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Belt Drive offers the quietest operation of the bunch. Chain Drive is the most affordable option. Smart Device openers allow door control from anywhere. Screw Drive is maintenance free and ideal for heavier garage doors.

How-To: Garage Doors, Openers & Accessories

How to Buy
a Garage Door Opener

Learn about different garage door opener features and technology to help choose the best options for your home

How to Install
a Garage Door Opener

Our step-by-step instructions turns a garage door opener installation into a simple DIY project.

Clopay Intelliore Insulation Technology

Enjoy year-round comfort
and energy savings, plus noise reduction and enhanced door strength, with Clopay's Intellicore foam insulated doors.

Get a Smart and Reliable Garage Door

If it is a new garage door that you need, The Home Depot has a huge selection of garage door replacement options that are beautiful, efficient, and quiet. The location of your garage, noise, durability and cost, are all considerations when choosing your door. Our professional installer will review these options with you while choosing a door. Then remove the existing garage door and install your new one.

Often taken for granted, garage doors are something most homeowners don’t worry about until the time comes when they stop working. Avoid the hassle and keep your garage door working smoothly for years to come with regular preventative care.

Should you find yourself with a garage door that is not working properly, contact the professionals at The Home Depot where we offer superior garage door repair for the home owner. From garage door opener repair to garage door springs, we have the knowledge and products you need to get your doors up and running again quickly.

Garage door openers have also evolved, and make it a breeze to open your garage door regardless of weather. Battery backups, timed close, keyboard and energy efficient models are just a few of the new features available to you.

Garage doors have come a long way over the years. A smoothly running door provides peace of mind knowing that you will be able to open and close your garage every day. Shop The Home Depot and let our professionals guide and recommend to you the best quality doors for your home.


Introducing the next generation of garage door openers Introducing the next generation of garage door openers with the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener. The ultra-powerful motor will quietly open and close large doors with ease due to the 2HPs for faster openings. With motion controlled overhead LED light with a selectable duration control so you are never left ...  More + Product Details Close
The Genie Universal Dual Frequency Remote Conversion/Upgrade Kit The Genie Universal Dual Frequency Remote Conversion/Upgrade Kit includes one 3-button compact remote one receiver one transformer and electrical wire (two-wire). The kit alleviates frequency issues from the recently implemented Land Mobile Radio communication system used by military bases as part of the Homeland Security efforts. Works with Genie garage ...  More + Product Details Close
SkyLink's HI TECH Garage Door Opener is easy SkyLink's HI TECH Garage Door Opener is easy to install. It has a very quiet 3/4 hp DC chain drive motor featuring soft start and soft stop. The optimal self-learning force is strong enough to open/close the garage door but sensitive enough to detect any obstacles. The automatic light starts ...  More + Product Details Close
The ChainMax 1000 provides intelligent design for the The ChainMax 1000 provides intelligent design for the homeowner that wants reliable performance with superior design and convenience. 3/4 HPc 140-Volt DC motor. Quiet operation with soft start and stops. Bright (2) 75-Watt bulb lighting system. 7.5 in. per second opening speed. Smartset push-button programming. Auto seek dual frequency. Geniesense ...  More + Product Details Close