Programmable Thermostats

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Model # LTX9600TS-A04

$58.71 / each
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Model # TEK553

$294.70 / each
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Model # TL8100A

$59.97 / each
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Model # HWP120

$104.12 / each
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Model # UDG-4999

$149.99 / each
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Model # 44157

$21.88 / each
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Model # TEK552

$212.28 / each
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Model # LS-60

$89.36 / each
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Model # LS-90i

$286.31 / each
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Model # UP400

$79.95 / each
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Model # K702E-2

$68.99 / each
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Model # 44279

$32.78 / each
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Model # 1F78-151

$56.96 / each
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Model # UP500WPW

$139.99 / each
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Model # CT50e Wifi

$104.36 / box
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Model # K701E-B

$60.99 / each
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Average rating for Programmable Thermostats
(4 / 5)
1,535 Reviews
  1. 10 years ago
    Very Easy Installation
    Very easy to install especially since I replaced a Honeywell in a home built in 2002. Programming was straight forward. Before doing so, plan out the times and temperatures ahead of time. This will make the process even quicker. Would be cool if the display could be permanently backlit instead of going dark after a few seconds.
  2. 6 years ago
    excellent choice
    this replaced a one year old rite temp that had screen issues from the get go. installed in 20 minutes. seems to keep the house at a more even temp. like the fact that it will auto switch between heat and ac. living in north texas this could come in handy.
  3. 7 years ago
    Replaced an older Honeywell model with this unit - installaltion was <15 minutes, programming added another 10-15 mins. Used in an institutional setting - the ability to program seven days independently was a must - we've reduced our overall gas/electric consumption by +25%!
  1. 4 years ago
    Easy installation and programming
    I'm not exactly the handiest guy in the world, but installation was simple enough to finish the job in 15 minutes . . . including reading the directions. It comes pre-programmed with energy saving settings that can be changed in 15 seconds. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this thermostat to anyone.
  2. 4 years ago
    7years and going strong
    everything on this thermostat worked as designed. Even tho we had the heat pump/furnace/airconditioning checked out every year this was no problem. so easy to operate, I would recommend it to someone that wants easy to use ( after technition sets it up for furnace/heat pump and air. ) you set it and forget it until you see the light blinking for filter change.
  3. 8 years ago
    High-end performance and easy installation
    Our HVAC installer wanted $400.00 for a unit with this capability. Instead, I just installed one of these for $120.00 in about 10 minutes. The interface is intuitive and the unit controls a variety of single and multi-stage gas, oil, hot water and electric heaters, heat pumps and air conditioners. Before you buy, Honeywell support will help you look at your current system to guarantee compatibility. The thing that makes this unit special is the ability to automatically switch between heating and ... read more cooling. A must have feature in Colorado.
  1. 5 years ago
    As Advertised: Easy Install
    Simple install with our furnace/air system. The install instructions were simple, concise, and yet detailed enough to make install a breeze. It powered right up and functioned perfectly. One piece of advice. For securing the thermostat wires to the terminals on the unit you need a very tiny flat head screwdriver. I happened to have a set of precision screw drivers, but if I hadn't it would have meant another trip to the store. It also does NOT come with the 2-AA batteries required for ... read more operation, so make sure you have those on hand. I thought the batteries were only for memory in case the power goes out, but the furnace cable does not power this unit.
  2. 3 months ago
    great product, easy to set up
    We think that this will save us money in addition to increasing the comfort level of the house. It's so nice waking up in a warm house. Very easy to program, even for a non-tech type person.
  3. 4 years ago
    Great thermostat
    Took no time at all to wire this thermostat up. Programing it was easy too.
  1. 6 months ago
    The smart thermostat
    This is a smart thermostat. It has smart setback. It learns your home, then adapts around your schedule. Simple guided setup. It works on a three wire system but it can work on a two wire system with a small piece. of thermostat wire. Just follows the easy instruction and you are all set. It averages 20 o/o heating and cooling energy. You cannot go wrong with this smart thermostat
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  2. 5 months ago
    Great upgrade!!
    This is a great upgrade over my old "dial" thermostat. I just installed this in my basement "man cave" and this thermostat controls the heat for the whole basement. It works great. Very simple to install and is equally simple to program. In the event you require something change to the program, it is very easy to over-ride. My only issue, and it is very minor, mirrors some other review comments. The backlight could stay on a little longer while programming. This is very minor and all the plusses ... read more of this unit far outweigh this small concern!
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  3. 5 months ago
    Nice unit.
    Electronic thermostats have been around since the 70s and they've come along way since. This unit is simple yet packed with features that most anyone can appreciate. Some of the features I personally like are - universal compatibility - large LCD display which is back lit so if you needed to adjust in the middle of the night you'll be able to find it and also interchangeable faceplates to match your decor.
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  1. 8 years ago
    Smart-Base Programmable Baseboard Thermostat
    I recently replaced the 10 baseboard heaters in my house with the Cadet heaters. I used the manual controls in the downstairs heaters, and the Smart-Base Electronic Thermostats in the heaters upstairs where we spend most of our time. Although they are somewhat difficult (for me) to program and the buttons are hard to use, I think these thermostats combined with the Cadet heaters, are the best value on the market. I manually entered a set point of 70 degress in all of the thermostats and they ... read more work just fine. I will probably realize a savings in the cost of the thermostats over the manual controls, after the first year.
  2. 4 years ago
    Purchased two thermostats for attic
    I recently added a third bedroom in my renovated attic and needed a heating source for it. I chose the 6 ft. 1,500-Watt 240 Volt Electric Baseboard Heater White because of the look and features of the product. The selling point for me also was this option of the programmable thermostats. I just received my new electric bill and only noticed a very minimal increase which I was a nice surprise. Even though the buttons are very hard to push I view this as a good thing because it helps prevent my ... read more children from changing the settings. I would recommend this product to anyone.
  3. 9 years ago
    Electronic Programmable Baseboard Thermostat
    Excellent product, easy install and set up, no baseboard should be without it, a real energy saver.
  1. 1 year ago
    Excellent Thermostat, easy to install and operate
    Lux 7- Day Touchscreen thermostat was easy to install and so far is working great. TO install, turn off all power to furnace and turn off breakers to furnace and air conditioner. Remove old thermostat cover and write down the color of each wire from the old thermostat base and then write down the initials on the post that it is connected to. For example, white wire goes to "w". Then take off wires and make sure that they can't fall back into space in wall. Then put on new base and attach wires ... read more to same lettered post they were on in old thermostat. Put on top part and program. Programming is simple and intuitive. Instructions are clear. We were up and running in 30 minutes. Since then worked great and easy to adjust. Delivery from Home Depot was as expected. Very happy so far.
  2. 2 years ago
    Easy to operate and most importantly see
    We purchased this thermostat because of the easy to read screen and touch screen features. It is pretty simple to work - Pros Large, well lite numbers , touch screen features intuitive to operate Cons - backlit light does not stay on long, seems to read much higher than previous thermostat. We have taken this into account when programming as is at least 3 degrees higher than the one it replaced. Perhaps the old one was off. This product was not available in store. The one in store had a Wifi ... read more capability as well - we did not need that so purchased this on line because it was less expensive. Lowes had same product but a min. order of 6 units! Home Depot wins :) Overall, spend a little more and get a much more user friendly device like this one - you use it everyday and will appreciate it - hard to believe how out dated models are still being sold
  3. 2 years ago
    Lux thermostats are top notch products! ...way better than competitotors
    Recent winter projects needed replacement of a failing thermostat which had a bad temperature down button requiring all sorts of multiple presses, contortions, and pressure to yield desired temperature setting. Spec'd out both Lux and Honeywell and tried Honeywell first...very bad decision on my part. Simple 2-wire (red to Rh along with white wire to "W") refused to turn steam boiler on. Calls to Honeywell support line were of no help ...Honeywell's suggestion was to call in a heating/ac ... read more contractor due to the exotic and complicated design of all their thermostats. Shocking response considering this goes contra to the mantra of Home Depot....simple 2-wire hookup ...I'm not looking to send a man to the moon or a cure for world hunger here. Another run to Home Depot this time to purchase a Lux and had heat once again in home using same wiring wire to Rh along with white wire to "W" terminal on Lux thermostat. Very nice Lux design....touch screen, huge large numbers on display for all us aging home owners. Easy programming and the unit just plain works as designed. If you have problems with a failing thermostat seriously consider Lux over Honeywell....Lux support top notch, way more inexpensive than Honeywell, and has identical features for dollars less. BTW, you do NOT have to run additional wires to get this Lux to work properly unlike Honeywell units. Lux rocks!
  1. 10 months ago
    Now I can wake up to a warm house on my schedule 7 days a week
    When I wake up early in the morning, it is cold. And 3 days a week I have to get up 45 minutes earlier plus I love to sleep in on the weekends. So this 7-day programmable thermostat is a perfect fit for me. I have a fan-forced heater which I can now program to come on at different times in the morning for each day of the week. It can get really cold at night so I set the heater to come on before I wake up and the house is very comfortable while I get ready to go to work.
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  2. 8 months ago
    It is not my strong point to install something like this but I did it! Just followed the instructions and it went in without challenges. It looks great and although there has been no need to have the air on it worked fine during testing. It is nice to be able to program something like the air if I am going to be away on a trip or something. The test was to see how it worked for a couple of days on the weekend and it seemed to kick on and off like a champ.
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  3. 8 months ago
    Programmable Thermostat.
    The 7 day programmable thermostat was vary east to install and program. I had it installed in less than fifteen minutes and my wife programmed it for the settings she likes. It works vary well. We like to have the house cool at night because I sleep better that way and it is programmed to turn the air conditioner to a warmer setting for the day. I'm sure it will work just as well in the winter. I am vary happy with this thermostat and would advise anyone looking for a 7 day programmable ... read more thermostat to purchase this one.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Excellent thermostat
    The thermostat was very easy to install. It has been working for about a month now and it keeps the temperature very constant. I did not have a "C" wire to connect so I am using the 2 batteries with no problems.
  2. 1 year ago
    Money saver
    I bought this programmable thermostat for my office/shop. We don't need the heat or a/c running all night, just when we are in the office. Great features, easy to install, and easy to use. It has different settings for weekdays and weekends. It kicks on a little while before we arrive in the morning and back off as we are leaving in the evening. Plus, it saves us money. It paid for itself the first month.
  3. 2 years ago
    Excellent thermostat.
    I'm a Master HVAC Contractor. In my years Honeywell has always produced a quality product. The average trouble with the thermostat is one where it is installed and two how it is installed. Remember these thermostats monitor the wall as well as the air temperature. If you have installed it on an outside wall it's going to think it's outside. Honestly, I have never found the product itself to be at fault on any service call. But, I have seen thermostats installed in interesting places.
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