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Model # PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R

$14.99 / each
  • • Ship to Home Free with $45 Order

Model # TI306L-K

$13.58 / each
  • • Ship to Home Free with $45 Order
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Model # ADPD453LW2

$37.98 / each
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Model # 6603BC

$10.97 / each
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Model # AYCL-253P-WH

$37.27 / each
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Model # SAL06P-LA

$16.42 / each
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Model # SK-DK

$1.99 / each
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Model # DVCL-153P-BR

$28.55 / each
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Model # S-600P-GR

$16.50 / each
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Model # 6503HBLC

$7.69 / each
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2 Options Available

Model # TT-300NLH-WH

$14.97 / each
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Model # AY-600P-BR

$13.68 / each
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Model # A6043CS

$13.30 / each
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1 Option Available

Model # Q-600P-IV

$8.97 / each
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2 Options Available

Model # MIR-600M-LA

$41.72 / each
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Model # SLV-600P-WH

$39.57 / each
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Model # TTCL-100H-WH

$11.55 / each
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Model # DVW-603PH-WH

$34.97 / each
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2 Options Available

Model # S-600PH-WH

$17.97 / each
  • • Ship to Home Free with $45 Order
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Model # SAL06P-W-KLP

$19.97 / each
  • • In Store Only
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Average rating for Dimmers
(4.2 / 5)
5,561 Reviews
  1. 2 years ago
    Surprised to find a replacement part for a 1970's lamp
    We have a touch activated designer lamp from the 1970s that uses a Westek control that quit working. A Google search of the part led us to Home Depot and I was surprised first that the part was available and secondly that Home Depot was a source for the part. The original manufacturer is still in business and their price was almost twice that of Home Depot. I ordered the part and received it within 4 days. It was an exact replacement which made installation simple. The part apparently is widely ... read more used in other brand lamps and can be installed in any lamp with that has metal on it. Once it is installed, to turn on the lamp you simply touch the lamp anywhere on it's metal housing. There are 4 touch activated positions: Low, medium, high and off. All you do is touch the lamp the number of times (1,2,3 or 4) to reach the levels of brightness. Wiring is easy but you must pay attention to the diagram and make sure the proper wire is connected to the lamp cord wire that goes to the larger blade on the lamp's plug. The first time I installed it, it wouldn't work. I simply wired it as previously, matching the old part. I didn't pay attention to the polarity of the lamp cord. When I re-read the instructions (always read the instructions) and made the proper connections it worked beautifully.
  2. 2 months ago
    Was exactly what I need to repair my lamp
    received unit which was easy to instal and works perfectly
  3. 2 months ago
    Light dimming switch
    Nice product easy to install directions. Dependable product.
  1. 4 years ago
    Good quality
    I purchased one of these 9 years ago. I then purchased a Leviton dimmer last week. The Leviton was cheap cheap plastic. I came home, hooked the Leviton dimmer up, and it was broke. Didn't work at all. I then returned to the store and purchased this unit, and it works awesome, just like my other one.
  2. 4 months ago
    Excellent dimmer switch
    I've been adding these dimmer switches to our house during a 4-year room-by-room remodel. Extremely pleased. I like the positive OFF switch which many slide-to-off or dial-to-off dimmers don't have, I like that it holds previous setting when turned on/off, and they've all been reliable.
  3. 3 years ago
    Works Great
    I am using this to control A heat lamp on a Chicken coop so as not to overheat the Chickens.. Wired short pieces of a heavy duty extension cord with female and male ends with this dimmer into an all weather box . Plugged into an extension cord on one end and plugged heat lamp into other side. Works great as well as I hoped it would..
  1. 4 months ago
    Great prices
    Easy to install. Works great with our LED Flood lights. Loved getting 2 for almost the price of one with the one day special pricing.
  2. 4 months ago
    Great LED product
    The LED dimmer substantially improved the function of my dimmable LED 65watt equivalent can lights. Improved the low to high range and eliminated pulsating found using a regular 3way with dimmer switch. You do need some room in the switch box, as these are connected to existing wires with wire nuts, as opposed to attaching existing wires directly to the switch. Good price for the pair. Very pleased with the product.
  3. 1 year ago
    great dimmers
    A really good product by a really good company,the switches worked well above my expectations
  1. 1 year ago
    Good and easy install
    I needed a replacement dimmer after an existing one (touch-sensitive type) in the kitchen died. This one is more straight-forward, i.e., a simple rocker on/off switch with a dimmer function, but I think I like it better, particularly the ability to program the lowest dimmer setting. The only drawback is that the rocker itself is a bit loud - a quite audible "click" when turning it on/off. I can live with it, though. Otherwise, install was easy and the instructions were actually quite well written.
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  2. 3 weeks ago
    Very simple slide switch
    I replaced a standard yet similar looking rocker switch for this switch to control the light over the kitchen table. The install was very simple and straight forward, however, there was one minor issue - the main plastic part of the switch housing itself didn't line up with the other switches I had previously connected in my box - which there are 4 total. The adjustment allows the switch to be moved side to side about 1/8" but not vertically. In this case, the switch itself sits about 1/16" ... read more below the other 3 switches. After tinkering with it for a while, it's not very noticeable with the cover placed back on but it did take some tinkering to get it to fit into the cover and get the cover to screw down. The operation of the switch is ideal in my opinion. The slide for the dimmer stays in place where it is left so if there is a particular dimming that is desired, it can be left alone and I found this to be very helpful unlike the rotating style of dimmers that not only look less pleasing but also will adjust on their own when pressing the button. Overall, this switch is a great addition but could require some adjusting to get it to fit with other different switches if placed in a multi-switch box.
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  3. 10 months ago
    It's a Dimmer. It works.
    It's a dimmer. If it fits your application and it is the style you like (and works) there isn't much more to say. This package comes with an almond colored face-plate that you can attach instead of white if you want. That's a nice touch. It's a little expensive for a resistor adjusting the output of a regular switch (which can't cost more than a few dollars and that is being extremely generous). But hey, that's the cost of doing business. Overall, I am satisfied with the product and would buy ... read more it again. If this is the style you want, there is nothing that should stop you from buying this.
  1. 8 months ago
    dims very low with led bulbs
    This dimmer works very well with LED bulbs and dims very low. Great product.
  2. 1 month ago
    Great Dimmer for Recessed LEDs
    I recently installed 3 recessed LED fixtures in my media room and selected this model to match existing on the other side of the room. I was happy to find the same make/model as what was on the other end of the room. Easy install and had no problems.
  3. 3 months ago
    This Eliminated Light Flicker at low light levels
    My lights would flicker at low light levels and sometimes turn off on their own. This dimmer completely eliminated that problem!!! This dimmer gives me consistent output at all levels Highly recommended!!
  1. 2 years ago
    Perfect replacement dimmer
    This dimmer was not in stock but was easy to order online at the store computer. I received an email when it arrived at the store for pickup at the service desk. The dimmer was exactly like the one I already had that went bad. Simple instructions to replace the existing dimmer with the new one. Installed in minutes and job was done!
  2. 4 years ago
    Right on task
    It performs flawlessly, looks great, and it is a breeze to install and operate. A quick touch turns the light fixture on to the level it was when turned off, or touch and hold for 2 seconds to start from the lowest setting. Another quick touch, and it will fade it out gradually. Love it!
  3. 1 year ago
    Excellent Dimmer Switch
    Excellent dimmer switch. It's very simple and easy to operate, and, because it "dims" both on and off, it significantly extends the life of the light bulbs.
  1. 5 months ago
    Positively Practical
    The electrician installed this dimmer where a regular light switch used to dwell. I decided this dimmer would be great in Baby's nursery, she won't be blinded for late night feedings. Not only that, but the little orange light that stays on throughout the night will help my eyes adjust as I grab Baby out of her crib! Thrilled with this purchase; from top to bottom the dimmer has a nice range of light it allows to shine. Very polished look, it's positively practical!
  2. 9 years ago
    I love this product. It was very easy to install. I particularly like the srewless wall plate which dresses up the finished installation. So many times, the paint gets scraped off of the screw heads which makes for a sloppy look. The nightlight is also a nice touch. Great value purchase.
  3. 3 years ago
    easy to install and use
    for children's bedroom, any room, easy to install and use.
  1. 7 months ago
    As advertised
    Happy to have a working dimmer again. Home Depot was one of the only places I could find a replacement for my halogen dimmer. Ship to store made it easy and affordable. So far product is working as advertised.
  2. 2 years ago
    Sublime light control
    Our room has a lamp in a hard-to-reach space, and this simple device gives us perfect control. It works as an unobtrusive dimmer for quick illumination or setting a mood. It's an extension cord. Plug the lamp into the dimmer; plug the dimmer into the socket.
  3. 5 years ago
    They Are Dimmer Switches ... They Work ....!!
    I wish I could rave about this, but it is what it is ... a dimmer switch. Does what I want it to do ... works great with the extra lighting I might want to use in a room or with photography projects. The switch is cheap, works with a higher voltage than normal 'off-the-counter' dimmer switches, and once you use it, you don't think about it again.
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