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Consult our light bulb considerations chart to help you determine which bulb type is best for your needs. You can also learn more about LED bulbs and why they are the most highly rated bulb type for saving energy and lowering your electric bills by reviewing our LED Bulbs buying guide.

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Ideal for display areas, utility / laundry rooms,
security lighting and garages

Make Your Home Shine Bright With Light Bulbs

Whether you’re aiming for subtle elegance or eclectic and fun, lighting is one of the simplest ways to make a statement in your home. At The Home Depot we've got a massive selection of light bulbs to help you make that statement loud and clear.

Whether you need outdoor floodlights for home security, decorative string lights for entertaining, or smart light bulbs to create the perfect custom mood from anywhere in the world, we've got you covered.

Don’t forget about accent lights, as they can add subtle shades that will illuminate a dark corner of a room, or provide a spot-light effect on a prized piece of art or antique collection.

You can also create mood lighting for any occasion. If you’re hosting a party with a room full of family and friends, recessed lights, chandeliers and track lights can provide a festive atmosphere. If you’re planning a romantic evening for that special someone, dimmable lights can deliver the right amount of light.

Looking to save energy? Check out our wide range of long-lasting LED bulbs, energy-saving CFL bulbs, and other options like incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs. We also carry light bulbs from best-in-class brands like Philips, GE, EcoSmart and more.

We've got light bulbs to complement any lamp or fixture. Don’t get left in the dark, start shopping for the right light bulb today.


High bay reflector helps disperse LED light at High bay reflector helps disperse LED light at the angle you prefer. Reflector is light weight compared to standard market. Use with high bay light fixture in warehouses gymnasiums etc. Easy installation Light weight High reflecting efficacy Lifespan 50000 hours  More + Product Details Close
This Feit Electric A19 LED bug light does This Feit Electric A19 LED bug light does not attract insects and bulbs like standard incandescent light bulbs. Simply install in any medium (E26) socket prone to attract bugs to minimize your exposure to unwanted insects. This A19 bug LED uses only 5-Watt and lasts 25 000 hours. Brightness: 400 ...  More + Product Details Close
The Geeni LUX 1050 installs as easily as The Geeni LUX 1050 installs as easily as a standard light bulb and connects to your home Wi-Fi in no time though the free Geeni app. It is energy efficient at only 10-Watt but bright at 1050 Lumens the equivalent of a 75-Watt incandescent bulb. Simple to set up and ...  More + Product Details Close
The original Ninja ZapBulb is a 2-in-1 energy-efficient The original Ninja ZapBulb is a 2-in-1 energy-efficient LED light bulb and bug zapper. Designed with 14 white LEDs and 4 blue UV LEDs. The LED light and bug-zapper functions can work independently or in conjunction. A combination of blue UV LED lights and an exclusive titanium dioxide composite (TiO2) ...  More + Product Details Close