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EV Charging Stations

Chargers are available for residential and commercial vehicles.  Many feature delayed charging to take advantage of off-peak utility rates and ground fault interruptors for protection.

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Roll Back Energy Costs

Roll Back Energy Costs

Power your world with cost-effective, clean solar energy. Panels last 25 years with virtually no maintenance. Consider leasing solar power and leave the work to the experts while you enjoy the benefits.

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Most of our current energy needs come from power stations that use fuels like coal and oil. The Home Depot offers those environmentally conscious consumers the ability to use clean energy solutions for all of their power solutions. Clean technology includes many power sources that are both energy efficient and renewable, offering the chance to dramatically reduce the use of natural resources and significantly reduce the amount of emissions and wastes in the environment. 

One of the more significant clean energy solutions is the use of EV Charging Stations. These stations provide electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles. These stations are easy to use, easy-to-install, and can offer the user a wide variety of options to personalize your charging features.

Solar Panel Kits offer another alternative energy solution. These kits are designed with the DIYer in mind and are perfect for the beginner looking to be introduced to the benefits of solar power. Maintenance free and easy to install, these kits work in all weather conditions. Solar Panel kits are ideal for cabins, remote power, backup power, RVs, boats and more.

One of the oldest and most efficient forms of clean energy is the use of Wind Turbines. Generating power both day and night, these versatile wind turbines are weatherproof, maintenance-free, and provide a safe way to create renewable energy. These turbines are ideal for remote locations and your backup power needs.

You can count on The Home Depot to assist you with all of your power needs. We will guide you every step of the way and our knowledgeable store associates will be glad to help answer any questions you may have about your alternative energy solution needs.