Cellular Shades

Light Filtering


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Blackout Shades


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Light Filtering Shades

  • Diffuses exterior light
  • Filters out harsh glare and UV rays
  • Leaves room bathed in warm light

Blackout Shades

  • Blocks out exterior light
  • Offers complete privacy
  • Great for bedrooms, media rooms and a cordless option for children's rooms

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Cellular shades have varying levels of insulating capabilities – the larger the pleat, the more energy efficient. Pleats are available in 3/8", 9/16", 1/2" and 3/4".

Single Cell Shades

Best in climates where energy efficiency is a concern, but not a major problem

Double Cell Shades

With two layers of cells, they are extra efficient at trapping and keeping air insulated in your home

Triple Cell Shades

Best for climates with extreme needs for insulation, these shades can significantly reduce your utility bills

Customize Your Cellular Shades

Upgrade with options like top-down/bottom-up, cordless, motorized and more

Cordless Lift

The ease-of-use and safety features of cordless shades make them some of the most popular products on the market

Top-Down / Bottom-Up

Allows you to raise the shade from the bottom or lower it from the top, providing many light control and privacy options

Continuous Cord Loop

A popular option for wide, heavier shades – helping them to open and close smoothly and evenly, creating a neater appearance


Eliminates pull cords and are a great option for rooms with out-of-reach or multiple windows – these are a favorite for media rooms and modern high-tech environments

Endless Color Options

How To Measure For Your Cellular Shades

Choose Mount Type

1. Choose Mount Type

Inside Mount - Installed inside the window casing

Outside Mount - Installed outside the window casing, directly on the wall or window molding, providing better privacy


2. Measure

Using a steel tape measure only, measure to the nearest 1/8" 

Inside Mount - Measure the inside of the window frame in 3 places for width and height

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Outside Mount - Installed outside the window casing, directly on the wall or window molding, providing better privacy

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3. Record Measurements

Inside Mount - Record the narrowest width and longest height 
Outside Mount - Add approximately 3 inches to the width and height for optimum light control and privacy

How to measure for cellular pleated roman shades
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Get Privacy and Light Control with Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are window coverings made from pleated fabric that forms honeycomb-shaped cellular compartments. These compartments, which come in single, double and triple layers, trap air, which provides insulation and can save you money on your energy bills. The more layers, the more energy efficient they are. In addition to energy savings, cellular shades also provide a wide range of opacities, from sheer, light-filtering options which are perfect for livings rooms, to opaque blackout shades which work best in bedrooms and baby nurseries. 

Along with being highly practical, the crisp pleats of cellular shades are also aesthetically pleasing because they add an element of texture, and come in a vast number of color options to fit any room’s décor. They also run a low profile because when they are completely raised, cellular shades virtually disappear. Learn how to measure your windows for cellular shades right here, and start shopping now!