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Wireless vs. Wired? Wireless systems are easier to install, move, and network with other connected devices. Wired systems are ideal for multi-zone protection in large homes, offices, or businesses. Signal interference or loss of internet connection is also less likely. Professional installation is usually required, and these systems are not easily portable.

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Get the right security camera: High-definition (HD) 1080p or 1440p cams deliver sharper, clearer images and video. Also, consider opting for a dual-mode WIFI cam to get a consistently stronger signal. Wired PoE (Power over Ethernet) IP cams are easier to install, with less wiring, which can save you time and money.

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Our smart home security systems are designed for easy setup and control right out of the box, with minimal installation skills required. 

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  • Everyone deserves good, affordable, accessible home security. Whether you rent or own your home, apartment, condo or commercial space, we’ll help you find the right security products for protection needs.
  • Home alarm systems are usually the first line of defense in keeping your home and family safe from intrusions. Our wide range of easy-to-install, self-monitoring alarm systems will give you added protection and peace of mind. When shopping for alarms, look for systems with a variety of easy-install, wireless sensors as well as support for integration with other popular smart devices and apps.
  • We offer a full range of wired and wireless home surveillance systems and security cameras – including doorbell cameras or discreet spy cameras to monitor the nanny or your mischievous pets.

    From simple and affordable DIY home security kits to complete smart home security solutions that connect all your wired devices and allow control and monitoring from your phone or tablet, we’ve got security needs covered.


The AVK10S22W is a High Performance 22 in. The AVK10S22W is a High Performance 22 in. LCD Monitor designed specifically for Security Industry. With a Resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) an over 500TVL the AVK10S22W displays High Quality video or computer signals via multiple inputs. Its features include 3D Comb Filter De-Interlace and Noise Reduction as ...  More + Product Details Close
The brilliantly designed Amcrest Shield is more than The brilliantly designed Amcrest Shield is more than just a six-sided slick-looking camera. Aside from the top-of-the-line features expected from an Amcrest product its unique magnetic base also allows for mounting versatility. The Shield is the ultimate combination of convenience and reliability. Stunning full HD 3MP video at 20fps with ...  More + Product Details Close
The CB120URB high-performance camera cable can be used The CB120URB high-performance camera cable can be used to extend the video/power for Lorex high-definition security cameras (or standard security cameras). This mini RG-59 high-grade Siamese (video and power) coaxial cable measures 120 ft. offering you installation flexibility. Connect or extend analog surveillance cameras HD-SDI security cameras require RG-59 cables ...  More + Product Details Close
Expand your surveillance with 200 ft. CAT5e in-wall Expand your surveillance with 200 ft. CAT5e in-wall rated extension cables for high definition NVR IP security systems. UL certified cabling can be safely installed inside walls/ceilings and is in compliance with NEC (National Electric Code) standards. Helps prevent fires from spreading due to special cable jacket material Regular inspections ...  More + Product Details Close