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2-3/4 in. x 7-1/2 in. Mason Chisel

Chisel is high grade steel. Nice solid tool..

2-14 in. x 7-3/4 in. Guardian Handguard Mason Chisel

Great For Splitting Large Pieces Of Stone! Also Used For Trimming Stone!

2-3/4 in. x 9 in. Guardian Handguard Electrician Chisel

I wish it was a little sharper than it was. I had to chisel through plaster and this is not a good tool as it crumbles everything one inch around where you strike.

Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)

I bought this set online and visited the store to collect them. I made a point of inspecting the set before leaving the service desk, and I am glad I did. 2 out of the 4 chisels had visible nicks in the blade and one of them looked like it had been used to pry out nails. I am normally happy with DeWalt tools but this is the one exception so far.

TE-YP FM 50 19 in. Self-Sharpening Flat Chisel

The bit arrived fast and appears to be well made. It has been too cold here in NY for me to use, but when it gets warmer I'll put it through its paces.

Large Pin Punch Set (3-Piece)

The sheer pin on my snowblower broke and the old pin was not moving with any of my irregular methods. The solution appeared to be the Home Depot 3 piece large pin punch set. The medium sized punch did a great job of pushing out the broken sheer pin -- after a few false starts locating where to set the punch on the shaft. I now have the set of 3 punches for other jobs.

3 in. Wide Handheld Chisel Edge Scraper, Stainless Steel

I bought this to help remove some ceramic tile from my bathroom walls. This worked beautifully! Sturdy, yet thin enough to wedge behind the tile. The hammer end was just what I needed to gain leverage- I hammered the heck out of it and the tool held up great.

2000 Chisel Sharpener-DISCONTINUED

Haven't bothered to read the instructions yet. Having too much fun with the chisel sharpening feature. Users should have a box of band aids handy. Those tools gets really, really sharp.

Small Pin Punch Set (3-Piece)

I bought this punch set to use for stripping down firearms with small push pins. I bought the 5 piece set and within the first 2 strikes on the small punch, I had broken the tip. So after looking at it, there was still enough meat left to use it, so I tried another blow. This time the punch broke all the way down to the handle. So I took out the next size up and within the first strike...same result. So I decided to give the company the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe I had a received a bad set of punches. So back to Homedepot, I purchase another set (just the 3 punch set this time) and again....within the first or second strike to the back of the punch, it broke the tip in half. These are about the weakest most brittle punch I have ever used. I would HIGHLY recommend that you NOT buy this brand of punch.

Short Pin Punch Set (3-Piece)

As one of the other reviews noted, the tips of these pin punches are not inline with the axis of the upper body - they're bent even before you use them. When you attempt to use them, you will bend it further due to the pre-existing defect. Then when it bends, the poorly finished tip will break off at the transition to the body, due to the stress risers that are present from the rough turned finish. The other reason the tip is so prone to breaking is that the entire punch is thru-hardened to HRC60 so it has very little ductility. As far as I'm concerned these are being manufactured incorrectly. The tip alone should be induction hardened, while leaving the body and tip transition zone say HRC25-35, hard enough to improve its strength, but not so hard as to make the entire piece brittle in use - especially as this is tool intended to be struck with a hammer against other objects. Awful awful product.

3-1/2 in. x 7-1/4 in. Brick Set Chisel

Instead of getting pavers exactly the right fit you can split them to size with just a little practice. Check on youtube for some good tutorials, get a few practice breaks in and you'll be doing a custom job in no time. As for the product, I can tell it would lose it's point with a lot of repeated use, but works fine for small jobs.

Coarse Abrasives Kit for Work Sharp 2000 and 3000

After getting this set of abrasives, I acquired a 3rd glass plate. This allows you to setup the glass plates with abrasives ahead of time and there is no need to remove sheets until they wear out. When sharpening, I can now just swap abrasive plates - working my way up from coarse to fine. The abrasive disks are cut so they fit perfectly on the disk - no trimming needed. Just be sure to READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS in the kit's Owner's Manual! (Be sure to THOROUGHLY clean, w/alcohol, the glass surface before applying a new abrasive sheet.) The kit seems slightly pricy. They should add a few more sheets (1 more P80, 1 more P120, and 1 more of the P400 squares) for this price; I would not lower the price - since these recommended quantities are reasonable, and the packaging will hold them.

1 in. Construction Chisel

I order this chisel online based on the reviews on using this on demolition, but the chisel they handed me when I went to the store for pickup, appeared to be the exact chisel in this picture but mentioned on the packaging that it was a "wood chisel" (unfortunately I didn't see that distinction until after beginning to use the chisel). True to form, after using for a short time on removing some tiles from a backsplash, the blade was worn and chipped. I don't know how this product works as a wood chisel, but it does not stand up to demo work. I got a mason chisel and that did the trick and stood up to some tough use.

Pro Tool Wood Handle Chisel Utility Knife, Wedge/Prying Tool with 10-5/8 In. long Carbon Steel Blade

Great idea; not so great execution. Metal quality could be better, and tool could be sharper. Wood handle was very nice, though. Impressive. Would be fine as a gift for a handyman. You can buy cheaper chisels, but the first impression is really good. Someone whould like to get it. And it does work OK. Part of the reason for the not-so-sharp blade is the fact that it was heat treated so you can bang on it all day with a hammer and not chip the steel. This tool is easy to sharpen, too. But for myself, a regular set of chisels would work as well and cost less.

3-Piece Steel WoodChuck Set

great rasp and chisel combination especially great value .

2-3/4 in. x 8-1/2 in. FatMax Mason's Chisel with Bi-Material Hand Guard

Great tool easy to use easy to handle. Good tool for small jobs. Good price for the tool. I would recommend this tool to anyone.

BlueChip 1/8 in. (3 mm) Chisel

Needed a 1/8" chisel for doing a caning project. Worked great! Sharp. Comfortable handle.

7/8 in. x 8.5 in. HardCap Chisel

I was using this chisel to take apart pallets by shearing the nails. It worked really well for about 45 minutes and the the plastic top cracked completely. Now it's just regular chisel without the cool 'hard top'... Ah well, good in theory.

Wood Chisel Set (3-Piece)

Nice and sharp out of the box just what I wanted sturdy tool could ask for better

#8 x 1-1/4 in. Coarse Phosphate-Plated Steel Bugle-Head Phillips Drywall Screws (1 lb.-Pack)

These screws work great, These are my favorite screws of any type. I do not know why you would use the fine thread version of these drywall screws however... they dont grab nearly as well! But the heads will brake off if driven hard into a knot (nothing to be worried of, probably like 1 in 100) or say you try to use them to attach cement board instead of the expensive cement board screws (then more like 1 in 10 will brake).

SDS Max Tile Chisel

Great tool. I like Bosch. I would strongly recommend this product.

#8 x 2 in. Coarse Phosphate-Plated Steel Bugle-Head Phillips Drywall Screws (5 lb.-Pack)

These screws are generally pretty good. Like most bulk screws you have the occasional bad screw, but they are few and far between.

Wood Tool Sharpener

Your problems have been solved by the folks who bring you the Drill doctor. I have always had a hard time free hand sharpening chisels and plane irons. The Worksharp 3000 makes almost anyone a pro in no time. The unit is pretty much foolproof with guides for the tool edge and angle. I can quickly run through the grits on tools that are getting an initial treatment. Touch-ups take only seconds after that, If I am at the stage on a project where I am doing a lot of chisel work, I just keep the Worksharp on the bench and do a quick touch-up as required. A sharp tool makes better, faster cuts and is safer to use.

3/4 in. x 7 in. Cold Chisel

Used to knock out ancient broken tiles in my 100 year-old house (had to come out bc of water damage). Such an ancient tool, but very necessary. Compact but sturdy; no battery or electricity reliance --- I like that!