Cellular Shades

Make your home more energy efficient
Customize Your Cellular Shades
Endless Color Options for Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are window coverings made from pleated fabric that forms honeycomb-shaped cellular compartments. These compartments, which come in single, double and triple layers, trap air, which provides insulation and can save you money on your energy bills. The more layers, the more energy efficient they are. In addition to energy savings, cellular shades also provide a wide range of opacities, from sheer, light-filtering options which are perfect for livings rooms, to opaque blackout shades which work best in bedrooms and baby nurseries.

Along with being highly practical, the crisp pleats of cellular shades are also aesthetically pleasing because they add an element of texture, and come in a vast number of color options to fit any room’s décor. They also run a low profile because when they are completely raised, cellular shades virtually disappear. Learn how to measure your windows for cellular shades right here, and start shopping now!