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Most of the fires that injure people happen in our homes. Keeping your family and home safe from the world's dangers is a never ending job. At The Home Depot, we take your families safety seriously with a complete set of innovative fire protection products.  Feeling safe in your home is critical, and you want to be certain in the fact that any fire safety equipment you have purchased is reliable and secure. From alarms, to extinguishers and more - keep your home protected at all times with The Home Depot's wide range of fire safety equipment.  We are behind you every step of the way in keeping your family safe, including guides which offer fire safety tips, equipment basics for your home, types of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and more. Also, browse our page where we offer a full line of fire prevention products, all designed to keep your family safe and secure.  There are a few simple precautions that can be taken to create a safe home. Be sure to keep all of these tools at your disposal, including escape ladders, batteries, flashlights, carbon monoxide alarms and other fire prevention products  Early fire detection is vital to the safety of your home; we offer many products and solutions for any home or business.  While no building is completely fireproof, the fire safety products at The Home Depot are sold with your family in mind. Whether you are looking for protection, detection, monitoring or more - we'll help you stock up on the products you need to keep your home and family away from danger.