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13,322 Reviews
  1. 4 years ago
    one reservation
    We purchased this faucet from the manufacturers online description--we liked the size and heft of the pull out sprayer and wanted a higher faucet. However, I wish it would extend another inch or two over the sink. it is too easy to splash water behind the sink when rinsing items at countertop level. The faucet is mounted as close to the edge of the sink as possible.
    This review was originally posted to moen.com.
  2. 1 year ago
    Quality Item
    We chose this brand because of past purchases and was not disappointed. My wife researched it on the company website and had me watch the installation video BEFORE I put it in. The unit was easy to install. We like the tall neck -- use it for easy in and out for large containers. My wife loves the spray feature and can use it whether the neck is pulled out or not. The sprayer rinses the dishes clean - covers more area on the plates than a steady stream...
  3. 9 months ago
    kitchen faucet
    Looks great in my kitchen and works well with my other appliances
  1. 4 years ago
    great product dependable co
    I bought a grohe Ladylux about 9 years ago at homedepot. I paid a lot of money. faucet works great for 9 years. a part comes loose and sink starts leaking. I wasn't even sure of the model any longer. I called Grohe & they asked me to email a picture so they could identify the ladylux faucet. I did, they identified and mailed the parts i requested the same day. no charge. no hassle. talk about a company that stands behind their product. awesome.
  2. 9 years ago
    it's good
    it's very practical and elegant looking. I loved the pull out handle, very easy to handle and to wash big pots.
  3. 6 years ago
    This faucet is awesome. Its easy to use and easy to keep clean. It's hose is flexible so you can get to any angle. If you have a little extra, splurge, you will be happy you did
  1. 3 years ago
    A "Smart" faucet
    Lots of people have smart phones but now you can have a "smart faucet": one with four water delivery options plus an on/off button on the faucet head itself that eleminates the need to reach over to the handle when the faucet head is extended. Moan's quality is definately built into this model, unlike that of their cheaper metal-plastic versions. If you're going to pay to have it installed you might as well get something worth installing.
  2. 2 weeks ago
    happy with my purchase
    its to soon to be the judge,its only been one month,if it failed in that time it would be brought back,only problem i see is that when you are holding a dish your rinseing,and useing this sprayer,you cant turn the water off without putting the dish down and useing the wand,the old style sprayers,control the water on/off with a switcth on the handle,one handed opperation,
  3. 5 years ago
    Love the look!
    I am using this faucet in my new laundry sink. Love the look. Hated the old fashion 4" wide faucet. The stainless look is very updated. Love the convenience of the 4 different sprays. Just the right height.
  1. 3 weeks ago
    Pfister Cantara
    Love it, just wish they would make the line out of more durable material since constantly using the hot water to warm formula exploded previous one.
  2. 1 year ago
    Good value, easy install and good strong spray
    This is a good replacement faucet. You will probably spend more time taking out the old one than installing the new one as I did. It comes with pex hoses to quickly connect directly to the shut off valves and a long tool to tighten the nut from under the counter. The stainless steel is a much better look than chrome and should last longer. The large button on the bottom of the nozzle can select the spray pattern. This spray is very strong and it would splash if you're not careful. The cool ... read more feature about the spray button is that when the faucet is turned off it resets back to the normal flow. The hose is covered in braided nylon and pulls out smoothly as long as it doesn't get hung up on valves or other hoses under the sink.
    Seeds Program Review
  3. 2 months ago
    Stylish, Yet Useful, Cantara Kitchen Faucet
    I found the instructions to be adequate, and so far, the product has performed as well as can be expected.
  1. 5 days ago
    Great looking pull down faucet.
    Purchased this faucet because Delta is supposed to be a good product. Had it installed by the local plumber on new granite countertop in the kitchen. Faucet looks great and matches my new granite composite mocha sink. Only issue I have is that the flow of the faucet is not as strong as my old faucet so making suds to do the dishes is not as easy as it was. I'm guessing the government got involved here somewhere a made all the faucet manufactures modify their products to restrict flow.....just ... read more like they did with the 1.6 gal flush toilets.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    Looks and works great
    Was just installed 2 weeks ago; too soon to actually rate it. I have 2 of same - one in kitchen, and one in laundry room. At this point they seem to be working very good. Am pleased with the way they look since I didn't like the high arc faucets where they were being used. Bought Delta faucets because I know they definitely stand behind their warranties.
    This review was originally posted to deltafaucet.com.
  3. 2 years ago
    My plumber recommended Delta's kitchen faucets. Said he saw the fewest repairs with Delta. I've been very pleased with the Linden's performance...especially like the location of the buttons to turn spray feature on and off. It's underneath, instead of on the sides...more convenient to use. Parts are also readily available. Very attractive.... excellent price for the quality. Highly recommend.
  1. 3 months ago
    Wow, Beauty and Function
    Highly recommend to my friends and family It was nice to opening the box to this stylish faucet. The contents were well protected. The instructions for the Anzzi Brushed Nickel where very easy to follow. The faucet came with ALL parts needed attached to the actual faucet. The gaskets and nuts screwed on the same way they are to be attached to when installed. This is a well-developed idea and no loose parts to be accounted for. The instructions are numbered for the parts in the order they should ... read more be used. The little gasket/o ring for the pull out hand held sprayer is securely wired to that hose. Pretty nifty I think. Reducing their packaging cost and my not losing parts. The good placement for the 2 different spray selections is on top of the hand held sprayer. That fits snuggle in my hand to use when needed. A straight or shower type spray, which switches itself back to straight spray when you turn off the water. The detail of composition is of high-quality and sound form. It Looks expensive, adds panache to my kitchen aesthetics. This elegant faucet seems to have water spot protection made into it, as I don’t see soap or water spots after Anzzi Faucet has dried. I only had one minor snag with the gasket (#2) to the faucet mount kept slipping into the faucet hole which was already drilled from previous faucet. If that’s your only dilemma for this simple, straightforward, painless, install that’s outstanding In addition I had to secure my water line to the refrigerator with a “U” staple to keep it out of the way of the weight that’s used for the handheld sprayer hose. Now, everything is effortlessly operating
    Seeds Program Review
  2. 2 months ago
    built like a tank
    Opening the box that this faucet comes in is like opening an Apple product. The contents do not disappoint either. This thing is rock solid and built like a tank. It just feels luxurious and high quality. The faucet has a full 360 degree infinite motion, and glides smoothly on the bearing. A button on the head effortlessly switches from stream to spray. Installation could not be simpler. Compression fittings are attached on both the hot and cold supply line. Rather than having to struggle ... read more to attach supply lines to the faucet, they are factory attached.
    Seeds Program Review
  3. 2 weeks ago
    Great faucet, but installation could get complicated
    My wife and I run a small property business in the Western Pennsylvania. We buy, renovate, rent, and sell homes in the Pittsburgh area. As the licensed contractor of the outfit, I head up our work crew of renovation specialists. We do a lot of kitchen and bath renovations and updates in older homes. This is a boldly-designed kitchen faucet with a pull-out sprayer. I’ve reviewed several high-end Anzzi products through the Home Depot Seeds program, and one of the characteristics of their ... read more products is the unusually high quality of their brushed steel finishes. They do a really nice, deep polish on their brushed finishes. This isn’t the only thing that’s good about their work, but again and again, the craftsmanship in the polishing really stands out. It’s hard to show something like this in an online photograph, but I got a close-up shot of the head of this faucet for Figure 1. Installation of this product into the counter is simplified greatly by the design, and there is a quality installation guide included (a picture of it is included on the website). Faucets like these are too often sold with poor installations guides that are practically no help to DIYers. On the other hand, unless you have a diamond-tipped hole-saw set handy, drilling the 1.3 to 1.38-inch hole in your stone counter as indicated in Step 1 of the directions might be a bit difficult. Thankfully, this is the standard-sized hole and if you’re simply replacing your existing faucet, you’ll be fine with the existing hole in your counter. With this faucet, installation into existing kitchen water lines may be a real problem depending on your water supply setup. Figure 2 shows the supply lines coming down out of the faucet base. They are 13 3/4 inches long and end in 3/8-inch female compression fittings. If your existing water supply leads deviate from that diameter, will only accept a male connection fitting, or are either farther away than 13 3/4 inches or too closely set to the faucet base to make using the long leads of this faucet convenient, the average DIYer will probably have more luck calling a plumber than completing the installation of this faucet alone. I just don’t like the fact that this faucet is not sold with a deck plate. Unless you can find a matching deck plate, you can only install this faucet into a natural or engineered stone countertop with an undermount sink. If the associate at your local branch of the Home Depot is not familiar with this factoid and you have a drop-in sink, that’s a wasted trip to the store and a return waiting to happen. Odds are, the buyer won’t believe the poor associate, who will exclaim, “I’m sorry, but ALL kitchen faucets are sold with a deck plate. This is the first time this has ever happened to me!” The associate will be telling the truth, but it won’t matter. All in all, I like this faucet. It’s beautiful, sturdy, yet elegant, but it has some serious installation problems lurking in wait for the incautious and inexperienced DIYer, as indicated. A maddening additional one is that the handle can be disassembled by removing a small cover and unscrewing the hex nut with the included hex key -- this is not covered in the directions, and the wrench is just included with no explanation inside a small box with the weight bob for the pull-out sprayer (which clamps to the spray-out line with Phillips-head screws). It’s enough to make me shake my head sadly as I imagine a poor guy with limited home improvement experience and skills trying to figure out how to successfully put this in to impress his wife. As long as the existing setup is OK, he's a handyman hero. One little thing goes wrong, and...well, it wouldn’t be pretty.
    Seeds Program Review
  1. 2 months ago
    Beautiful faucet
    Great looking faucet that looks and feels very well constructed.
    This review was originally posted to vigoindustries.com.
  2. 3 months ago
    Replacing the cartridge.
    We bought the faucet 2011 as well as a sink. Last month the faucet started leaking and I was told that the cartridge was broken. I contacted customer service and was told that I would get a replacement sent at no cost to me. The part was put into the faucet this morning and now it works well again. It I may make one suggestion: please include installment instructions.
    This review was originally posted to vigoindustries.com.
  3. 2 months ago
    Beautiful faucet
    Great looking faucet and high quality. It will match our main faucet very well.
    This review was originally posted to vigoindustries.com.
  1. 2 years ago
    Great Looking faucet easy to intall and use. Works great as a bar faucet
    I installed this in my bar sink and it looks great. It was easy to install and is high quality. Adds a great look as it is modern looking and very easy to use.
  2. 7 months ago
    Simple, stylish and functional
    This faucet is exactly that - simple, stylish and functional. The clean design will work most any decor. The 24 inch pull-out sprayer (yeah 2 feet!) is a joy when trying to rinse and clean an oddly shaped item or get to those hard to reach places; and it retracts effortlessly. The handle moves smoothly with just enough resistance to properly adjust the flow and temperature as desired. The flow is as powerful as you'd expect and the sprayer function can really power off those tough spots. I chose ... read more to install this in a wet bar sink as the arc of the faucet is a bit lower than the more popular higher arched pull out facets therefore it fits the scale of the bar appropriately. As always, ya gotta love that lifetime warranty if anything were to go wrong. The chrome is flawless and gives you that mirror like finish that just LOVES to grab onto finger prints and water spots... love it and hate that all at the same time - HA! But that's just me being... well, ME! Overall a great faucet that is worth the price.
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  3. 2 years ago
    Easy install
    Put this into my latest apartment remodel. The tenants love it! It's a big step up from the old style faucets.
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