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12 oz. Protective Enamel Gloss Sand Spray Paint

I had to paint the DTV cable. It was the perfect color match to my house. Once it came time to spray the application was easy and didn't require a second coat.

11 oz. Gold Rush Protective Enamel Metallic Spray Paint

This paint has major adherence problems and will peel off hours to days after drying. It would come off in sheets and no change in surface prep seemed to get it to stick. It was also translucent so you have to put many coats down to get it a solid color. It actually performs worse on surfaces with paint or primer already on it, and did slightly better on rusty metal. Even then it does not seem to become a hard, well bonded surface like you would expect from rust-oleum paint. Will not buy again.

1-gal. white Satin Enamel Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint

I used this paint yesterday. I pressure washed the brick clean the day before yesterday. Then used an airless sprayer to apply this paint yesterday. It went on quick, easy and looks amazing. This paint is the!!!

12 oz. Dark Bronze Protective Enamel Hammered Spray Paint

Took all the wall plates off and gave them a lite sanding with 400 grit sandpaper. Put 2 medium coats of paint on them and let them dry overnight just to make sure the paint was durable before handling them too much. Next day the paint was dry and I installed them without any issues. Man, what a difference!!! If you are looking to add some spice to your home for next to nothing, do this!!! And did I say it was easy? Even a novice can tackle this project, no problemo. Rustoleum Hammered spray paint ROCKS!!!! The house had the easiest and best facelift ever, at under $6 this one will definitely score you some points with the honey :-) Recommended it to my best friend the next day, so YEAPPER! I WOULD recommend this to a friend with no hesitation. I have used Rustoleum paints for decades, so I know they put out a good product. Next project for this stuff... Paint my kitchen backsplash accent tiles to continue the hammered bronze look into the kitchen space.

12 oz. Gloss Anodized Bronze Spray Paint

I had bought some anodized bronze switch plates on a closeout, and wanted to continue the look on the electrical outlet plates, but they can be expensive, and they didn't have enough, so I used this spray paint to paint the electrical plates, with a good result, and saved a ton of money! I also wanted to match the floor registers, so, I removed them and spray painted them too. I had been eyeing anodized bronze registers for a long time in a restoration catalog, well, I have them now! If you are good at spray painting, you have a steady hand, and use several light coats, and spray on a calm day, your result will be good, so a lot of the end result will depend on your skills.

12 oz. Protective Enamel Hammered Black Spray Paint

I love the hammered metal look,,,it blends together do much nicer than just plain metal paint. I did my outside furniture, my antique milk cans, you name it, if needed a metal finish,,,this is what I used! However my BEST trick was using this paint to reinvent every light switch cover and outlet cover in our house! It took forever to get them all back in their places, but well worth the time and effort! It's also less expensive, and it works better than the same brands "big fancy can" paint!

1-gal. White Reflective Flat Multi-Surface Roof Paint

Used a roller to apply this product. It went on easily, covered well and gives an outstanding appearance! I prepped the surface first with the multi-surface primer and sealer. (A great combination)

1-gal. #PFC-63 Slate Gray Gloss Porch and Patio Floor Paint

Once again, I let the 'seminar trained experts' at home depot talk me into using Behr instead of Glidden. I've painted every type of paint and most brands and you find the same thing at every store that sells paint....they all say "why do you want to use Glidden, it's an inferior paint...our brand (in this case Behr) is far better"...then they go through all the things they learned at the seminar last week. Anyway, I've tried Behr inside and out over the years and it is just flat out missing the 3 things that I want in a paint.....paintability, durability and rich look. Behr fails on all 3. I guess it depends on your individual standards or how much background with other products you have (and I mean experience, not seminars). I've been using Glidden porch paint since the 70's and just haven't found anything better since. But like I said, I let the inexperienced sales people, even Behr reps, talk me into trying Behr again. They don't have an oil based paint so you're out of luck if you want the old house porch look. Theirs is enamel. Here are the problems I had...first of all, I did an impeccable job of prepping the old wood/paint, so that's not an issue. The paint feels like weak paint when you're painting....the color, as usual with Behr, lacks pizazz which is something you really want in a porch's very thin...worst of all was the dry time, which is also a critical factor in porch painting (you absolutely want to have dry paint within 8 hours or so or you will have to deal with bugs, moisture, cat and varmint footprints, etc)....this paint wasn't even thinking about was still too tacky to walk lightly on 48 hours later. The covered part of the porch took at least 3 weeks before cat prints ceased to be an issue. It never held a gloss once it finally dried...looked about like semi-gloss latex at best. The first time rain hit the paint, it turned a lighter color and bubbled from underneath, which is typical of cheap, inferior paint (problem is, Behr is way higher than Glidden). For years now, when it rains, the bubbles reappear and they will lay back down when the air dries. These are all things that painters recognize in a cheap paint. I just re-painted with Glidden oil porch paint and now the porch looks like the traditional old beautiful porch that it is. Absolutely do not let the rookies at home depot talk you into their preferred just is not a good paint and I would venture to claim that anyone who says it is...well they probably haven't used many brands or don't have much experience

7-1/2 in. Ultra Bar II

Like to keep a flat bar in my pouch with me, but trying to keep the weight down, as I'm getting older. This thing is pretty small, but strong for it's size. Just what I wanted. And, made in the USA!

5-gal. Flat Interior Ceiling Paint

Please spare yourself the agony I've been plagued with due to this horrible product. The paint dries too fast for a large ceiling. When you roll over the areas you just painted to blend in ur next passes, the tacky paint will sometimes lift from the ceiling creating pitting and uneven texture to the surface. This shadows light and creates a streak effect noticeable throughout the ceiling. The only chance of decent results from this paint are on small ceilings, cool/colder temperatures, and incredibly fast working time. For me, the summer heat, large surface area, and poor characteristics of this product ruined my ceilings, costing me hundreds of dollars to fix and I'm doing the work all myself. For the record, I washed my ceilings, put down 2 coats of Benjamin moore super spec primer, (looked good). 2 coats of Behr premium plus flat ceiling paint, (looked atrocious) tried to cover up with 2 coats Ben Moore flat paint on a thick nap roller to no avail. Now im skim coating, sanding, priming, and painting the ceilings all over my 2000 sq ft home again. Behr and Home Depot were good about giving me my hundred back, however, if I were just a regular jerk, this would have cost me thousands.

12 oz. Protective Enamel Gloss Leather Brown Spray Paint

Usually I see Rustolueum as a quality brand and I've used this spray paint on indoor items with great success. But I spray painted some trellis on my porch this past summer and already the paint is chipping and peeling off. It looks terrible and will have to be repainted, so maybe it's not so good for outdoor projects.

12 oz. Stops Rust Hammered Spray Paint

This is a great product! I love the gloss, the color and the hammered look. I also bought the spray attachment that clips around the top of the can. It covers perfectly with no runs. Follow the directions exactly and you will have a great looking glossy paint job. Now the ultimate test! Surviving a chicago winter with all the salt and freezing rain. Ill keep you posted!

15-oz. Gloss Dark-Machine-Gray Aerosol Paint

I use Rustoleum "Machine Gray" mostly for restoring WWII military radios. The formula provides a VERY durable and beautiful finish. Almost reminds me of the good old days, when industrial paint had lead in it, and was very durable. The only problem I had, was that applying another touch-up coat over already dried paint causes wrinkling of the base coat. I couldn't find a way around this.

1-gal. #PFC-68 Silver Gray Gloss Porch and Patio Floor Paint

I like to paint. Given the number of rooms I've painted in my lifetime, I've had a lot of experience - and without a doubt, I've always had the best results from Behr. It was a no-brainer, when a lake house we bought had a shabby-looking wood dock, to look to Behr for a durable and easy fix for that problem. It's amazing how a coat of paint could make something now look solid and elegant! Can't comment on durability yet; but I'm fairly certain these good looks will last a nice long time!

1-qt. Flat Rusty Metal Primer

Being a beginner, It got a little messy when i didn't realize it has to be cleaned with mineral spirits and not water. Works great, easier than paint to apply.

5-gal. White Flat Latex Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint

Applied this paint the summer of 2009 and the paint is already pealing off bad. I followed all manufacturer instructions and recommendations. It looked great for a couple months then that fall it started pealing and hasn't stopped since. Looking into a new product. Now I have to go back and redo all my work.

11 oz. Metallic Copper Spray Paint

In the midst of a slow-going, weekends only project for dining room and den, all open concept ... Dining area needed some more kick in addition to what we've done so far. Already painted the crown for the dining room, had 2 cans left over and when it came time for the hallway door trim kit, I figured why not, like they say, you can always paint over it!!!! I've loved glossy enamels before, but the sheen from metallics can only come from metallic. This SPECIALTY version worked fabulously, no clogs, didn't take too long to dry between coats. Now what else can I paint with it? Besides my plastic hangers for my cedar closet that I recently finished. Hope they hold up. Thank You Home Depot.

1-gal. Deep Base Gloss Enamel Porch and Patio Floor Paint

I was ready to gut my old, dated looking thin planked hardwood floors, until I began looking at pics of black painted hardwood floors. I bought this paint expecting a "painted" look. I could not be more impressed with the fact that I can see the wood grain underneath the gorgeous black gloss finish. It looks like I just had professionally laid black hardwood floors put in! I choose the color Black Suede. The black contrast against my white cabinetry and light gray walls has jumped my kitchen about 100x into modernity and sophistication . My husband was a HUGE skeptic of painting over real hardwood floors. He LOVES the outcome, so much so that we are going to paint our living room the same color. We have light furniture, and it's so modern looking. The fact that the look of the wood grain is not compromised under the dark color is what has made me fall in love with this product. The glossy finish is also insane!

1-qt. Gloss Royal Blue Protective Enamel Paint

This paint when thinned and used in my HVLP spray gun, works very well with excellent coverage. It flattens very well to a hard and durable shine in an exterior environment. Application is easy with minimal runs. Used Xlene instead of mineral spirits for thinner and the dry time was very quick.

12 oz. Protective Enamel Gloss White Spray Paint

Sooo much better then the less expensive sprays. Sprays on evenly, and dries to a heavy, smooth finish, that will last. You don't have to use as many coats as other brands.

5-gal. Elastomeric Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint

Applied thick with roller, over Behr exterior primer. Covered well and hid hairline cracks. Went on easily. Slight sheen as compared to stucco flat paint. Caution: do not apply over painters tape or it will rip when you remove the tape, as the elastomeric qualities make it stretch. If you go over tape, cut with rock knife before removing tape.

12 oz. Matte Dark Gray Automotive Primer Spray Paint

I've been using this all summer on metal and epoxy filler as well as old paint. With multiple thin coats the results are fantastic. Fills nicely and dries smooth. Will buildup if oversprayed, but sands easily. Good adhesion on multiple surfaces.

1-gal. #6705 Ultra Pure White Gloss Porch and Patio Floor Paint

Prior to repainting my porch the previous owner had used the Glidden Latex floor paint of which there still was a 1/2 gallon in my basement. Since I don't particularly care for latex I decided to go with acrylic. I scraped and sanded the porch floor and then used the Glidden Gripper acrylic primer, which was wonderful. It dried fast and hard with zero tackiness in 24 hours. I then used this paint. Big mistake. For one, it didn't cover in one coat. Okay. So I have to do the work twice. I waited 24 hours between and the paint was still too tacky to even stand on. So I gave it another day and guess what? It still was too tacky. I chalked it all up to humidity and waited yet another day. Finally I was able to get another coat on, but two days later, after a heavy rain, I checked the porch and where water pours off the eaves of the house onto the stairs the paint has splattered off and the spattered chips had adhered to the porch and my walkway. Terrible product.

1-gal. White Flat Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint

Repainted our entire old Spanish style white stucco house with this-went on well, looks really great in the bright flat white and it seems to touch up well where we have had to later do some wall repair work. (Should have purchased in the larger 5 gal. sizes to save money but didn't want to wrestle with the large buckets, so we used many of the 1 gal. size.) Very pleased with the product!