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1-gal. #MS-39 Crystal White Elastomeric Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint

I primed an old brick chimney then used this product as a top coat because it claimed to be flexible on masonry surfaces. I used a 7" medium nap roller cover and it applied easily.....even in the mortar joints. Time will tell how well it performs.

11 oz. All Surface Metallic Satin Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint and Primer in One (6-Pack)

Went on easy without dripping and dries very quickly. I will buy this product again

Easy Reach 60 in. Adjustable Extension Pole

Very easy to use and comfortable in your hands. Great price

15-oz. Aerosol Paint

Puts out just enough paint. Never had a problem with triggers breaking or clogging. The 15 ounce size provides enough to get the job done. Sticks to all the surfaces I've used it on

9-1/2 in. Pry Bar/Scraper

The point of this tool is to be light enough to insert in an narrow gap to pry pieces apart without destroying them. It is not a nail puller nor heavy prybar. Think, "very heavy putty knife." I used one as a beekeeper more that 35 years ago, and I quick-drew it faster than Matt Dillon his six-shooter, to open beehives, separate bee boxes, lift out frames of comb, and to scrape off burr-comb. I got so used to it, that in the years since I started woodwork and construction projects, I have always wished I had one. It is very useful for the jobs that want something in-between a putty knife and a pry bar. Until you pack one with you, you will never know what your are missing.

Home Decorators Collection 1-gal. #HDC-CL-26 Champlain Blue Semi-Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint

Peeled right off my new primed door, also from Home Depot. Says it will cover vinyl and metal plus other listed surfaces, but I guess it didn't say it would stick. Thought I was getting a good product paying over $20 for a quart. Sure would like to know what I did wrong, it's not the first time I've painted a door.

1-qt. Rich Navy Gloss Interior/Exterior Oil Paint

I obtained this paint in navy blue and the color is a beautiful, not too dark, navy. In the can, the paint is very thick and sort of lumpy, and even when I stirred it well, little lumps remained, however, when applying the paint to my door and trim the lumps did not transfer, in other words, the paint goes on smoothly and it covers beautifully. It is true that even if you apply it with a brush you do not see clear brush marks afterward, unlike latex paint. Make sure to use special brushes made for oil-based paint. I have so far given both door and trim one coat and I've barely used 1/4 of the can. I will apply another coat, just because I'm painting over dark brown, but I think I'll have about 1/2 can of paint still left after that, enough to paint another door in the same color. It is definitely a high-gloss paint and I can see my reflection in the door now! The only downside to this paint is that it is rather strong smelling, and you have to use it in a well-ventilated area, but the smell will dissipate after a week or so.

1-gal. #MQ4-26 Come Sail Away Eggshell Enamel Interior Paint

This is really nice paint that I wish I had discovered sooner! It goes on like silk and covers beautifully, yes in just one coat! So even though I paid a little more for this paint than I wanted to, I saved money in the long run because I didn't have to add extra coats as I have experienced with inexpensive paints. I have to say that I will DEFINITELY use this brand again. The color 'come sail away' is also very beautiful. It actually takes on different hues at different times of day. It ranges from a gentle puple, in low light and in bright sun, it looks like there is a sky light in my hallway. I am so pleased with this paint and so happy with the results and the color - I have now learned "Don't be afraid of color!". I have included a couple of before and after pictures. Very high quality paint. A little goes a long way and it dries very quick!

8 oz. #S-G-510 Beach Towel Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

After trying out all my paint samples on scrap wood, and juxtaposing them, the Beach Towel hue really outshined the others for my house trimming. My plan is to use it in one of my rooms using the faux method. Gotta experiment with a white, gray, or light blue background.

Stops Rust 12 oz. Gloss Gray Hammered Spray Paint (6-Pack)-DISCONTINUED

Product was shipped quickly and arrived in good condition and on time.

Home Decorators Collection 8-oz. #HDC-CT-27 Swiss Cream Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

I ordered several of the new BEHR Home Decorator's Collection colors during the buy-one-get-one sample sale, and was very pleased with how exact the mixed colors turned out! The BEHR paint quality is wonderful. Now all I have to do is decide! Here is a picture of the Swiss Cream flat sample painted on test wainscot board.

8-oz. #CFB-057F NCAA University of Kansas Yellow Interior Paint Sample

I'm sure this would have worked great if Home Depot ever shipped my order.

Dust-Free Drywall Hand Sander Kit with 6-foot Hose

The product is useful with a couple of caveats. The hose connection was not an exact fit for Shop-Vac and used plastic tape to tighten. What is particularly important is that the vac filter loads up very quickly and gives only about 5-10 minutes of use between clean-outs. Strongly recommend using either the large shop vacuum bags or acquiring a dust separator (see YouTube for some interesting ideas). Product quality is good but not exceptional. It DEFINITELY greatly reduces the sanding dust and truly helps with indoor sanding.

1-gal. #PPU13-15 Clear Pond Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior Paint

Goes on easy, very good coverage and looks great. We painted a bedroom with this and are very pleased with the results.

32-oz. Environmentally Friendly Paint Remover

I think I'd opt for the kind that comes in a tub rather than spray bottle.

9 in. x 1/2 in. Roller Covers (6-Pack)

this product is reasonably priced and does not shed.

12 oz. Gloss Hunter Green General Purpose Spray Paint (6-Pack)

Sprays on clean with no drips or paint splatter. Nice durable finish.

Corner Paint Roller

Works great and saves time. If you aren't using good paint (Behr ultra premium) any roller might not work well. I've used this roller in two houses on smooth, sanded, and plastered walls.

8-oz. #CFB-196C NCAA TCU Purple Interior Paint Sample

I would have loved the opportunity to actually review the product. It was never shipped. This product is no longer available in stores. The paint formula cannot be accessed by store personnel. So with much frustration, I ordered an item costing less than $3 online. The paint was never shipped and upon inquiry, there was no explanation offered other than a probable input error., There was nor offer or willingness to just ship out a replacement. I finally cancelled the failed order.

8 oz. #PPH-50 Turquoise Blue Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Im redoing my kitchen table and chairs. This color is my chairs. I used two coats didn't need to prime at all. Will use behr paint for now on

12 oz. Satin Granite General Purpose Spray Paint

My Girlfriend and I bought a few cans of this Grey/Granite Spray Paint to paint a window seat for our dog. It was a pine bench that we bought and thought it needed some color. The wood didn't soak up the paint like a lot of other brands. The tough, even coat took to the wood very well. Looks great! No mess and No clogging. I recommend this paint!

1-gal. #GLC07-01F Cinnamon White Flat Interior Paint with Primer

I painted 2 of my guest bedrooms and the ceiling of my master bedroom with this color, and LOVE it. In one room I have dark wood furniture, the other I have white looks great with both. Paint barely smells which was great because I repainted the whole interior of the house, including ceilings. Used Glidden Duo for all of it.

1-gal. #SC-118 Terra Cotta Wood and Concrete Paint

this product is a godsend. I have an old cement patio that did not look good. It had been painted before and most of the paint had come off. It was a difficult job getting rid of the old paint, but once that was done, we rolled on the Behr deckover and it is beautiful again. Would recommend this product to everyone.

Craft Twinkles 2-oz. Crystal Glitter Paint

I decorate cupcake cookie jars. This glitter paint takes the "blah" out & replaces it with "AWESOME" "FANTASTIC." Love the way it goes on & when it dries it looks awesome. Will be buying again.