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Was  $280.97
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Save $70.24 (25%)
Schon All-in-One Undermount Stainless Steel 31.5 in. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Model # SC703016

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Was  $274.07
$219.26 / each
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KOHLER Toccata Drop-In Stainless Steel 33 in. 3-Hole Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Model # K-3347L-3-NA

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Was  $132.50
$112.63 / each
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FrankeUSA Top Mount Stainless Steel 25x22x8.5 1-Hole Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Model # SSK851NB

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Was  $252.85
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Elkay Dayton Elite Top Mount Stainless Steel 32 in. 3-Hole Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Model # DE217323

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Was  $499.51
$399.61 / each
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HOUZER Medallion Undermount 31.5 in. Offset Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Model # MH-3200

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Was  $489.00
$440.10 / each
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Vigo All-in-One Undermount Stainless Steel 29 in. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink in Chrome

Model # VG15228

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Was  $476.20
$404.77 / each
Save $71.43 (15%)
Elkay Crosstown Farmhouse Apron Front Undermount Stainless Steel 36 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Model # ECTRUF30179R

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7,490 Reviews
  1. 2 years ago
    Just what we were looking for
    The sink and faucet are well made and attractive. We had no problem installing either one of them.
  2. 9 months ago
    Great addition to our kitchen!!!
    Looks great. The contractor said it was easy to install.
  3. 4 years ago
    Looks great, inexpensive
    Sink and faucet look great! Installed as undermount below a quartz counter, no problems. The soap dispenser didn't come in the box as it was supposed to but HD shipped a new one to me without hassle. I'm not convinced the soap dispenser was worth it, it seems to get a "runny nose" and the soap dribbles out into the sink overnight. Works ok, just unsightly. The removable spray nozzle on the faucet is nice to spray out the big sink. There's an included weight to attach to the sprayer hose under ... read more the sink to help it go back into position, which is an improvement over typical sprayers, but sometimes the weight hangs up on all the piping and takes a few jiggles to get it to go back. This would probably happen to any similar faucet, though. The sink is deeper than my previous one, so be prepared to install new piping and watch out for your garbage disposal. Mine fit ok, but if things were different it might not have. The drain pipe from the trap to the wall is only barely sloped, so check where your wall connection is relative to where the new disposal location would be.
  1. 1 month ago
    What A Great Sink !!!
    Sinks are something that I usually don't get excited about, But I must say, This is a great sink, It is 100% quality and craftsmanship and at a great price... It comes well packed and the sink is actually wrapped in a cloth bag to protect it. It comes with all the necessary hardware including a full size template and a pair of white gloves. As well as the basket strainer assembly. It has 3 mounting options, 1. Flush Mount. Sink edge is flush with counter top opening 2. Reveal Mount, sink ... read more edge is exposed approx 1/4 inch from the edge of counter top opening 3. Recess mount: sink rim is mounted approx. 1/8 from edge of counter top opening I think I'm going to go with option 2. I now have to go out and pick a faucet and drop it and the sink and template off at the granite place to make sure the holes are all in the right place, I don't think anyone would be disappointed with this sink. This sink has a meticulous finish, has insulation on it to keep the clanging down and comes with a well made grate that fits in the bottom of the sink to keep it from getting destroyed.
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  2. 3 months ago
    Remarkable quality - technical details illustrated
    My wife and I run a small rental, renovation, and resale property business in the Pittsburgh area. The crew of guys I usually work with has seen a lot of sinks in their time, and we’ve all been impressed by the Anzzi Vanguard line. I’ve reviewed the 30-inch Vanguard single-basin sink already, and in looking at this 32-inch model, most of the same information is true. The short version of this review: this is a large, very impressive handmade rectangular handmade sink. To begin with, what is a ... read more “handmade” sink? All stainless steel sinks begin life as a flat sheet of stainless steel, which is stamped into a sink by a large, powerful press. The result is then polished, coated, and packaged for sale. In the case of these sinks, there’s an intermediate step. The sinks are made in rectangular form to maximize bowl volume per counter square footage utilized, and stamping them as-is would lead to very weak forms. So what happens in the intermediate step is that the initial stamped sink is heavily reinforced with additional steel at all the corners and edges. Essentially, a reinforcing steel cage is built around the stamped-out bowl. This makes the form of a rectangular handmade sink extremely strong and unlikely to bend or warp under a heavy load or vigorous washing, especially when it is made of thicker-gauge steel than the 20-gauge (usual quality) or 18-gauge (premium quality) stainless steel sheets that are most often used for residential sinks. This sink is made of 16 gauge steel, which makes sinks both more expensive and more difficult to manufacture. 16-gauge steel is usually reserved for commercial-quality food service sinks. Moreover, this sink is made of 304 stainless steel, which is the most corrosion resistant stainless steel used in sink manufacture. The easiest way to tell if a quality sink is made of 304 stainless is to hold a refrigerator magnet to it. This kind of stainless steel is only very weakly magnetic -- a magnet simply won’t stick to it. The biggest benefits of an ultrapremium handmade undermount sink like this is that the basin is rock solid when you wash things in it and the epoxy bond between the sink and the bottom of your counter material is far less subject to epoxy/aged silicone stress cracks or countertop material stress cracks over time. You most definitely want something like this under a high-quality natural or engineered stone countertop. And if you choose a marble countertop, which is softer and more prone to cracking than a granite or quartz countertop, the choice of one of these becomes even more important. Finally, the bigger the undermount sink, the more understandably important putting in a thicker steel sink becomes. I would never advise anyone picking anything 27 inches wide or wider to go with any 20-gauge undermount stamped-steel sink on marble, although I’ve occasionally seen it done (never particularly well). No, if you want a smart long-term investment decision in upgrading your kitchen, a 16-gauge ultrapremium handmade sink is most definitely the wisest choice, and it’s very hard to see how the single-bowls like these will go out of style in the foreseeable future. This is the one that will help sells your house most easily. There are typically three negatives involved in buying handmade rectangular sinks of this design. The earliest models were almost exclusively used in commercial food prep and the floors didn’t always slope evenly to the drain, which led to excessive water spotting on the floors of the basins. The corners on many of the those older sinks, again, usually in commercial kitchens, were at a sharp 90-degree bend and food residue tended to accumulate in them. Lastly, flat surfaces reverberate more than curved surfaces and so these sinks used to make lots of noise as you washed in them. Over time manufacturing techniques have improved and these negatives have been generally minimized. The work Anzzi has done with the Vanguard series represents the best of these techniques. The four drainage lines on the bottom of the bowl are accurately marked and sloped by laser technology (Figure 1). The corners of the sink are rounded gently and consistently (Figure 2), and the entire sink exterior, bottom and sides, is coated in sound insulation, with large 2mm rubber pads on the sides and a 3 mm rubber pad on the bottom, all to control noise. These pads are easily visible in the product photo provided. You really can’t do better for money or love when it comes to a sink of this design as an investment choice than this Anzzi sink. The value of the sink’s price point outstrips the competition in the ultrapremium stainless range. It’s a very, very good sink. It’s true, lasting value for your investment dollars. So with that, my two complaints about this sink are a bit trivial, but here goes. My one main complaint is the white inner gasket that is included with the drain assembly (Figure 3). My advice to the installers of this sink is to throw it away and use plumber’s putty to make the seal. These inner gaskets seem to be included in this sort of thing more and more, but no professional plumber would use them. Nine times out of ten, they work fine, but to blow the installation of a sink like this with a faulty inner gasket would be a crying shame. I wish more information about the sink was available from my local Home Depot kitchen design people. It doesn’t make sense to offer this side by side with other sinks of similar size but inferior quality without having people who are able to explain the benefits of something like this, which all boil down to making the wisest long-term investment choice for your kitchen renovation. I suppose that’s what reviews are for, and I’ve done my best here. Something of this quality being offered in a throwaway society deserves a fair technical explanation of its benefits. I have three more things to say about this sink: Figure 4 shows the heavy rubber feet on the bottom of the sink grate provided with this sink. The importance of these oversized rubber bumpers will make more sense five or ten years from now, when after lots of rubbing against the bottom, these are still going strong while their competitors’ similar-but-not-equal grates begin to fail and leave heavy scratches on the bottom of sinks like these. Figure 5 shows the white gloves that are packaged along with the sink. It’s a nice touch for installers to put in these sinks without leave greasy fingerprints all over them. Figure 6 shows the template provided with the sink. I’ve never seen templates cut as exactingly as these. Since there’s necessary variation with every handmade sink, most templates included for installers are a bit off. Not here! It shows impressive attention to an important installation detail. I can't really finish this review without a warning for buyers and installers: when you deal with an undermount sink this big, in most residential counter situations that require you to make faucet connections under the sink and against a wall, you’re very probably going to want to put the faucet in before the sink goes in. If you choose not to do that, make absolutely sure you understand exactly how you’re going to get the faucet in before the clamps on the sink are tightened. Think and plan it out very carefully, or at least make sure the people you’re paying to do it have experience with connecting faucets behind rectangular undermount sinks this large. The instructions say as much but I thought I should emphasize it here.
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  3. 4 months ago
    A Big, Beautiful Sink
    This Anzzi sink arrived carefully packaged in a double-layer box, nested in thick styrofoam and wrapped in a heavy fabric bag. It came with a grid to protect the bottom, the sink strainer, mounting clips, a pair of cloth gloves, manual, and full-size plastic template. The sink can be either undermounted or top mounted in a solid surface counter top. The template is about the size of the inside of the sink, suitable for an undermount cutout. The instructions say to "use physical sink to ... read more ensure accurate cutout". The manual also includes a dimensions sheet listing the outside dimensions as 32 3/4" long x 10" deep x 19" wide. The lip is 1" wide. The 3.5" drain hole is centered 4.5" from the back wall of the sink. The corners have a 3/8" radius so will be easy to wipe out. The 16-Gauge 304 series stainless steel has a pristine finish. The lip measures a bit thicker than 16 ga due to the coating. The outside of the sink is coated and every side has sound deadening pads attached and gives off a satisfyingly dull "thunk" when rapped on the inside. The bottom is pretty flat. I measured the slope of the bottom as 0.8 degrees on the sides and 0.9 degrees from front to back. Our remodel is just starting so it will be a couple of months before I can report on how well it drains. The limited lifetime warranty is for the original owner when purchased from an authorized dealer against manufacturing defects.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Looks amazing and is very functional
    We installed this with a new granite counter. It looks amazing, and with the single big, deep basin we can get in the largest of pots and pans easily. Even with the depth, it doesn't feel awkward to reach down to the bottom. We also love the drain grid - nice feature. The only downside, and this is common to all undermount sinks, is that we had to build a support frame inside the cabinet for it, and there's not a lot of clearance inside the cabinet anymore (the sink and disposal hang down pretty ... read more low). Those are well worth the benefits though. We love this sink!
    This review was originally posted to
  2. 4 years ago
    Easy to clean; has the green tint of thick clear glass.
    Thick "clear" glass isn't clear from every angle -- it has a greenish tinge. This sink is like that. The photo looks more like pale blue. In reality, it looks quite "bottle green" on the thick rim and, of course, much paler elsewhere because you're looking *through* it. I like the fact that the bumpy "icicle" pattern is on the outside. The inside is simply smooth glass so it's easy to rinse clean. The curve of the bowl gives me a lot of usable counter space which is why I bought it. I saw some ... read more designs that were, say, oval or rectangular with a more shallow curve which resulted in less usable counter space under the bowl. I really like this one! I found other reviewers saying it came with a mounting ring or it did not. Mine did not (the product description did not say it would either). Check out the price of mounting rings so you get a clearer picture of overall cost -- I was surprised.
  3. 2 years ago
    Exactly what the wife wanted
    Happy wife, happy life.....this is exactly what the wife wanted and she is as happy as a monkey with a bushel of bananas. Great workmanship but it's value I cannot fully come to grips with but it is simply because everything now a days is outrageously priced. When gas prices went up; it seems like it opened the door for all other necessities of life from food to toilet paper to increase in price and whether it was justified or not.
  1. 2 years ago
    Looks amazing
    Exactly what I was looking for to compliment my new granite - perfect for washing that turkey roaster @Thanksgiving - Absolutely love it.
  2. 3 years ago
    Beautiful sink with speedy delivery
    The sink has an great overall appearance and finish.
  3. 4 months ago
    Even though this sink is the same size as my50/50 one was it seems much larger Not exactly sure how to prevent scratches but will try my best
  1. 9 months ago
    Amazing sink for the price
    We did a lot of research on sinks and even consumer reports says that brand doesn't matter much, only the gauge of the steel and how well it is soundproofed. We were a little hesitant to buy with so few reviews but I'm really really glad we did. First off it is huge. I can fit any of my pots or cutting boards laying flat in there. Second, it is great quality. It has sound dampening pads and a spray on it. It is a quite sink. Third is that it drains well, those grooves make it all drain out very ... read more easily. Overall the best sink I have ever bought or USED! To top it all off the guy who came out and measured out counter tops told us was a really nice sink. He said usually a sink like that will run $500 or so and was really surprised for us to tell him it was only $210. Highly recomended
  2. 4 months ago
    Looks good
    Good old rectangular sink for space you'll need for regular washing
  3. 4 months ago
    it is a very good product for its price, a have no problems with it.
  1. 3 years ago
    This is a great looking sink with great features
    Installed this sink with a garbage disposer and Air Gap for dishwasher and a high arch faucet and it looks fantastic, just what the customer wanted. After reading some of the on-line comments about difficult installation, I had my doubts but read one review that said to have an 8mm deep socket and long extension. With those tools, installation was a snap, took less than 30 minutes (including the silicone caulking around the sink once it was installed). I do recommend getting the stainless wire ... read more racks to prevent scratches and dings in the sink bottom.
  2. 4 years ago
    Great design & craftsmanship
    We are elated with our new Kohler Staccato sink!!! The expensive porcelain-over-cast iron that was in our home when we bought it was very unkind to our china and glassware. Over the years, the porcelain finish began to mar with black marks with from pots and pans. We kept rubber sink matts in the bottom. (Ugh!) We love the small/large design. Large side is great for big casserole dishes and baking pans. Wish we had replaced the porcelain years ago. We love the beauty, easy care and gentleness to ... read more our dishes that our new stainless steel sink provides. On top of all this - it was on sale and free shipping. Arrived in 3 days.
  3. 6 years ago
    Nice sink.
    As a professional plumber who installed this sink in his own home, I have only one complaint. The mounting clip system is a little troublesome as far as individual clip locations (some may have to go where there might be counter top blocks or supports), and you will need a 5/16" nut driver with a deep hollow shank. That said, this thing is awesome. Well made heavy stainless with quality edges and finish. Nice, deep bowls make cleaning pots easy, and the large bowl is a handy size. I put the ... read more disposer on the small bowl and that works out well. One more installation note: I caulked it after it was mounted because of the rolled edge finish of the rim. Came out nicely.
  1. 2 years ago
    Looks beautiful
    We haven't installed it yet, but it looks great out of the box. Appreciate the good online reviews that convinced us to try this uknown (to us) brand sight unseen.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    Great sink
    Easy to install. The depth of it is very nice. Very roomy.
  3. 3 years ago
    heavy duty sink
    the sink was very thick stainless and compared to other sinks of the same thickness and style it was much cheaper. only thing that would have made this better would have been to actually get to see and feel the sink at the store rather than make a purchase based on reading reviews, but nonetheless, i am a happy customer, have received several compliments on the sink, more so than other design features to my kitchen, so it must be nice.
  1. 3 years ago
    Beautiful sink!
    This sink replaces a Kohler cast iron enamel sink with similar bowl sizes on a Corian counter top. What a huge difference in appearance. The flush rim gives the counter top a very clean look. Also this is a solid sink so there is no pinging sounds when water is run in the sink.
  2. 1 decade ago
    What a great concept
    I'm looking to replace my current sink and love this site with all of the choices it gives me and the sink I have chosen is just perfectly priced and will fit in with the other changes I plan to make to my kitchen. Can't wait to see the results.
  3. 9 years ago
    awesome for dogs
    Best sink I have ever had. I have little dogs so dishes are not all I use my sink for. The larger bowl on one side allows me to put my dogs, 4 lbs, 5 lbs. and 16lbs down inside and give them a great spa bath. Easy for even a 50 yr old lady to install. It cleans up like a dream and is still as shiny today was the day I installed.
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