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8 oz. #JLC417 Knight No-Gloss Ultra-Low VOC Interior Paint Sample

The black KNIGHT paint looks great & so nice. It really brings out the trims of my kitchen window frames & with the white walls, it really pops!

12 oz. Semi-Gloss Ivory Bisque General Purpose Spray Paint (6-Pack)

Very easy to use on metal. Dries fats and leaves a beautiful coating

Ohio State 5-gal. Bucket

Nice clear printing on a gray bucket, you get to choose from a large list of NCAA schools, NFL also.

8 oz. #400D-5 Grass Cloth Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Used the tester to help find a great "green" for my open floor living space. The online color is far from correct. Grass Cloth color is a beautifully bright, yet soothing and playful green; not dull like the online color looks. I would have liked to have had better coverage; since the Behr paint was stated to have the primer included. Several coats were needed to properly cover my near white walls. Overall, good paint and I would purchase it again.

Orbiter Paint Can Brush Mount

Good to see someone engineered a paint can clip that will actually hold on to the paint can. Great quality and the adapter feature to add additional magnets is fantastic. This companies products made my project much easier.

8 oz. #420E-3 Spring Hill Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Perfect for touch ups and stores in a little container! So no more wasted space with a gallon sized paint container!

8 oz. #PMD-11 Warm Terra Cotta Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Just the right size I needed the paint was the perfect color and easy to use.

1-gal. #GLN40 Wood Smoke Eggshell Interior Paint with Primer

We recently moved into a new home and painted almost every room ourselves. We chose Glidden paint in Wood Smoke and it is amazing paint! Covers so well! And very smooth. Wood smoke is great because it can look grey or it can look taupe. Its the perfect "greige"Just painted our spare room and I swear, we would have been ok with one coat. We also painted with the higher priced paint as well, and honestly, the Glidden was better. I wish they had a greater color selection. You will not be disappointed.

12 oz. Protective Enamel Satin Shell White Spray Paint (6-Pack)

I have used this for building a bird house, referbing a old tiller, and mailbox. All looks fantastic

1-gal. Medium Base Semi-Gloss Enamel Zero VOC Interior Paint

We selected this white for all the wood trim, wainscoting, bookcases, wood panels, etc. in our new home. We've completed the living room, dining room, two halls, entryway, stair case and one bedroom. The results were disappointing because it seemed that the wood (whether new, primed and/or previously painted) always required a second coat, and often a third and even fourth coat to give even coverage. Since we started using this paint we thought it best to continue throughout the house. Big Mistake. We still have two bedrooms, two baths and the kitchen to complete and will definitely not be using Behr.

White Extra Fine Point Oil-Based Paint Marker

Was looking for something with good coverage and adhesion for marking rocks and shells. This worked well though often required a second coat for best coverage.

5-gal. Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior Paint

Not worth the high price, cheap Speedwall which costs less than half of this paint does a better job and a leaves a nicer finish. Pros: Doesn't have strong odor - this is a huge plus if you're sensitive or plan to sleep in the same room the same night Dries quickly - good so you can proceed with a 2nd coat if need be Cons: Very thick paint so you'll end up with ugly uneven spots and drips that are a pain to correct later. Doesn't mask the prior color nearly as much as it claims, I needed to apply 2 thick coats to paint a purple colored wall to fully hide the background color. I would have been better off and cheaper to just a primer and then use regular semi-gloss paint on top. The whole point of buying this paint was to eliminate the need for a 2nd coat of paint since it contains a primer but it's very overrated and I would have had a nicer result at half the cost if I would have used Speedwall paint like I used in the other half of the house a few years back. I really regret using the Behr primer/semi-gloss combo since the walls are not as smooth and shiny as just plain semi-gloss paint. The primer makes the finish look and feel closer to a matte finish after it dries. Since I already wasted one 5 gallon bucket I decided to make sure the house was even and continued to use it but I really should have bought a sample before committing to buy this overpriced lackluster paint.

1 in. Square Moulding and Trim Brush

I really wanted to Iove this brush. I like the way this brush works on window muntins, but the bristles keep coming out with every use. I'd say I've lost about 20% of the bristles and only used it 3 times. PIA to keep picking bristles off the work, not to mention they clog my slop sink drain.

8 oz. Home Decorators Collection Keystone Gray Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Just started painting our bedroom with the Behr Keystone Grey tonight (triim around doors and windows and around molding to prepare for rolling the walls tomorrow) and so far it looks more like "Tiffany blue". Even the small spot they put on the lid when they mixed it at the store looks more grey than it does on the walls. It is very pretty but does not look grey. Perhaps in the daylight, it will look a bit more grey. Hoping it will because my new bedding is definitely grey/yellow/white!

32 oz. Ultra Cover Gloss Navy Blue General Purpose Paint (2-Pack)

Used this paint for my corn hole boards, and it covered very well. I would recommend it.

8 oz. #740C-1 Seaside Sand Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Purchased sample to test colors for interior painting.

6 in. x 1/2 in. Polyester Mini Roller Covers (12-Pack)

We use these rollers all the time for small touch ups and tight spaces. Great for painting wood trim, behind toilets etc.

1-gal. #QE-16 Earth Chicory Satin Enamel Exterior Paint

In the past, I have not been very happy with Behr paint. I've owned rental property since 1989 and when I first started, I tried Behr and didn't like it. Over the years, I've bought very little Behr and each time I felt it was overpriced for the quality. I don't know what they've done, but this Marquee paint is amazing. When you open the can, it looks like regular paint. When I first dipped my brush (I used an inexpensive sash brush) into the paint, I noticed no difference, but when the brush hit the surface, whoa! This paint covers like no other I've used. One coat is all that I needed and I didn't have to slop in on thick. I brushed it out (thin coat) and it covered beautifully. When paint flows like this and covers so well, it makes painting so much easier. I was able to cut super clean lines with ease. Since the paint flows so well, it's very easy to be precise and do a good job. I did the trim around my garage door in a little over an hour in the dark. There are a couple spots I need to touch up, but I've never had this much success painting at night. See the photos and you be the judge. As you can see, I highly recommend this paint.

1-gal. Burnished Copper Gold Metallic Specialty Finish Interior Paint

This paint looks amazing! I think a tinted primer would be helpful though because it took three coats to really get the color right.

1-gal. #QE-41 Frostproof Flat Exterior Paint

Covered in one coat with light sanding. Did not have to use a primer. Used some of this to paint some old pallets I have outside holding large branches waiting for the fire pit and antique brick I've been salvaging from a ruined outbuilding. The painted pallets keep the branches off the ground to dry out. I hose down the bricks and store them on the painted pallets until I'm ready to use them. The paint so far has prevented rotting and makes my "projects" area look a little cleaner. The painted pallets themselves are much easier to wash off and dry quickly. If the paint holds up well over time I was thinking I could use the pallets to make a container platform or a rough trellis. I have gotten a lot of the Behr outdoor paint over the past few weeks and have been pleased with the results of all my little projects. Enough so that when it comes time to repaint the house, this is most likely the stuff I'll use.

1-gal. #270A-2 Orange Ice Satin Enamel Interior Paint

Not too expensive and very good quality! Paint was very easy to apply and we hardly even needed a 2nd coat. Even had enough left over to do an additional room! Very even coverage and high quality gloss.

11 oz. All Surface Metallic Pearl Mist Spray Paint and Primer in One

This can produce one of the most beautiful sheens a spraypaint can muster, but it is a bit deceptive. I don't know why they would have put on the can that it's a paint and primer in one. If anything, this is a finishing coat. I use this on projects as a mid coat: over the color base coat and under the clear top coat, just like they do in the automotive industry to get those beautiful pearlescent colors. The finish is really quite stunning and adds a lot of depth. The can is comfortable to hold and the paint splattered very little, and that's always nice. Overall, it's a great product but by NO MEANS a primer. A diagram of how you should use this: -------(CLEAR COAT)------------- -(PEARL MIST [THIS STUFF])- ---------(COLOR COAT)---------- -------------(PRIMER)--------------

5-gal. #SC-109 Wrangler Brown Wood and Concrete Paint

I have a 35 year old wooden deck, it was in poor shape, I followed the instructions to the letter, from prep, to application, dry time and second coat, gave it an extra day to cure and dry. I am very happy with the result! I can now safely walk barefoot on the deck. It is looking good!

1-gal. #PPU18-6 Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint

It takes 3 coats to almost cover same as their other paints