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M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Copper Tubing Cutter (Tool-Only)

We have only used this tool just one time. We were please with the tools performance and ease of use. I would not be able to commit on the longevity of this tool until I have used it futher. At this time the tool and battery have performed as I would of expected it to do.

101 Tubing Cutter

You get a clean cut every time, fits in tight spaces well

104 Tubing Cutter

Walk in shower, is built very strong and looks great, Shipped right to my house. Tracked it all the way here, delivery was on time, and friendly. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a walk in shower.

Drip Tubing Cutter and Punch Tool

Cutting tool was great. It worked as it should. The punch was another story. It just bent the tubing and never punched the hole. Ended up going a buying a cheap 50 cent punch that did a million times better.

M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Copper Tubing Cutter Kit

It works well for a few months, this is the fourth one I have bought. It's great for 4-6 months and then starts acting up.

Reconditioned M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Copper Tubing Cutter Kit (1 Battery) (Tool Only)-DISCONTINUED

The tool I received showed no evidence of being reconditioned and:: 1.Was poorly packaged 2. Had someones id engraved 3. Dirty inside and out 4. Had rusted parts 5. Had a worn and rusted cutting wheel 6. Was slow to cut

150 Tubing Cutter

worked great but I had a hard time turning it because of arthritis in my hand. Overall it is a great and useful tool.

151 Tubing Cutter

This tool also measured up to the quality I have learned to expect from the ridgid company. They are my first choice when a plumbing tool is needed.

1/4 in. to 1-3/8 in. Step Drill Bit

Great step bit but you must be careful when using on metal as I used it to drill holes in stainless steel. You MUST be patient and drill slowly (low drill rpm) with several breaks to let the metal cool down. Otherwise, you might as well throw your money in the ocean because you will ruin the bit.

1-1/8 in. Professional Tube Cutter-DISCONTINUED

This cutter cuts a helix, not a circle. Instead of cutting off the tube, it makes a really bad thread. Not only is your money wasted on this tool, it also may ruin your material. Come morning, I'll be returning this and buying the higher priced model of a different make.

Professional Tubing Cutter

I own 4 or 5 pipe cutters and this is by far the nicest one. I got it for cutting CSST pipe and it cut through it no problem. It's a little bigger so if you need to cut under a sink or somewhere without much access then it probably won't work. If you don't care about that then buy it.

AutoCut 1/2 in. Tubing Cutter

Needed to make a couple really tight cuts and this tool made it pretty easy -- easier than the small tube cutters that you have to adjust manually. This tool is for 1/2" pipe only and it takes a little leverage to close it over the pipe. Takes about three twists and you're through. Value? Expensive for what it is, but still worth it -- saved me some hassle.

1/2 in. Auto Tube Cutter

Works well but leaves a slight flange on the ends of the pipe that takes a lot of sanding the get a fitting to slip over.

Junior Tube Cutter

Just the right size for those hard to reach places. It's so small I had to get another because, I missed it in my to box. I used it to cut the copper water lines out of my house because I wanted to retrieve as much copper as possible . I am very hard on tools. This tool will last.

Rotrac 42 1/4 in. x 1-5/8 in. Professional Tube Cutter

I have been installing a new sprinkler system for my front and back yards, this tube cutter works great; no jumping off the pipe and no flaring of the cut. I really like this cutter, it's very well made, comfortable to use and fits easily into tight spaces.

PC1375 PVC and Tube Cutter

Purchased Rigid cutter to cut CPVC Supply lines. Tool works great. Quick, clean straight cuts. Comfortable to use. Blades change easily.

#15 Tubing Cutter

My husband goes through tools like nothing. He absolutely loves this Ridgid tool and it is very sturdy. He works construction so it's important for him to have tools that will keep up with him.

3/4 in. Tubing Cutter

Executive summary: These tubing cutters are very easy to use and do a nice, fast job when they are brand new. But they quickly wear out and cannot be adjusted or sharpened when they do. I needed a tubing cutter that could make very close clearance cuts for stubouts, and as I cut out the old, leaking copper in my house and replaced it with PEX, so I bought these in the 3/4" and 1/2" sizes. For the first few cuts they were great. Snap them onto the pipe, make a couple of quick turns and voila, the pipe was neatly trimmed off and ready to accept a shark bite cap. I started leaving my larger professional grade adjustable tubing cutter (also made by General, but over 30 years ago) on the peg board in the garage...these were much faster and more convenient to use. But after about a dozen cuts, these cutters stopped working and I found myself on my back with my nose against a joist struggling to cut through a pipe almost out of reach. Much profanity ensued. Anyway, these may be just the ticket if you only need to make a couple of close clearance cuts on a single project. But if you have a large project...a whole house to plumb, or you are contractor or maintenance professional, keep shopping. Recommended for homeowners for occasional, casual use where you must have a close clearance cutter, but not for professionals or anyone who needs to make more than a few cuts.

7/8 in. Mini Tubing Cutter-DISCONTINUED

Bought this in order to cut a copper pipe from the old water heater I was replacing. The packaging warns you about sharp parts inside, but the cutting wheel is no sharper than the butt end of a butter knife. It was impossible to cut the copper piping with it, despite me being a big guy and trying it hard. Save yourself a headache and do not buy this.

PEX Tube Cutter

This is a great tool for cutting pex tubing. So far I have about 50 cut on this cutter and it is still razor sharp. Other cutter that I have used tend to crush the tube before cutting though it but this cutter slices the tube clean and with no distortion to the shape.

Quick Release 2-1/8 in. Tube Cutter

Crimped 1 1/2 metal waste tube purchased at Home Depot. This was tool associate pointed out as THE tool to use to properly cut the waste tube.

1/8 - 7/8 in. Mini Tube Cutter

If this is the last tube cutter on the shelf, and the next nearest store is 100 miles away, get in your car and drive the 100 miles. Home Depot should pay you for taking this piece of junk home with you, as you will waste time and ultimately drive back to the store to buy something better.

Quick Release 1-1/8 in. Tube Cutter

Easy to use with nice features. Really like the quick release feature.

Quick Release 1-1/8 in. Mini Tube Cutter

Would not tighten upon resistance. As soon as I took it out of the package and put it on a 1/4 copper tube it would tighten down until it reached the smallest of resistance. Once ANY resistance was met (trying to tighten against the tube withe the knob) it just freely spins and does not tighten any further. TOTAL CHINA GARBAGE!