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120 VAC GFCI Outlet Tester; 1/clam, 5 clams/master

all instructions on unit-easy to read and understand

SmartLockPro 20 Amp Slim Tamper-Resistant GFCI Outlet - Light Almond

Was easy to install with quick connect wiring. Good value.

15-Amp Black Compact Right-Angle Plug-In GFCI Outlet

Solid and well designed Ideal for larger projects Simple Instructions Included Web site should list dimensions

Weatherproof Electrical GFCI Outlet Cover - Horizontal - Bronze

Product was a good fit and instructions were clear on how to install. I bought 2 because Home Depot will no longer be stocking these at least that's what I was told. So this saves from having to install the entire outside electrical enclosure if the case is the cover is broken as in my instance.

1-Gang Non-Metallic Weatherproof In-Use GFCI Outlet Box Cover Kit - Clear

This weatherproof kit is not weatherproof. If it is the slightest bit of moisture the GFCI trips. IF it actually rains the GFCI stays tripped for days. This "weatherproof" kit has been trouble from day one and is complete bad product. Will be pulling this piece of garbage apart soon and returning the entire kit. JUNK!

2 Wire GFCI Outlet Adapter

Kind of heavy and does not stay in my wall outlet but it does its job. Seem durable.

SmartLockPro 15 Amp Slim Tamper-Resistant Duplex GFCI Outlet (3-pack) - White

I purchased the three pack because I was not aware that one receptacle can be wired into two others. When one of the standard receptacles is shorted it trips the GFCI.

Weatherproof Electrical Box GFCI Outlet Cover Vertical - Gray

These covers are excelent for out door electrical outlets/ Protects them from all weather conditions and easy to install.

3 Wire GFCI Outlet Adapter

The GFCI on my pressure washer went bad. This is a great replacement!

Weatherproof Electrical GFCI Outlet Cover - Vertical - Bronze

well made, solid construction & finish. should hold up in weather. made in USA ( a surprise)

SmartLockPro 15 Amp Slim Tamper-Resistant Duplex GFCI Outlet - White (3-Pack)

I purchased a single 15A-125V GFCI from Leviton to replace a faulty one and could not fix the problem. I went back to Home Depot and replaced the one I had gotten with the 3 pack, 15A-125V Tamper Resistant GFCI Outlets from Leviton with "Slim Design" - X7599-R3W. Still, the GFCI had power in but no power out. I used all 3 GFCI's in the box and NONE of them worked. Went to Lowe's and got a 3 pack Cooper Wiring Devices - VGF15W-3 and problem solved. I only realized it was the GFCI when I did a Google search and realized Leviton is a very unreliable product and most electricians don't buy them. Never again!!!!

Weatherproof Electrical GFCI Outlet Cover Horizontal - White

For the price great but wish it was in the store and not only web site. The inner gasket could have been more of this unit and not made for other applications. The screws should have been more water tolerant Works just fine and will be buying a few more, in time.

Weatherproof Electrical GFCI Outlet Cover Horizontal - Gray

I ended up not using this cover for the purpose intended (determined that the location of the outside outlet not what I wanted ... will relocate later.) However, I did prepare the cover for use by painting it to match my home. I sanded it lightly and spray painted it ... worked fine, took paint well and looks good. Plan was to put a GFCI outlet in this location. Cover comes with the cover seal scored for removal for GFCI outlet (some outlets will stand proud of the cover base ... mine was this way). Worked fine to remove it except that you need to be careful getting it loose around the edges ... I tore a little of the surrounding seal but was able to glue it back. Cover is metal and has a positive closure with metal leaf springs. Springs allow the cover to remain open so when the plug is removed the cover will probably need to be closed manually.

SmartlockPro 15 Amp Slim Tamper-Resistant GFCI Outlet - Brown

easy the way it is suppose to..just what I expected.

Weatherproof Electrical GFCI Outlet Cover - Vertical - White

This is the exact replacement for the previous G E water filter so it fits perfectly and works well.

15 Amp Weather-Resistant and Tamper-Resistant Duplex GFCI Outlet - White

Excellent product, does the job and handles the weather

SmartLockPro 15 Amp Duplex GFCI Outlet with Red/Black Buttons - White

Consistently a winner in the 110-vac 15-amp world for operation, testing, and safety...js

SmartLockPro 15 Amp Slim Tamper-Resistant Duplex GFCI Outlet - White

it was just what I needed. great install works great.

SmartLockPro 15 Amp Slim Tamper-Resistant Duplex GFCI Outlet - Light Almond (3-Pack)

This product covers all aspects of safety to home owners. GFCI to protect against electrical shock because of water or grounding issues, plus prevents children from inserting an object into the outlet. Home Depot carries this 3 pack in light almond, but has the standard GFCI 3packs only in white and Ivory. It would be nice to have all three colors available in both products, as well as in Grey.

20 Amp Tamper Resistant Duplex GFCI Outlet - Magnesium

Wanted to clear this up for anyone else, but the picture only shows it taking up 2 modules worth of space. That lead me to believe i could also add another module with it, but you cannot. This actually takes up all 3 modules on the backside. Luckily its easy to return things to HomeDepot, so it wasn't a problem. Apart from that, I very much like the adorne products, and will buy them again when I refinish the other rooms in my house. They fit very snugly in the existing boxes, so be very careful in planning where you wires will be tucked away to when installing, cause you will not have as much room as you're used to for wiring. Also, a very nice feature of these GCFIs that I didn't see anywhere is the small light on the reset button that turns red when it trips. Makes it easy to find which one to reset, if you're not the one who installed them, and you happen to have more than 1 in an area.

SmartLockPro 20 Amp Slim Tamper-Resistant Duplex GFCI Outlet (3-Pack) - White

I buy numerous contractor packages troughout the year. The majority of the time there are no problems but unfortunately I have needed to stop working on several occasions to run and grab another package due to faulty outlets. Home Depot's return policy allows for returning faulty products but the time is lost.

SmartLockPro 20 Amp Combo Slim Blank GFCI Outlet - White

Leviton is the industry leader in electrical devices. Always provides a quality product. Q&C is at the top providing a product that is dependable, every time.

SmartLockPro 15 Amp Slim Tamper-Resistant Duplex GFCI Outlet - Light Almond

the GFCI outlet installs easily and can be ganged to other outlets to provide protection to the whole well house. good value more economical than GFI breaker by a lot. I've used them several times at the ranch

Flower Box 1 Decorator Wall Plate

Price, Looks, Construction, and Explaination all perfect. No surprises and Shipping was quick.