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Multi-Purpose 6-in-1 Tool

Bought these crimpers not sure why but glad I did, this design is great for tight to reach places and only crimps insulated connectors and does not tear into connector.

Wire Stripper-Cutter - Solid and Stranded Wire

Not only did homedepot took forever to send it out. They charge to much for delivery and the only reason they charge u so much is because u end up paying for a 4ft box for a tool thats like 5inch! Horrible services! Homedepot is only hearing from me if I can not find the tool anywhere else. It would be the last on the list for me too look for anything.

Kurve Wire Stripper / Cutter for 20-30 AWG Solid and 22-32 AWG Stranded Wire

This is very good product, but it only works with small gage of wire; therefore, we only Only need it occasionally. Spending $15 for a tool that only use once or twice a year, I don’t think it is worth it. This is not a tool that you will use it for every day works.

7 in. Wire Stripper and Cutter

stripped wires very clean and was very easy to use

5 in. Wire Stripper and Cutter

My cable company wanted $39 to connect a cable to add one TV. The cable was already pulled it just needed a connector and the wire stripped. I bought these wire strippers and connectors for $10 total and did the job in 5 minutes.

6.62 in. Katapult Wire Stripper

Easily one of the best items I've bought. My A#1 item for electrical work! Quick & efficient and solid. Can't ask for more. Blows the doors off traditional strippers, and certainly worlds-beyond the old fashioned "use a snip and do it by feel" method... While the quick "auto-strip" functionality for wire-ends is great, the ability to "spread" an opening in the middle of insulation without breaking the wire is truly a game-changer. Would buy again if I lost 'em - but quality is such I'm sure they'll last if I don't.

8 in. Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper with ProTouch Grips

I didn't make this purchase blind as I had used some previously. Works very well for most wires with very quick action stripping the wire to the stop- pre-set that you can adjust. Doesn't work well with THHN wire that has outer clear coating ( like would be pulled through conduit). Good for automotive and HVAC/Appliance wiring materials.

Wire Stripper-Cutter - Solid and Stranded Wire with Hold-Open Spring

This is not the correct description for this tool. I ordered it and I got the wrong tool. The tools looks just like it is in the picture. Just no hold-open spring as the description states. (SUMMARY) KLEIN 1003 does not have a hold-open spring!! KLEIN 1004 has the hold-open spring I recommend KLEIN 1004

8 in. Insulated Wire Stripper/Cutter

When I opened the item, the first thing I noticed was the quality. I really like the insulation on the handle and and the added protection toward the top of the pliers, it really helps to make sure you hands don't slip and touch the metal.

Wire Stripper-Cutter, for 6-12 AWG Stranded

Great for the larger wires and to keep in the extra tool bag.

6-1/4 in. Type-NM Cable Stripper/Cutter-DISCONTINUED

As an electrician, I use this tool everyday. This tool is the easiest tool for stripping 12/2 Romex. It is neat and clean when stripped. I highly reccomend this tool. No other brand compares.

6 in. Solid Wire Stripper

Professional electrican, thirty eight years experiance, I have used all of them! I have used this stripper day in and day out for four years, works just as well as the competitor, solidly built, have used the plier tips for more than just bending wire!

Kinetic Reflex Wire Stripper

With over 30 years in the electrical trade, this has been my favorite wire stripper by far! The feel and the way they strip is fantastic, and I have become addicted to the thumb "sweet spot" which gives you the power to strip those stuborn old wires. Recomend you stock them in the stores.

6-1/4 in. Wire Stripper/Cutter

Got this as a replacement tool and it gets the job done. Not flimsy like some cutters.

6-1/4 in. Wire Stripper/Cutter

I have used combination wire stripper / crimper tools and cheap no name wire strippers in the past. The Klein tool cleanly cuts wire insulation in one action. Cheaper tools don't strip wire as cleanly or as quickly.

Journeyman Hi-Leverage NE Crimping Die Side-Cutting Pliers

I love the strength and grip of these pliers. I have found so many great uses for them. The cutting blades on this pair of pliers are very strong and the long handles give great leverage for cutting, gripping, and crimping. I highly recommend a pair. I'm getting another one so I have a pair for my work van AND my home.

CHP 6-1/2 in. Pliers, Wire Stripper and Shears

I am a security technician and I typically run 22 gauge wire, but it's really hard to find good cutters/strippers that aren't either too big or too small; these are great!

Kurve Dual Non-Metallic Cable Stripper/Cutter

I have been doing electrical for 7 years and when im doing residential this is my go to tool saves so much time cutting in just strip, run in box, z fold and done for receptacles for switches just as easy just add a step by stripping your pigtails love this tool and its Klein so you know your money has been well spent

Stripmaster 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper

There's a factory defect that Home Depot shipped me as a first shipment and a second time as the replacement. Then I called Ideal and they told me they had a bad batch that would not close after squeezing for the strip cycle. Home Depot then sent me an email to throw it away and they weren't going to have UPS even pick it up.

Wire Stripper/Cutter

Superb tool this is my second set they do get dull

Katapult RG-6 Wire Stripper-DISCONTINUED

Quick and very efficient tool for splicing coax cable quick and properly. Love it.

Kurve Wire Stripper/Cutter

This wire stripper works very well. I have used it on solid copper house wire and on stranded automotive type wire. It is now my favorite stripper and cutter, and I have used all sorts over my 12 years and counting as an electrician / electrical technician.

6 in. Multi-Purpose Wire Stripper and Cutter

I find these to be a good performer for the price. They get down to some of the smaller size wires which was helpful to me.

8-1/4 in. Long Nose All-Purpose Tool

The tool cuts bolts well and strips heavy wire but is a pain trying to strip 22 guage. That is exactly what I bought it for, 22 guage alarm wire. I had to use a different tool that I forgot I had and hadn't used in 30 years. it works ok on the larger diameter wire.