upstairs or anywhere on our main floor. BUT........ The directions are not clear unless you are good at reading a wiring diagram and most home owners are not. This unit will not work entirely on AC power unless your doorbell wiring is a 3-wire system. Most existing homes have a 2 wire doorbell circuit. This will work but you must use batteries to power the doorbell itself. Really, Honeywell? Make these directions clear for the average homeowner. so I don't have to have my biomed techie neighbor over to read them for me! Sheesh! I had an easier time installing a ceiling fan!

15 in. x 55 in. Louvered Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #117 Bright White

Product as described. Enhanced the look of my home

Mr. MapleShade

I bought these Tree faces for my Grandkids. I am just putting them up now and if it makes them happy then I will consider it a good purchase.

15 in. x 51 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #117 Bright White

I've purchased several of these shutters and they look beautiful with my new windows, especially my Anderson Bow! I had the same shutters on my old windows and purchased new ones when the windows were replaced! You can't go wrong! Well made, worth the money, and easy to install! None of them have ever blown off the house, even during Hurricane Sandy!

15 in. x 51 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #018 Tuxedo Grey

I need 15" X 75" in this color and you don't show it. HD has other sizes ion this color but not mine.

15 in. x 43 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #009 Federal Brown

We put these shutters at all of our windows and what a difference it made to complete the look of our home. They were easy to install and The dark brown is very rich in color.

15 in. x 51 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #036 Classic Blue

Exactly what I needed but should be available on smaller quantities

15 in. x 31 in. Louvered Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #002 Black

We bought 18 sets of these shutters for our home, after removing 9 sets of old wood shutters. The value was remarkable and the difference it made to the home is priceless. You can not tell they are vinyl, even up close. Let's see how they hold up through the years, but they claim to withstand almost anything. I recommend these to anyone considering shutters.

15 in. x 64 in. Louvered Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #122 Midnight Green

Added to the look of the house (Georgian) - gave the best secondary color (used a piece of the shutter hardware to match paint for the outside doors). Appealing and decorative in appearance. Installed by contractor.

15 in. x 67 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #028 Forest Green

Haven't installed this set I ordered, but installed 8 sets in 2004 and they are still in good shape.

15 in. x 67 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #122 Midnight Green

Shutters made by Mid-America. Contractor installed them on my home. Plastic shutter locks keep breaking and shutters fall off (about half of my 18 shutters). Same happened to my neighbor and others I spoke with. Company took 2 months to tell me they wouldn't replace my damaged shutters. Would only send me metal screws. Terrible company!! Terrible customer service!!

15 in. x 63 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #167 Bordeaux

Very pleased they were shipped quickly to my home and they look good.

12 in. x 63 in. Board-N-Batten Shutters Pair, 3 Boards Spaced #036 Classic Blue

the color matched exactly as shown online and love that it is made from a material that won't fade

Color Decor 3 Gang 3 Combination Wall Plate - Decorator Beige

I purchased many regular (single & double) wall plates with this design, but they were all "cast stone". I special ordered these online, but didn't realize they were plastic. Although the design is the same, they do not have the appeal of the "cast stone" wall plates. I will probably use them as they match the single and double wall plates I purchased at the store.

12 in. x 43 in. Board-N-Batten Shutters Pair, 3 Boards Spaced #167 Bordeaux

Great buy for a great price! Looks great on our house!!

15 in. x 59 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #009 Federal Brown

We used the existing shutters as a template for the screw holes. Used new screws instead of the plastic ones provided. Lightweight and easy to install. they look great.

Americana Decor 8-oz. Stain Blocker and Sealer

I used the stain blocker/sealer on a wood table that had a lot of water damage and stains. The product went on easy with a brush and foam roller. The instructions say to allow the product to cure for at least 5 days, which I did before painting with the chalky paint. My results were great, no bleed through.

15 in. x 39 in. Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters Pair in #004 Wedgewood Blue

We paid 253.00 for two doors to be cut and they wre cut 1 3/4 inches to short I will never but from you again. We were told we only had 30 days to say something and it was 33 days.

Wireless Push Button, Black and Silver, Converter and Chime Extender for Honeywell 300 Series & Decor Door Chimes

The Honeywell wireless push button converter and chime extender for 300 series chimes sure makes the job easy to install a chime where there is no existing wiring in the area that a chime is needed. Just connect to an existing wired door chime as per instructions(making sure to program it). Works very well.