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Naples 30 in. W x 21.75 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Warm Cinnamon

We had a plumber install it. Be advised that this cabinet comes with drawers on right or left side. We bought two online with right side drawers and the install on the first one was tough because the plubming came up in the wrong area of the cabinet. So I returned the other cabinet and ordered the one with drawers on the left and that install was much easier. The finish and quality is good for the price and we love the look.

Exhibit 60 in. W X 21 in. D x 34 in. D. Vanity Cabinet Only in Rich Cinnamon

This vanity is actually one of the best "furniture" style (with legs) that I saw, and I looked at a lot of them, and this one is definitely the least expensive. The open shelf in the middle is unique, but not as useful as I thought it would be. The color is much richer and orange than on the website. It actually looks much better in person (see my pic). I was even able to find this item stocked on the shelf in 1 local HD store. Most of the others in my area didn't stock it. It comes almost fully assemble in a huge box.

Cottage 17 in. W x 35 in. H Floor Cabinet in Antique White

I see why these were on sale! Glad we were planning on painting because the color was very bad- almost dirty yellow looking. Hinge on one of them was so cheap, the screws fell off the first time we used. Same thing happened with the drawer pull. We really like the size and style so trying to make them work with some TLC. The wood quality was solid, but would not buy again.

Cottage 48 in. W x 34 in. H x 21.62 in. D. Vanity Cabinet Only in Antique White

I was totally shocked after ordering this from my local HD and paying almost $700 after taxes to see that it had several major issues. First, the right top drawer didn't close all the way. The manufacturer forgot put screws into the drawer guide. Next, the lower drawer had to be glued back together at the joint to get it to close properly. I would have returned the vanity but my plumber had already placed it and begun putting the plumbing in place so I just went out and bought the supplies and made the repairs myself. When I went to put the knobs on the drawers I discovered that I was missing one of the screws to that as well. When I called the manufacturer's number I was told they needed the receipt number before they would send me the screw. Really?? I guess they're having a problem with people trying to stock up on 5 cent screws at their expense. So I went digging back through my receipts and found it tonight. I will call them back tomorrow. Maybe my experience was the exception and I understand that all of our furniture manufacturing has gone "overseas", but there was clearly NO quality control on this product. I'm finished with Home Depot.

Cottage 72 in. Vanity in Antique White with Granite Vanity Top in Mohave Beige and 2 Undermount Sinks in White

Vanity is pretty but very cheap sinks! Sinks stained after 2 years & will not clean up! Comes with only a 1 year warranty! Next time I will ask about the warranty before I buy. Would not buy again.

Knoxville 48 in. W x 21.625 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Nutmeg

It took quite a while to find a vanity that was constructed with high quality, but didn't break the bank when it came to price. This vanity didn't disappoint. The mission style fits right in with our Arts and Crafts home too. There are plenty of drawers and they are soft close, which my wife loves. I only wish the two doors on the front had soft close hinges. I could upgrade those if I want to. Installation was very simple. The back is completely open which should give anyone room to work with the plumbing. The prefab granite countertop we placed on it fit perfectly. So far, we have no complaints. I highly recommend this cabinet.

City Loft 24 in. Wall Shelf in Black-DISCONTINUED

Liked shelf but returned because on initial assembly, screw cracked shelf on bottom & someone put in an anchor & another screw. Took back to store, but, low and behold, I could not be reimbused for shipping even though they clearly shipped me damaged product. I did not reorder because I would again have to pay shipping. HD showed a lack of respect for customer by sending damaged product in the first place. Bad move HD.

Estates 30 in. Vanity in Rich Mahogany with Granite Vanity Top in Imperial Brown with White Undermount Sink

We ordered this for our powder room 3 or 4 years ago. I can't say enough about the beauty of this piece. It is truly gorgeous in person. We did have a plumber come in to install it for us. There were a few issues with the pipes and the inside bottom drawer, but he was able to work around that. If you are nervous about ordering a vanity "sight unseen" please take the plunge! You won't be sorry. It is everything I had hoped for, and more! Our plumber could not believe what we paid for all 3 pieces!

Hartford 31 in. Vanity in Walnut with Vanity Top in Beige and Undermount Sink in White-DISCONTINUED

We bought this vanity and received it damaged the first time. Make sure to take out of the box and look at it. Home Depot was very professional and had a new one out the next day - no questions asked. It looks beautiful in our bathroom!!!

Pegasus 30 in. Matchstick Vanity with Natural Giallo Fiorita Granite Top and Backsplash in Dark Brown Cherry

!. Picture not good on-line 2. Could not do a 360 to see sides or back. 3. Top had to be sanded to fit on cabinet. 4. Left door would not close properly. 5. Lower left block inside cabinet holding hinge is cracked. 6. No instructions to adjust doors. 7. No instructions if top should be separated from cabinet when removing from carton. 8. Kept item due to plumber being there and did NOT want to pay for additional time and wait for a new one to be shipped!

37 in W. Tempered Glass Vanity Top in Black with Black Basin

this top is not designed to be installed in the US with any faucets or drains manufactured for US products. No one could supply us with the correct drain. The Kohler faucet we purchased did not have the right drain trim that fits into the sink. The sink requires one that is almost 2 in. in diameter. Not to be found anywhere. The part that raises the drain stopper was too short and an additional piece had to be attached and stil it does not work properly to raise and lower the stopper. Right now the sink is functioning without any leaks, looks lovely but it is installed like a Rube Goldburg project. There should have been some info on the website about the fact that this sink does not articulate with US products and what faucets, etc. to buy that would work with the sink. By the time we found out what a mess we had on our hands, it was too late to return it. Every time I see that sink, I am disgusted with it and with Home Depot for not having more info on the website so others don't make the same mistake we made. What a nightmare. Want to add that we called the 800# for both the sink co. and Kohler and got no help at all. We were totally on our own. Terrible nightmare.

Exhibit 36 in. W x 21.63 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Rich Cinnamon

This vanity was packed so poorly and treated so roughly in transport that we actually are going through the process of ordering it THREE TIMES! No way to expedite the item on the 2nd and 3rd try so our workmen are waiting weeks and weeks to finish our bathroom. Meanwhile our 91 year mother has to go to the kitchen to use a sink. FUN! As of this posting we still haven't received the third item as the shipper indicated that our vanity has been sitting in their local terminal for a week now. Home Depot and its shippers need to do much better!

Naples 36 in. W x 21.75 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Warm Cinnamon

Looks good but; One door is badly warped, one of the magnetic catches does not work and I had to spend $800.00 to have a vanity top made to fit the cabinet! Due to the crown detail on the front, a normal vanity top with an integrated sink will not fit because of the clearance for the overflow. I should have returned it....

City Loft 24 in. Vanity Mirror in Black-DISCONTINUED

The product was lovely, but one of the two in my order arrived cracked. Looked like it was dropped on end. When I called to have it replaced, home depot no longer carried. I must say, the rep went out of her way to help me find one in stock from the manufacturer.

Exhibit 23 1/2 in. W x 32 in. H Mirror in Rich Cinnamon

This mirror is a high quality and pretty. We returned it only because the color was not a good match with our vanity.

Exhibit 48 in. W x 21.63 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Rich Cinnamon

After reading all of the other reviews, I was afraid of what this vanity would look like upon arrival. It looked pretty good. It is not perfectly made, but much better than average. The joint spacing around the drawers was where their is any noticeable flaw, but it is discreet. It comes assembled, except that you need to put in the shelves and handles. I would buy this again, especially in comparison to how much other vanities are.

Naples 48 in. W x 21.75 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Warm Cinnamon

The overall fit and finish are good. When the hinges were attached to the left door, at the factory, the screws were over tightened and stripped.

Pegasus 24 in. Matchstick Vanity with Natural Giallo Fiorita Granite Top and Backsplash in Dark brown cherry

After extensive research, I decided to go with this vanity to update my bathroom. There is always some reservation about buying a large item online but I was not disappointed. First of all, it is a high quality item. It is taller than my previous vanity which is good for my back. It has silent self closing doors with plenty of space inside. The bottom is elevated on legs and has room to store my scale. The installation required cutting a piece on the inside shelf to accommodate the pipes, but the maintenance worker who installed had no problem. Also because of the height of the vanity and the placement of my soap dish and toothbrush holder, I was unable to have the backsplash installed. However, no loss as the beautiful granite top is aligned with the bathroom wall tile. It looks lovely. I even found a small bathroom cabinet with a complimentary granite top that holds my towels. Very happy with the new look of my bathroom and for a reasonable price.

21 in. W Glass Side Splash in White

This sidesplash is a slightly different height than the backsplash, leaving a small "ledge" where they meet.

Exhibit 23-3/4 in. W Wall Cabinet in Rich Cinnamon

Warm color. Looks great. Large storage area. Solid construction. Silent easy closing of doors. Shelf makes it easier to store larger items.

Haven 17 in. W x 35-1/2 in. H Floor Cabinet in Espresso

I had been looking for a small cabinet like this for my wife. I found this one and it looked good on the internet and had good reviews so I thought I would try it out. Since this was an internet only item I couldn't look at it before I bought it, but I trusted that Home Depot would sell a quality product. I was wrong. I got the first one in just in time to give for valentines day, but the cabinet was broken. The packaging was flawless so it looked like I was put in the box broken. The entire top was split and the PAINT (more to come on that) was all chipped off. My wife liked it, however, so we returned it and ordered another one. The second one came in and as I was taking it out of the box, the bottom of the cabinet FELL OFF. The screws had pulled out (because there is no wood for them to screw into) and the pegs that were supposed to hold it together did not. The reason the first one split, and the reason the second one fell apart is because it is made completely from cheap pressed composite. No wood -- at all. In the entire piece. The pressed composite is then PAINTED with a wood stain-colored paint, which was flaked off around the corners exposing the composite beneath. It doesn't even have a wood veneer. We took this one back and will not be ordering a replacement.

Hartford 22 in. Vanity in Walnut with Marble Vanity Top in Beige

We needed a 22 inch vanity to fit a small space and this vanity worked perfectly. The bottom drawer has a slow to close feature seen in high end units. This vanity is not cheaply made and looks fantastic. The back of the vanity is open so no additional cutting.

Naples 26-1/2 in. W Wall Cabinet in Warm Cinnamon

This came in damaged from shipping but I don't think it's all because of UPS. It's poor quality so I'm not surprised it didn't show up unscathed. The side had a ding in it and the staples are not holding the back on. The outside and inside colors don't match so the light color shows up with the doors closed. Not the end of the world, but it's annoying. I didn't feel like the quality of the wall cabinet matches the vanity. This is very frustrating. It has a cheap foreign feel to it.

Naples 60 in. W x 21.75 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Warm Cinnamon

A great deep red/brown color. Good quality and arrived intact.