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Model # T3007ES

$249.00 / each
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Model # RTH8580WF

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Model # RTH9580WF

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Model # RTH6350D

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Model # RTH2300B

$24.98 / each
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Model # UP500W

$129.00 / each
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Model # RTH7600D

Was  $79.97
$69.00 / each
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Model # EB-STATe3-02

$249.00 / each
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Model # RTH6580WF

$99.98 / each
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Model # RTH7500D

Was  $49.98
$39.88 / each
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Model # RTH2410B

$34.98 / each
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$249.00 / each
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Model # RCH9310WF5003

$249.99 / each
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1,535 Reviews
  1. 2 years ago
    really nice
    this thermostat was so easy to install stevie wonder could have done far no problems.Only thing i think they could have improved on was have a light go on to show you the heat is on..It has the word heat that flashes when heat is on..But you have to go to the unit and look real close to see it.Other then that ive had no problems.......................TONY from brooklyn
  2. 6 months ago
    All the Right Features at a Great Price
    I have the latest model Lux TX500Uc with Temperature Swing Control. This control lets you precisely set the +/- temperature range for thermostat operation in different (1-9) increments of 0.25F from +/- 0.25F to +/- 2.25F. For example, if you set the "target" temperature to 70F, the temperature range can be set anywhere between these MIN/ MAX temperatures in 0.25F increments: (1) Heat ON at 69.75 and heat OFF at 70.25 = very precise control with frequent heater cycling on/off. (9) Heat ON at ... read more 67.75 and heat OFF at 72.25 = large temperature swing with less heater on/off. (I set my temp to 70F and the swing to 6 (0.25F X 6 = +/- 1.5F, equals ON at 68.5F and OFF at 71.5F) Most furnaces are more efficient (use less $$) with fewer on/off cycles due to energy being "wasted" heating the plenum (air chamber) before the blower motor starts running. Likewise, in the summer months, less on/off cycling of the AC compressor is more cost effective and saves wear and tear on the compressor motor. Enough of the "technical stuff"! The Lux displays the SET temperature and the actual ROOM temperature, the day of the week, the time, and a bar indicating battery life. It is easy to program with 4 time periods per day (Morning, Day, Evening, Night) or just 2 (Day, Night). You can program in a number of days for filter life and the word "FILTER" will flash when the filter should be changed. For a temporary change in temperature setting (until the daily time period changes), just press the up/down arrows. For a "permanent" setting change, press the "HOLD" button after the arrows, and the set temperature will be held until you press "HOLD" again; this is a very easy way to set the temperature when going on vacation. Again ... all the right features at a great price!
  3. 1 year ago
    Great product
    We bought this thermostat for our beach house, to replace a very old thermostat which no longer worked. Since we had never replaced a thermostat by ourselves before, we were a little nervous that it would be very time consuming and difficult to install. Instead, we found it to be easy, with no problems. It's an excellent upgrade from what we had, and it looks great. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a thermostat that is easy to program and install.
  1. 2 years ago
    I tried 2 Honeywell Themostats before I tried this LUX 9600TS. One of the Honeywell's was Wi-Fi at a price of approx; $250.00. This was $69.00 without Wi-Fi. The Honeywell's were of poor quality construction. Especially at the connection terminals. Honeywell also required some difficult connection lead wire installation so that constant power was being supplied via a G wire. LUX let me do it that way or via two AA batteries instead. Fabulous concept! Install was so simple I suspected I had ... read more done something wrong. Not so. It was just to easy to install. The readout is excellent!!! Excellent again!!! Look at the size of the numbers... Bright light! Just a simple touch of the screen wakes up the unit. PLUS....(Did I say PLUS?) see the MANUAL switches on the right side in the photo? Just flip one up or down if you want heat or AC but don't want to be bothered with the touch screen. LUX, you put Honeywell to shame. Nice job, nice appearance, good quality, great price.
  2. 2 years ago
    Lux thermostats are top notch products! ...way better than competitotors
    Recent winter projects needed replacement of a failing thermostat which had a bad temperature down button requiring all sorts of multiple presses, contortions, and pressure to yield desired temperature setting. Spec'd out both Lux and Honeywell and tried Honeywell first...very bad decision on my part. Simple 2-wire (red to Rh along with white wire to "W") refused to turn steam boiler on. Calls to Honeywell support line were of no help ...Honeywell's suggestion was to call in a heating/ac ... read more contractor due to the exotic and complicated design of all their thermostats. Shocking response considering this goes contra to the mantra of Home Depot....simple 2-wire hookup ...I'm not looking to send a man to the moon or a cure for world hunger here. Another run to Home Depot this time to purchase a Lux and had heat once again in home using same wiring wire to Rh along with white wire to "W" terminal on Lux thermostat. Very nice Lux design....touch screen, huge large numbers on display for all us aging home owners. Easy programming and the unit just plain works as designed. If you have problems with a failing thermostat seriously consider Lux over Honeywell....Lux support top notch, way more inexpensive than Honeywell, and has identical features for dollars less. BTW, you do NOT have to run additional wires to get this Lux to work properly unlike Honeywell units. Lux rocks!
  3. 1 year ago
    Excellent Thermostat, easy to install and operate
    Lux 7- Day Touchscreen thermostat was easy to install and so far is working great. TO install, turn off all power to furnace and turn off breakers to furnace and air conditioner. Remove old thermostat cover and write down the color of each wire from the old thermostat base and then write down the initials on the post that it is connected to. For example, white wire goes to "w". Then take off wires and make sure that they can't fall back into space in wall. Then put on new base and attach wires ... read more to same lettered post they were on in old thermostat. Put on top part and program. Programming is simple and intuitive. Instructions are clear. We were up and running in 30 minutes. Since then worked great and easy to adjust. Delivery from Home Depot was as expected. Very happy so far.
  1. 6 years ago
    great value... no brainer
    For $20 this is a no-brainer if you simply are upgrading from your old-school thermostat. Installation - easy Programming - easy Batteries - swap like every six months Savings - we have a small house and have noticed a noteworthy savings in less than a year. Con - My friends and I have all noticed that at 4AM, the furnace cooks us - if you look at the thermostat it says 74! We turn it down to 68 at 11PM and up to 72 at 4:30AM. It might be that the bedroom doors are closed??? Somehow it over ... read more heats the house during that time period. We are upgrading to the 7 day programmable - we want to be spoiled!
  2. 7 years ago
    Honeywell Basic Programmable Thermostat RTH221B
    We have used this thermostat for about a year now and we love it! It is very accurate with the temperature settings, easy to program and a wonderful value. Also, there is no long heater-element delay in getting it to work--it starts up very quickly--a real blessing if you have to change the battery at 3:00 a.m.!!! I highly recommend this thermostat!
  3. 3 years ago
    seemed nice... no for me
    I was really excited when these arrived. They appeared simple and easy to install. Unfortunately, when I took my old themostat off I had a W, R, and B wire. The directions told me to tape off the B wire since this model does not use a B wire. Unfortunately my furnace doesn't turn on without the B wire hoked up. I returned the thermostat.
  1. 3 years ago
    Very easy install
    This thermostat needs no tools except a screwdriver to mount it to the wall. The wires attach with clamps, eliminating the need to bend wires and tighten under tiny screws. There is not a large temperature swing between turning on and shutting off, so the room temperature is very consistent. Great low price and 7 individual day programs allow maximum comfort and savings.
  2. 3 years ago
    Every day has a plenty of settings
    In this unit every day has times you put in to say when you wakeup and go to sleep and when you go and return from being away. It has a convenient button to push when you will be home for the day and another for when you will be away for a few hours or a few days.
  3. 3 years ago
    would recommend to anybody, great quality for the price and easy to install
    I would recommend to anybody, great quality for the price and easy to install
  1. 2 months ago
    Mostly good
    I have a typical older house with hot water baseboard heat, a gas furnace, and round Honeywell two-wire (R&W) thermostat. This is also known as hydronic. As per the Honeywell instructions, the R&W 24VAC wires would connect to terminals 1&3 respectively. One of the first things you will notice when you start to install this is the instructions don't tell you what size drill bit you need for the wall anchors. The best size is 3/16". You must also open up the unit by undoing the very small screw at ... read more the bottom of the unit. Most people won't have a screwdriver small enough to fit the recessed hole. The best fit was a jewelers flat. You will also need this small jewelers flat screwdriver to connect the wires to the unit. To me, the unit also is fairly loud when the thermostat relay kicks on or off. We will have to decide if this is annoying. I also called the Honeywell customer service phone line on a Saturday to confirm the switch settings. I was choosing the default but also the extra switch to run the hot water pump periodically. When I called the customer service number to confirm the settings and confirm the drill bit size, they put me on hold for about 10 minutes. When they came back, they told me that only an electrician could answer my questions and/or install the unit. They also told me this unit was only to be used for line voltage. I told them to look at figure 10 in their own instructions to confirm 24VAC R&W wires. They put me on hold again, but still came back to say I would have to call an electrician. The manuals also do not tell you about the symbol at the bottom of the screen that looks like a flame. After googling it we discovered it means the heat system is on. I'm not referring to the wavy lines that means the heat is running. Perhaps the customer service is better M-F, 9-5 EST. The manuals seem to be geared more to electricians versus DIY. Simple and sleek looking, but the loud clicking makes it seem old. I have read elsewhere people have purchased multiple units and they do not all make this much noise. Since there seem to be noisy and totally quiet versions, we will have to contact Honeywell to see if they consider this defective.
  2. 1 month ago
    Best heating only thermostat on the market.
    This thermostat is the best for heating systems because you can program it with switch setting for the type of heat you have so the thermostat will respond properly to your heating equipment.
  3. 6 months ago
    Line Voltage Hydroponic Thermostat! Can use for inductive system.
    There are almost no programmable (or even just with digital screens) thermostats for old, line voltage 120V inductive systems. This one fit the bill for replacing a thermostat that was 60+ years old. I replaced the old thermostat (with a mercury tube still in it) for my parents who were having difficulty reading the numbers. This works, and it ended up being the third thermostat I tried installing. Most new systems are resistive, so be careful when you're trying to replace an old thermostat!
  1. 6 months ago
    Thermostat works well
    Installation of this thermostat is very easy and it helps that the directions are very easy to follow. The overall appearance of the thermostat is very clean & simple. I like that there are not buttons all over the place because the lower door is covering them. The 5-1-1 programming is just great! 5 meaning Monday-Friday, 1-1 meaning Saturday and Sunday. I love knowing that I am saving money while away at work, & that the house will be comfortable by the time I get home. Programming it is ... read more easy. My only complaint is that the screen is not bright enough. Other than that, I approve of this thermostat.
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  2. 7 months ago
    White Rodgers P200 Programmable thermostat is simplicity at its best
    The White Rodgers P200 Programmable thermostat is simplicity at its best. Installation directions are well laid out. Installation itself is easy. Minimal tool required. Programming the unit was very simple. Nothing complicate about this process at all. The only con I can think of is the back light is very dim. At night it's not easily seen. If it were a green screen it would be much easier seen. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars if the back light was brighter or even a green screen and ... read more more easily viewed it would give it 5 stars. Still, a very good simple unit you can't go wrong with. After you program the unit to day, time and temp you can wake up to a warm home in the morning. Life just got more comfortable.
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  3. 1 month ago
    as expected
    I ordered this online because it was the same as the one I have in my home up north. The price was great, the shipping quick and it worked as I expected. I like having the 5-1-1 programs for weekday, Saturday and Sunday. The only thing to remember is to make sure you make the appropriate switch to either electric or gas. Up north I use gas. In Fl. I use electric. It wasn't working when first installed. Then I remembered to change it to electric and it works fine. I'm very happy with this unit.
  1. 5 months ago
    Perfect for what I wanted
    I've had Honeywell programmable thermostats for over 30 years, and wanted one for my rental townhouse, which has electric baseboard heat. It needed to be easy to install, and to remove when I move out. This one is perfect. The package says 15 minute install. It took me 10 minutes to install and program. I SHUT OFF THE POWER, disconnected the old thermostat, connected the 2 wires of the new unit with the provided wire nuts, and mounted it to the electrical box with the provided screws. Now the ... read more heat goes down at night and up in the morning without me having to remember. Keep safety in mind - the circuit you're working with is 220 volts. That can kill you, so shut off the power before you begin!
  2. 3 months ago
    Great product for price.
    Easy two install just two wires. Works great and no sound when heat turns on and off. Easy to read temperature. Very pleased.
  3. 4 months ago
    Good solid value
    This thermostat was fairly easy to install, fastened to the electrical box that was there eben though it was only a duplex box. Programming took a few minutes, but once understood, quite easy. Also easy to over-ride temp setting to raise or lower the temp setting.
  1. 2 years ago
    Nice unit, nothing flashy, make sure to price match!
    I had the old unit off and the new unit on with in 15 minutes. I selected this unit because it says it will switch between hot and cool automagically. Haven't had a chance to test that yet, but everything else is working as planned. Programming was consistent with every other thermostat I've had. LED backlight is enough time, I didn't program it in the dark though. As for Home Depot, great help there, I scanned the unit with my price match app and found it online for 43 bucks, they matched ... read more the price no questions asked, after tax I pax about 45 dollars.
  2. 3 months ago
    Easy to install & use
    Easy to install. Had a questions, used the enclosed number and got help immediately so I could finish the install. Works great. Wish I had done it years ago.
  3. 3 months ago
    great product, easy to set up
    We think that this will save us money in addition to increasing the comfort level of the house. It's so nice waking up in a warm house. Very easy to program, even for a non-tech type person.
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