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Average rating for Outdoor Security Lighting
(3.6 / 5)
6,557 Reviews
  1. 1 year ago
    Better than we expected
    My wife had asked me for a backyard light for a longest time and I always dillied dollied because I wanted her to get the light she liked. Finally last week I went to Home Depot with the friend who was going to install it for us and we chose this lamp. My friend John had to drill through the building's wall to fit the 12 gauge wire that we chose plus the metal tube to protect the wire. Everything went perfectly: Elizabeth and my sister in law Mary like the light and that alone is swell with ... read more me. We feared that the 150Watts bulb was to be too strong but it is just right for a yard of our size. The metal halide bulb with this lamp gives a bright lunar light that is pleasant to the eye. A replacement bulbs by Lithonia goes for about $45.00 at the Home Depot but it should taker a few years before we will need one. This lamp is not a masterpiece to look at but it is, in our eyes, pleasant enough.
  2. 3 years ago
    Excellent product, fast turn around service
    Difficulty finding replacement light.locally.... Ordered thru HD website, had a proper replacement, in fantastic time !!!! Thanks Home Depot !!! Jon. K
  3. 2 years ago
    Outdoor Light
    Excellent purchase, works just as I imagined it would.
  1. 8 months ago
    Easy Install, Intense White Light, Adjustable Light Heads
    Looking to replace your old clunky looking outdoor lighting with the new efficient and attractive LEDs? Look no further. I've been replacing all my outdoor lights with LEDs and this one is a superb addition. This new LED floodlight from All Pro is excellent in every single aspect. It has been designed with great features and is built to last for a long time outdoors. An all metal housing painted white protects the LED driver inside the body, and each LED light head is also made from metal and ... read more sealed with a glass lens, that has a thick silicone type gasket. No leaks, cloudy lenses or yellowed plastic body to worry about here. Compared to the old style of floodlights where the glass bulb sticks way out each lamp head, this is very compact. It can be mounted to any area as it does not take up much room. This also can be wall mounted or eave mounted, either way works fine. Install takes one phillips head screwdriver, that's it. Remove the old fixture and this new light screws right into it's place. It's a 20 minute job total. Everything you need to install this is included, all hardware and mounting brackets. They also include push-lock wire connectors that simply let you push the electrical wire into the connector and instantly it's wired securely. This light is switch activated direct wire only, it does not have a motion sensor with it. It works great for porch, deck, garage lighting where you can switch it off and on as needed. The light output is excellent. Super bright white light shines from each LED emitter. This is not a soft white, it's a bright daylight white. You can read by it from 50 feet away. No joking. This is the equivalent of 150 watts of regular bulbs, yet draws only 20 watts according to the box. Talk about a money saver! LEDs run for tens of thousands of hours meaning you can install this high up on the house and not have to worry about getting up there to change bulbs. It's a great security light because it's a totally sealed system, no one can break a bulb or unscrew it to turn your light off. Overall this light is a great buy and I can happily recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their lighting or install new efficient flood lights.
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  2. 8 months ago
    Bright Light
    This is a bright white LED spotlight. The LED spots cast a bright beam that covers a large area. It projects its beam about 70 feet, but also broadcasts incedental light past this distance. Installation was quite simple. The light comes with everything you need except the electric box. If this is a replacement, the box should already be in place. If this is a new location, you'll have to mount the electric box before you mount this light. The fixture is super light, especially when you ... read more consider that the "bulbs" are built in and mounted. No heavy flood lamps or halogen hoods on this fixture...just light, efficient LED's. The only deficit is the cost. With any luck, LED's will continue to drop in price as they become more popular and common. I guess when you calculate the cost of flood lamps over the life of traditional floods, this fixture could "earn its keep" over time. And that's not factoring in the minimal power used by these LED's. Another advantage of this fixture would be an inaccessible location. Without concern for changing bulbs every few months, this fixture lends itself to difficult locations, more so than traditional floods and halogens.
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  3. 4 months ago
    Modern looking outdoor lights
    These lights are very modern looking. They can be adjusted to mount on eaves overhang or on a wall. These LED lights make it so that you will never have to buy or change out a light bulb again. I don't know what the life span is but they are very nice. They give off a good amount of light and look nice. The white color looks very clean and expensive.
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  1. 5 months ago
    best LED light
    This is an excellent outdoor light. The LED is very brighter, brighter than I expected from an LED. The dusk-to-dawn function is perfect because you don't have to always remember to turn the light on or off. Easy to install, it has a very sleek appearance and nice, quality finish. Best product for the porch, front door or backyard. Highly recommended.
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  2. 2 months ago
    Great Porch Light
    I purchased this light for my front porch. My top priority was a light that could not be easily broken by a vandal. I wanted a light that illuminated my porch and a portion of the front yard. I also wanted a light that projected light downwards to reduce light pollution. This light is well constructed, very bright and does a great job of lighting both my porch and about 12 feet out into my front yard. It's perfect. It is attractive and exactly what I was looking for. I am very pleased with my ... read more purchase. I highly recommend this light.
  3. 4 months ago
    well done!
    This product is great, especially if you have any dark areas around you house or on your property. We had had some issues in the neighborhood, combined with a slow to update streetlight on the adjoining side street. We decided to take some matters into our own hands by adding extra lighting in our yard, including some solar lights, this wall light, and some others. We both feel a lot better with the extra lighting between our she'd and house.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Best outside light yet
    I'd give this light much more than a 6 if I could. The engineering that went into it is tops in my opinion. Rather than just attaching to my cedar shingled garage I cut a piece of plywood, painted and finished adding junction box with the light base. Then just snapping the light in the socket, as easy as plugging in a lamp. The ease of installation is very good also. Controls are easily accessible and work well. The light is up and running, I'll get 2 more on my next trip to Home Depot.
  2. 2 years ago
    How can I make this stay on longer than four minutes? Anyone figure this out?
    Question. I am still trying to figure out how to keep the light on continuously for those times I want light longer than four minutes. The traditional light switch on-off-on doesn't do it. Tried double that, didn't do ti either. Anyone figure this out? Googled it but no workable solution found. Maybe it's an issue with my house? Likes/Loves. Easiest installation and set up I have ever done. The range of possible adjustments to the pivoting lamps, even up and down. The design and smaller size. ... read more The amount and quality of light dispersed. Good comparable price/functions. Black color wont show dirt as much. Works as advertised. Wishes. i wish I could screw down the lights so they don't pivot so easily, but made for easy set up. Wish it had a longer on cycle than four minutes. Five stars for everything. All metal construction would earn five for quality.
  3. 2 years ago
    Inexpensive, economical to operate Motion floodlight
    I had the opportunity to install and evaluate this exterior motion light. First, although installation is easy if replacing a existing light a qualified installer is otherwise recommended for safety. It is inexpensive and easy to adjust and being LED it runs without maintenance at much less cost than standard floodlight bulbs. The lights themselves can be positioned in almost any direction. It should NOT be installed higher than 9 feet or the detector will malfunction. Great item for the price.
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  1. 2 months ago
    great product
    Like the brightness of the LED outside 800 total lumens. No raccoon or opossums gonna sneak up without being seen.
  2. 10 months ago
    Lights up my world!
    This flood light was literally everything I wanted. Needed a light for my backyard so I could d see my new puppy when he went out to...well, you know! This flood light did the trick. Easy to install, and no more stepping in Bruno's "stuff" when he forgets to come back in. We also plan on using this to cut down on the darkness when we take midnight swims.
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  3. 5 months ago
    Great LED flood lights!
    Easy to install and so much brighter than the traditional flood lights that were installed when the house was built! Will buy 3 more for the other sides of the house.
  1. 4 days ago
    seems solid so far
    I bought 2 of the halogen 270 degree lights with dusk to dawn low light and motion sensor with flash. Basically those lights were terrible. They shorted out and were always full brightness. I adjusted the settings and got one to work with motion sensor. Nonetheless, I took both of them back and bought 2 of these. So far, so good. I have them set to dusk to dawn and the 2 tone brightness works with motion sensor. I'm very pleased after the first week of having them installed. By the way, the ... read more install was a piece of cake.
  2. 1 month ago
    very bright
    I'm writing today about the Defiant 180 Degree 2050 Lumen L E D Security Light with Dual Bright. This 2050 lumen security light is nice and bright. The L E D lighting also keeps the cost down on your electric bill. I mounted mine under the eave on my house. It seems to have limited motion on the center light, I couldn't get the light pointed where I wanted. The other two light were easy to position.
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  3. 2 weeks ago
    Great motion light LED
    I love the brightness, and smartness of this light. The motion sensor triggers light on. Smart. The LED's are much brighter than typical flood lights. I can't say enough good things about it. The design is sleek. It's fairly large, but slim profile. It's modern, yet works great with older architecture. It's all white. The light is white. I piggy backed another light to this one, to use this lights motion sensor. It worked very well. It works so much better than what I replaced. I ... read more couldn't be happier. Installation was easy for me, since I was just replacing my light. It's very bright, yet low on power draw. If it's within your budget, get one! or more. The installation of this light was straightforward and easy. Although I took my installation to a slightly more complicated level. It's not needed, and can be simpler than what I did. Great design.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Awesome Light
    I am a big supporter of LED lighting as I am gradually changing all of my house lighting. I bought a couple of these to change out the old halogen security lights facing my garage. Wow! Very bright light that diffuses well and lights up the entire area and not just a beam like before. I will for sure be buying more for my workshop outside lighting. If you are able to point them down so as they are not directly in line of sight, they are awesome. Keep in mind, it is a very white light that these ... read more put out so they will in no way match any other lighting (halogen) that you might have. The sensor is more sensitive than I would like as they come on a little earlier than expected in the evening.
  2. 5 years ago
    excellent product, great illumination, low power consumption
    If you can become accustomed to the difference in the spectrum of light produced by LEDs versus incandescent & halogen bulbs (the forming appearing as a bright white with a faint blue tint compared to the pronounced yellow tint of the latter), these floodlights are perfect security lights. I would compare the spectrum produced by these LEDs to moonlight, only much brighter obviously. Each of the heads of the floodlight produces remarkably even illumination over an extraordinarily wide and long ... read more area, particulary when compared to standard floodlights, which typically have integral reflectors to narrow the focus of the light. The power consumption of the LED floodlights is virtually inconsequential -- just 10 watts per head, compared to a standard 300-watt halogen security light that actually provides illumination over a lesser area. Installation was pretty much a snap....or it would have been a snap if I hadn't had to mount junction boxes on brick walls and run wiring inside the house (something that I would have had to do for *any* security light...not just these). My only complaint is that Lithonia doesn't include a gasket for mounting the light to the junction box. The directions indicate that one should use caulk all the way around the seam where the light fixture meets the junction box, which is messy. A gasket would have been much easier, neater, and cleaner.
  3. 4 months ago
    Bright white light, large area
    We installed three of these to replace existing outdoor lighting fixtures that used Halogen bulbs. The fixtures were very high up so it was difficult to replace burnt out bulbs which burnt out frequently.. These LED fixtures light up over twice the area of the Halogens. We don't expect to be replacing them for a long time. The dusk to dawn feature was icing on the cake.
  1. 10 months ago
    A well built light
    This is a well construction LED light fixture. The base and lamps are made of a sturdy aluminum. Installation was a cinch. Instructions were clear providing the options of wall mounting (vertical) or under roof eve. Wiring was a breeze with the plug-in connectors. All-Pro even included a cool hook device to hang the fixture so you have both hands free to connect the wires. The only gripe is the fixture base gets a little crowded with the power transformer and the dusk to dawn sensor. I had to ... read more work some of the wires back up into the rough-in junction box so not to pinch and wires or connectors. The light output is what I expected for round lamp design. The individual lamps are easy to aim and adjust. The dusk to dawn sensor works great, accidentally activating it as I adjust the lamps. The light color temperature is a little high for my taste - I like more of the natural light color (3500k - 4000k) but it lights up as well as my two 60 watt halogens did. Install took less than 30 minutes.
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  2. 9 months ago
    Very Bright LED Light
    This Twin-Head Outdoor White Dusk-to-Dawn Round LED Flood Light is very bright and was very easy to install. We surface mount this on our back wall to provide much needed light in the back yard. The dusk to dawn feature is perfect as we don't have to remember to turn it on or off. I recommenced this energy saving led security light. very bright 1600 Lumens,
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  3. 10 months ago
    Very Nice
    Very easy to install, low profile light fixture. The heads are adjustable so you can focus the light where you need it most. The lights are "Maintenance Free" so you don't have to worry about burned out bulbs. They are good for 35,000 hours and if you use the on/off feature instead of dusk to dawn, that's equals years and years and years of lighting. The white version has a clean finish and the unit was a breeze to install.
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