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6 in. Junior Hacksaw

I bought this hacksaw strictly to shorten the T-bolts on a toilet I installed. I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I gave this a try. This hacksaw sawed right through the bolts without a pause. It's great to find a product that does what you need it to do but at a very low price. I highly recommend.

10 in. Standard Hacksaw

It is a Hacksaw. It is good for sawing some things, but not others.

Junior Hacksaw Frame with Blade

What I like about this saw is its small size that makes it handle easier than a regular hacksaw under certain situations. What don't like is that the blade isn't very strong and Im not sure I can find replacements easily. Pretty much for use with plastics and soft materials if you want it to last for a reasonable amount of time. I'm recommending this saw but only for certain situations.

10 in. Mini Hacksaw

We wanted to replace one board in the deck. However there were nails coming in from the side. We would have to destroy much more than we wanted to get the one board out. There was only enough space for a metal saw like this to work. And it did work by severing the problem nails. The only fault is the nut that tightens the saw to the handle is not designed well. There should be a bigger and tighter action.

6 in. Close Quarters Hacksaw

This was the worst product I've ever bought. It feel apart in less than 1 minute of use. I was trying to saw through some wood and the blade detached from it's fixed position. No problem, I'll just re-insert it. Not exactly. The part that holds the blade got loose and there is no way to secure the blade. Returning this product ASAP.

12 in. and 18T HSS Hacksaw Blade (5-Pack)

The product promises to last five times longer than normal blades - but fails to deliver. Bought two packs of these yesterday to cut some mild steel. The first blade BENT and had NO TEETH LEFT after 10 strokes. The second blade had no teeth after 5 strokes. Put the Nicholson blade I took off for these back on, finished that cut, and made 10 more. It still is cutting. Avoid these.

Mini Hacksaw

Had small saw project. Was easy to handle and maneuver in tight places.

12 in. 24-TPI Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade (2-Pack)

I bought these blades to cut up some 3/16 O1 tool steel (free machining). Initially I was impressed. As advertised initial sharpness was great. However not do long into the cut I noticed my hacksaw start to wander from the line quite a bit. Upon inspection I had some nice round teeth. It took 3 of these blades to cut through 12" of the O1 tool steel. I tried these out based on the description, but I am going to stick to my previous brand that I had much better results with. I would recommend these blades for brass however. They cut really cleanly through a 2" solid round bar of 360 free machining brass - much cleaner than the blades I prefer for steel. There was little wear on the blade after the cut. So while the description says they are ideal for tool steel, there are far better (and more economical) options out there.

12 in. and 24T HSS Hacksaw Blade (5-Pack)

I haven't used them yet but have used them in the past. I ordered them because I was on my last blade and didn't want to be without them should I need one in the future.

Rubber Grip Adjustable Hack Saw

can't cut a straight line if your life depended on it.

12 in. Combination Bow Saw and Hacksaw

I ordered 20 of these saws for a cut your own christmas tree operation. We have used these saws for 4 years. We like the saws very much. They do the job and hold up well. The saws were in excellent condition. Packaging was something else. The cardboard shipping box was twice the size that it should have been and was not strong. To fill the extra space they used plastic air bags. 3/4 of the air bags were broken. Surprize surprize saws have sharp teeth. Consequently the box had no internal support and as a result of this the box took a beating and had been taped together several times.

12 in. High-Tension Hacksaw

Nice fast, accurate cuts that only a quality high-tension hacksaw can give you. Compact in size, fits in my tool bag easily. Fairly light, yet very sturdy. The cushion grips are a nice feature, especially in cold temps.

12 in. High Tension Hacksaw

I've has this hack saw for a couple of years, and have used it frequently. It is well constructed, lightweight, and comfortable to use. The quick release feature makes changing the blade fast & easy. Another great feature is the extra blade storage in the saw frame. I'm planning on buying a 2nd for my shop.

12 in. 5-in-1 Hacksaw

How can you get excited about a Hacksaw.....Read On!!! In the beginning of my tool investment career, my tried and true simple metal frame hacksaw was a workhorse...but always with problems. Getting and keeping tight tension, snapping blades, poor blade control and sore hands due to poor ergonomics all too commonplace. I kept looking for a better mouse trap, but alas none I looked at seemed worth my hard earned $$$. Then the DeWalt DWHT20547 was born, going way beyond a superior hacksaw (aka:better mouse trap)! This 5 in 1 multi-purpose tool Excels at its primary job with Superior control, comfort and speed in cutting metal(all I every really wanted). The quick release and fine blade adjustment is a snap to set and allows for precise tensioning, giving me smoother, more accurate cuts. The smooth ergonomic grip of the main assembly is solid and very comfortable...No more hand cramping! But, it doesn't stop there. Dewalt has a few other quality features that are sure to come in handy. Keeping with the 12" blade set, securing the blade to the "45 Degree Pins" assist in creating smooth flush cuts. Then, sliding the head off allows attachment of the 12" blade to the tip of main assembly, creating a "Low Profile Saw" for precise tight control. Also in this main profile configuration, the 12" blade can be secured into the main body head, creating a -short to long straight reach- "Tight Access" saw to meet minimal clearances. Finally, the removed head ergonomic grip will accept a short to long blade for "Jab Saw" rough cutout activity. On top of all this, the main assembly head can hold an extra 12" blade and 4 other shorter blades for all kinds of projects. With all of these high performing feature sets in one lightweight tool, a reasonable asking price and a DeWalt Lifetime Warranty, guess I have another 35+ years of trouble free projects to tackle!!!

12 in. High-Tension Hacksaw

I had the saw less than 2 months and the lower arm that adjusts and holds the blade snapped.Now the saw is useless.

Tradesman Pro Organizer Hacksaw Electrician's Bag

I won this bag from Klein in a drawing and it's built heavy and very heavy to carry, not sure I would want to carry it all day from job to job to job but it holds a lot of tools and the hacksaw pocket on the outside is a great idea. I work in the tower construction industry so that means a lot of travel and carrying this bag as checked luggage does take a hefty toll but it's worth it.

10 in. Compact Hacksaw

The best part about this saw is the ergonomic handle. It fits great and feels great in your hand. That's very important when using a small hand saw. I also liked the easy quick-lock that allows you to adjust and/or remove the blade. I found it easy to use on both metal and PVC pipe.

Standard Hack Saw

attractive, sturdy - but relatively light-weight, easy to install

10 in. Pro Keyhole Saw

every roofer I know uses this saw for insulation ....much better than the dry wall jab saws and u can't beat the price

12 in. High-Tension Hacksaw with Mini Hack Saw

The main saw is very good quality. The smaller saw comes without a blade and the big blade doesn't fit on the smaller saw. And my HomeDepot did not even carry the blade that would have made this work. Hence, I would give this package just a single star. I should have heeded to Matt's review from Feb 2014. I just thought may be I am smarter, he got a bad piece or whatever. Wrong. I had to buy another mini-saw, Milwaukee-10-in-Compact-Hacksaw. I would give that one 5 stars. It cut the rusted screw that was holding my toilet tank to the toilet base and one that I had spent more than a few hours trying to unscrew using spanner and wrenches.