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Wireless vs. Wired? Wireless systems are easier to install, move, and network with other connected devices. Wired systems are ideal for multi-zone protection in large homes, offices, or businesses. Signal interference or loss of internet connection is also less likely. Professional installation is usually required, and these systems are not easily portable.

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Get the right security camera: High-definition (HD) 1080p or 1440p cams deliver sharper, clearer images and video. Also, consider opting for a dual-mode WIFI cam to get a consistently stronger signal. Wired PoE (Power over Ethernet) IP cams are easier to install, with less wiring, which can save you time and money.

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Our smart home security systems are designed for easy setup and control right out of the box, with minimal installation skills required. 

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  • Everyone deserves good, affordable, accessible home security. Whether you rent or own your home, apartment, condo or commercial space, we’ll help you find the right security products for protection needs.
  • Home alarm systems are usually the first line of defense in keeping your home and family safe from intrusions. Our wide range of easy-to-install, self-monitoring alarm systems will give you added protection and peace of mind. When shopping for alarms, look for systems with a variety of easy-install, wireless sensors as well as support for integration with other popular smart devices and apps.
  • We offer a full range of wired and wireless home surveillance systems and security cameras – including doorbell cameras or discreet spy cameras to monitor the nanny or your mischievous pets.

    From simple and affordable DIY home security kits to complete smart home security solutions that connect all your wired devices and allow control and monitoring from your phone or tablet, we’ve got security needs covered.


Using an additional camera is a simple and Using an additional camera is a simple and effective way to increase security presence in your home or business. The camera can be mounted indoors or outdoors. It is compact enough that it can be concealed easily and has weather resistant aluminum housing to resist deterioration and rusting. Superior digital ...  More + Product Details Close
The GXV3674 series are powerful weatherproof Infrared (IR) The GXV3674 series are powerful weatherproof Infrared (IR) IP cameras offering an adjustable vary-focal High-Definition lens making them ideal for any outdoor/indoor setting where weather and light conditions constantly change. Each camera’s variable-focal lens allows the user to adjust the lens to best fit their monitoring needs which allows the ...  More + Product Details Close
The GXV3672 series are outdoor weatherproof IP cameras The GXV3672 series are outdoor weatherproof IP cameras with infrared sensors making them ideal for use in settings where light and weather conditions are a factor. The 3.6 mm lens is ideal for monitoring wide angles at a close proximity in settings such as building entrances hallways and receptionist areas. ...  More + Product Details Close
Whether you're renting your home or simply don't Whether you're renting your home or simply don't wish to run cables through the wall LaView's Wi-Fi cameras are the perfect solution for your surveillance needs. Install your cameras outdoors or indoors in just five minutes and experience crystal high definition video recording with 100 feet of infrared night vision. ...  More + Product Details Close