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8 in. Wire Cutters

I bought this to cut a bike brake cable. It did so cleanly and easily. Bolt cutter and wire cutter could not. This is a great, inexpensive tool!!

Wire Stripper/Cutter

Best for the money. Great value and works really well.

6 in. Multi-Purpose Wire Stripper and Cutter

I'm not an electrician but I occasionally do electrical work. I had an older Klein wire stripper that disappeared so I bought this one and am more than happy so far. It fits in my hand well and is easy to use and seems solid and made of quality steel that doesn't bend. Made in America is a plus too. I also like how I can cut Romex with it too, something my old strippers couldn't. I'd recommend this set to most people of all skill levels.

7 in. Wire Stripper and Cutter

Great tool. I love it! Best and easiest to use wire stripper that I've ever owned.

9-1/2 in. Dual-Wire Stripper/Cutter

Very well pleased with the wire strippers I only use Klein tools for electrical work. Wish I had a Home Depot closer to me

3/4 in. Tubing Cutter

Executive summary: These tubing cutters are very easy to use and do a nice, fast job when they are brand new. But they quickly wear out and cannot be adjusted or sharpened when they do. I needed a tubing cutter that could make very close clearance cuts for stubouts, and as I cut out the old, leaking copper in my house and replaced it with PEX, so I bought these in the 3/4" and 1/2" sizes. For the first few cuts they were great. Snap them onto the pipe, make a couple of quick turns and voila, the pipe was neatly trimmed off and ready to accept a shark bite cap. I started leaving my larger professional grade adjustable tubing cutter (also made by General, but over 30 years ago) on the peg board in the garage...these were much faster and more convenient to use. But after about a dozen cuts, these cutters stopped working and I found myself on my back with my nose against a joist struggling to cut through a pipe almost out of reach. Much profanity ensued. Anyway, these may be just the ticket if you only need to make a couple of close clearance cuts on a single project. But if you have a large project...a whole house to plumb, or you are contractor or maintenance professional, keep shopping. Recommended for homeowners for occasional, casual use where you must have a close clearance cutter, but not for professionals or anyone who needs to make more than a few cuts.

Journeyman Hi-Leverage NE Crimping Die Side-Cutting Pliers

This is best tool I could find that cuts thru steel seals, first one purchesed lasted over 5 years befor needing to be replaced after cutting 1,000 cables per year.

8 in. Insulated Wire Stripper/Cutter

The insulated stripper is more expensive than the cheaper, non-insulated one, but the cheaper stripper (Klein model 11054) has a thumb lock that keeps the jaws in place. This model comes with an inconvenient and useless jaw retainer. Klein needs to add the thumb lock to this one.

8 in. Wire Cutters

I purchased these to remove an old wire fence. It did a great job cutting with little effort. It worked better than using the wire snips that I was using. Not bad for the $9.00 spent. Well worth it.

6-1/4 in. Type-NM Cable Stripper/Cutter-DISCONTINUED

As an electrician, I use this tool everyday. This tool is the easiest tool for stripping 12/2 Romex. It is neat and clean when stripped. I highly reccomend this tool. No other brand compares.

6-1/4 in. Wire Stripper/Cutter

I have used combination wire stripper / crimper tools and cheap no name wire strippers in the past. The Klein tool cleanly cuts wire insulation in one action. Cheaper tools don't strip wire as cleanly or as quickly.

Kurve Dual Non-Metallic Cable Stripper/Cutter

This product is supposed to only strip the sheathing that covers the romex wire. They not only cut the sheathing but cut into the romex itself. Had we not discovered this problem we could have had short circuits in many of the gang boxes. Klein makes good tools but this is not one of them.

5-Amp Thermo Cut 12/E Hot Wire Cutter (Transformer sold seperately)

Easy to setup and adjust, and slices through even the thickest foam with ease. Good control and comfortable grip lets me do fairly precise work for extended periods. Be sure to order the required power supply, though.

Wire Stripper-Cutter - Solid and Stranded Wire with Hold-Open Spring

This is not the correct description for this tool. I ordered it and I got the wrong tool. The tools looks just like it is in the picture. Just no hold-open spring as the description states. (SUMMARY) KLEIN 1003 does not have a hold-open spring!! KLEIN 1004 has the hold-open spring I recommend KLEIN 1004

8-1/4 in. Super Duty Wire Stripping Pliers with Terminal Crimper and Screw Cutter

This is a very good quality product! The product works very easily!

Kurve Wire Stripper / Cutter for 20-30 AWG Solid and 22-32 AWG Stranded Wire

Perfect for what I needed (stripping 26-30AWG wire). I have used an identical tool for years, and the 30 Gauge hole is finally wallowing out enough to partially strip insulation, or damage wires. For me, I prefer a tool with fixed wire sizes, rather than those cheaper adjustable ones.

AutoCut 1/2 in. Tubing Cutter

Unlike a regular cutter, which creates a slightly crimped cut edge that makes it easier to insert pipe into fitting, this cutter creates a cut edge that's slightly raised, and impossible to fit into fitting. If only there's a way to ream the outside edge, but you shouldn't have to anyway.

5 in. Wire Stripper and Cutter

does what it is required to do very well, would recommend

Kurve Wire Stripper/Cutter

My husband had another Klein tool that he had for 10+ years and he said it was the best purchase he has made! So instead of guessing I bought him some more and he could not be happier!! These are a great product at a great value! Make hubby happy and just buy him some of these ;)

Wire Stripper-Cutter, for 6-12 AWG Stranded

Great for the larger wires and to keep in the extra tool bag.

Multi-Purpose 6-in-1 Tool

I ad a crimper similar to this, but because the part I use most (but to but speaker wire crimping) was on the tip instead of inside the handles, this one is much faster & easier to use.

Screwdriver Set, Pliers Set with Wire Cutter (8-Piece)

This is a tool set that looks nicer than it is. That's not to say that the tools are bad, but they feel awfully light and, although the handles appear to be rubberized (on most included tools), they are not insulated. There is one handy tool included that, when it's needed, is great. There is an offset screwdriver set included (one for Philips head, one for flat head). It has a ninety degree turn just before the bits, so it will fit in areas where other tools won't. While you can use a ratchet with the correct attachments on it for this purpose, this is definitely more compact than that option, and there are no attachments. The rest of the tools at least seem to work fine. They grip well (it's mostly pliers) and don't stick, which is nice, and like most pliers, they can be used for wire stripping as well. (That's why I'm surprised they're not insulated.) This set is decent for quick, around the house type things, but for a few more dollars, you can get a similar set that's a little weightier and insulated. You'll just have to get the offset screwdriver separately if you want that too.

8-1/4 in. Long Nose All-Purpose Tool

I ordered a Vigo sink and faucet for our bathroom renovation. It still has not yet been received. I will be able to tell you more when it arrives, but it seems to be taking a long time.

6-1/4 in. Wire Stripper/Cutter

I've had this wire stripper for a week and been using it on a project for my in laws. I used it to cut and strip AWG 12 & 14 wires and I'm so pleased with my choice. The price is right, it feels great in my hand (grip & comfort), and it does the job nicely. It might be too small if you have huge hands though. The cutter is also very sharp.