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1-Gal. #UL150-1 Golden Leaf Flat Exterior Paint

This seems to be a good product that arrived in a very prompt manner. The problem I am having is that the weather turned cold and wintry so I have not attempted to apply it. Bottom line ask me in late spring.

8-3/4 in. Maxxgrip Pro High-Carbon Steel Wire Brush

brush does NOT squish after intense scrubbings; nor do the bristles wear quickly. comfortable to hold, very sturdy and good for tackling heavy duty scrub jobs!

Stops Rust 12 oz. Gloss Royal Blue Spray Paint (6-Pack)-DISCONTINUED

I have used this for years! Everything in my shop is painted with this and this color " ONLY" All my baces, brackets,conduet,electric boxes,carts hooks,stack-on bolt boxes and door hinges!

8 oz. #JLC211 Canvas No-Gloss Ultra-Low VOC Interior Paint Sample

Way too overpriced for a sample. This paint dried unevenly on the wall and was supposed to be low voc. the scent was stronger than paint that had normal levels of voc. disappointed

1-gal. No.UL1752 Ultra Pure White Flat Enamel Interior Paint-DISCONTINUED

While this paint did turn out good, it took 4 coats. I had roller marks with this the flat, unusual for a flat from my experience. It did work out but took extra effort and paint to do it. I did not have the same issue with Behr's satin paint. This is nice paint when done, just not worth the effort. For a flat- try something else if the area has good lighting.

8 oz. #S-G-340 Sun Ray Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Sun Ray is a brilliant, beautiful color. Behr Premium Plus paint’s high quality pigments definitely improve color quality. And, the thickeners provide one coat coverage which saves valuable time and energy. Behr Premium Plus paint is worth every cent. The 8 oz. samples are indeed an invaluable resource in selecting the right paint color. Will purchase again and again.

5-gal. #SC-137 Drift Gray Wood and Concrete Paint

Paint was easy to apply. Has been about 6 months since application. It appears to be satisfactory on the flat deck surface, but it simply is peeling off all over the place on any upright surfaces, such as the front of stairs or the ends of the wood planks. So, if you are happy with the ends of your boards not being painted, that is what you will apparently end up with.

12 oz. Gloss Charleston Green Protective Enamel Spray Paint (6-Pack)

Painted old resin pots, clay pots, and concrete birdbath. Looks great and paint covered all scuffs.

2X Painter's Touch 12 oz. Satin Clear Spray Paint (6-Pack)DISCONTINUED

I was introduced to this product through a local hardware store but they opted not to continue carrying it. I was pleased to purchase it through you online but feel that it should also be available in the stores since many would like to purchase single cans.

1-gal. #SC-145 Desert Sand Wood and Concrete Paint

This premium Deck Over did a marvelous job reviving an old, weathered picnic table. It applies easily (though it's quite thick) and fills in the wood cracks and crannies. See the pictures. I used an old paint brush to apply it, which wasn't worth saving, so I can't comment on cleanup as I just threw out the brush. The table and benches have a new life and will be used hard this (and future summers).

1 gal. #130 Eggshell Interior Paint

Covering a previously white wall, granted it's a dirty wall, but after three coats of paint there are still areas where the color looks uneven. Very disappointed in this paint and will not use again. The price may be cheap but not worth the extra product and time it takes to make the paint job look acceptable

10-oz. Gold Dust-Glitter Paint

I painted some rocks in my garden with this. They really sparkle in the sun and have held up well to weathering. Not too glittery- just right!

8 oz. #PWL-84 Tropical Tan Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

You should not send paint to anyone in the cold of winter its just a waste of product and money.

1-gal. #MQ3-26 Mainsail Matte Interior Paint

Because I was painting the wall in deep wine, it was recommended I get this product. It was as if I had purchased the regular primer/paint combo but paid $10 more a gallon! I will need to paint another coat in order to create a finished look that doesn't make the walls look like they watered down paint. The only plus about this was that it had a very mild paint odor.

1-gal. #1812 Swiss Coffee Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior Paint

We picked bold colors for our basement (now a play room) and came home with a different color for each wall - red, green, blue and yellow. The coverage was great in all but the yellow. We were told to use grey primer with all of the colors and so did against my better judgement to use white primer with the yellow. The red, green and blue each took 3 coats to cover (we may have even got away with 2 but added a 3rd because we had the spare paint). The yellow struggled to cover grey primer and we chewed through a gallon rapidly. We had to get another time (which was kindly replaced at no charge at the Great Northern branch) and continue. In all the yellow took 7 coats to cover our 13x8' wall with window. Perhaps white primer would be best when using bright colors, despite what the system suggests at Home Depot. Aside from the coverage issue our play room now looks great and we were, as always, very happy with the customer care that Home Depot provided to solve our problem.

1-Gal. #UL260-19 French Silver Interior Eggshell Enamel Paint

Thank you. Great color to cover these dreary pink walls thats been here here for ever. Not my color, I moved into this house about a year ago, been depressed ever since. Landlord did not paint so I'm painting the color I want.

1-gal. #UL250-7 Heather Plume Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint

It's very true to the color it shows here online. Gorgeous! My daughter loves her newly painted room in this gorgeous plum!

8 oz. Home Decorators Collection Banana Leaf Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

I used this color in a small area. It is a great accent color but you need at least two coats (if trying it as a sample) to realize the color. It took three coats to finish the room. The color is unique and I really like the character it added to the room. It looks nice with purple & cream accents.

12 oz. Crazer Bright White Killer Cans Spray Paint

The picture shows what I did to the back of my cell phone. I sprayed it with Jet Black as a base coat. Then used Bright White Crazer and shelf liner to give the effect. And finally, topcoated it with Mirra Clear. The Killer Cans spray like a dream! I expected the white to be a lot brighter, though.

5-gal. #1852 White Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior Paint

Use this product to paint basement game room and bedrooms it was the best product I have used as of today. My game room is so nice everyone wants to hangout there. Everything looks so bright and I did it all myself. The paint went on so evenly and I did not have to keep going over the wall like you do not so good product easy to apply and easy clean up Thanks home depot for this product

12 oz. Protective Enamel Satin Sage Spray Paint (6-Pack)

This product worked great for my heavy iron outdoor furniture. The table and chairs look great!

12 oz. Silver Paint for Plastic Hammered Spray Paint (6-Pack)

I bought this product to paint our ceiling tile. Was very happy with the results ! Looks like as old tin ceiling. Sales associates were very friendly and helpful which was a big plus in my book.

1-Gal. #UL230-13 Denim Light Interior Eggshell Enamel Paint

I have used Behr's "paint and primer in one" paint three times with the same unsatisfactory results. Once I painted a light color over a dark color, next a dark color over a light color, and last, a light color over new drywall. In all three cases, the first coat looked great when just applied. However, after drying, little dots of the original color showed through the new color; it looked like I hadn't put enough paint on the roller. The first time, I thought I had just done a lousy job painting, and went out and bought a second gallon to put on a second coat. The second time, I knew I had used enough paint, as I had taken pictures while the paint was still wet and there was no old paint showing through. Again, a second coat was needed. The third time I needed a second coat, I realized it was the paint that was the issue. Seriously, a 5'x6' closet should not need an entire gallon of paint! I will not be buying Behr's "paint and primer in one" again. I may not even buy any Behr brand paint again.

11 oz. Metallic Rich Caramel Protective Enamel Spray Paint (6-Pack)

could not find this in any stores in st.louis area. found it online and had it shipped to the house