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Wire Stripper/Cutter

Good clean cuts well worth the price when your working with alpha wire (at about a dollar a foot you don't want to waste it). No nicking of the wire and installation is cut clean. Delivery was good.

Katapult RG-6 Wire Stripper-DISCONTINUED

Quick and very efficient tool for splicing coax cable quick and properly. Love it.

6-1/4 in. Type-NM Cable Stripper/Cutter-DISCONTINUED

As an electrician, I use this tool everyday. This tool is the easiest tool for stripping 12/2 Romex. It is neat and clean when stripped. I highly reccomend this tool. No other brand compares.

Stripmaster 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper

These wire strippers work great and save time just wish they had a spot where you can strip 2 wires of the same gauge at the same time

Wire Stripper-Cutter, for 6-12 AWG Stranded

Doing a complete A/C system change out has electrical wires ranging from 22awg to 2awg, and usually I was just managing by using a twelve gauge hole to strip a 6 gauge wire. Not the best image when the customer is a retired electrician. So I looked around for a stripper that could manage the bigger wires, with a comfortable grip. I found this particular one to be equal to the others in price, but with a longer reputation history.They are comfortable, effective, and a brand I trust.

Wire Stripper-Cutter - Solid and Stranded Wire with Hold-Open Spring

This is not the correct description for this tool. I ordered it and I got the wrong tool. The tools looks just like it is in the picture. Just no hold-open spring as the description states. (SUMMARY) KLEIN 1003 does not have a hold-open spring!! KLEIN 1004 has the hold-open spring I recommend KLEIN 1004

Wire Stripper/Cutter

Inexpensive so I can have a couple laying around. Nice tool. Does everything that I need.

5 in. Wire Stripper and Cutter

Is very nice product...........................................

8 in. Insulated Wire Stripper/Cutter

The insulated stripper is more expensive than the cheaper, non-insulated one, but the cheaper stripper (Klein model 11054) has a thumb lock that keeps the jaws in place. This model comes with an inconvenient and useless jaw retainer. Klein needs to add the thumb lock to this one.

6.62 in. Katapult Wire Stripper-DISCONTINUED

This is by far the best wire stripper I have ever used. It cuts the insulation to the proper depth and removes it with one snip. I bought it especially for small strand wiring, because the tiny copper strands would often get cut along with the insulation. Not so, with this tool. As long as you place the wire in the correct slot for the gauge of wire you are stripping, it will do a perfect job. Also works great for larger wires up to 10 gauge.

Kurve Dual Non-Metallic Cable Stripper/Cutter

Used it with 12-2 Romex and love the way it clips outer sheath of the Romex nice and clean. Sometimes you need to waggle it a bit before releasing and sliding the sheath off. So much cleaner and faster than the old strippers. The small holes work well in prepping stripped wires for screw posts.

6-1/4 in. Wire Stripper/Cutter

This tool does not strip all the plastic off the wire.

9-1/2 in. Dual-Wire Stripper/Cutter

Very well pleased with the wire strippers I only use Klein tools for electrical work. Wish I had a Home Depot closer to me

Journeyman Hi-Leverage NE Crimping Die Side-Cutting Pliers

I love the strength and grip of these pliers. I have found so many great uses for them. The cutting blades on this pair of pliers are very strong and the long handles give great leverage for cutting, gripping, and crimping. I highly recommend a pair. I'm getting another one so I have a pair for my work van AND my home.

Multi-Purpose 6-in-1 Tool

have used it several times, works well every time.

6 in. Multi-Purpose Wire Stripper and Cutter

I'm not an electrician but I occasionally do electrical work. I had an older Klein wire stripper that disappeared so I bought this one and am more than happy so far. It fits in my hand well and is easy to use and seems solid and made of quality steel that doesn't bend. Made in America is a plus too. I also like how I can cut Romex with it too, something my old strippers couldn't. I'd recommend this set to most people of all skill levels.

Kurve Wire Stripper/Cutter

high quality tool, solid feel. performed flawlessly.

Kinetic Reflex Wire Stripper

With over 30 years in the electrical trade, this has been my favorite wire stripper by far! The feel and the way they strip is fantastic, and I have become addicted to the thumb "sweet spot" which gives you the power to strip those stuborn old wires. Recomend you stock them in the stores.

Wire Stripper-Cutter - Solid and Stranded Wire

Not only did homedepot took forever to send it out. They charge to much for delivery and the only reason they charge u so much is because u end up paying for a 4ft box for a tool thats like 5inch! Horrible services! Homedepot is only hearing from me if I can not find the tool anywhere else. It would be the last on the list for me too look for anything.

6-1/4 in. Wire Stripper/Cutter

These are good quality, simple wire strippers. They do exactly what I needed them to do. Easy to use.

CHP 6-1/2 in. Pliers, Wire Stripper and Shears

I am a security technician and I typically run 22 gauge wire, but it's really hard to find good cutters/strippers that aren't either too big or too small; these are great!

6 in. Solid Wire Stripper

Professional electrican, thirty eight years experiance, I have used all of them! I have used this stripper day in and day out for four years, works just as well as the competitor, solidly built, have used the plier tips for more than just bending wire!

7 in. Wire Stripper and Cutter

I'm using this usually on small projects at my home and this tool works great. Cone - Cutting blade is a little short. Overall - Good tool for reasonable price.

Kurve Wire Stripper / Cutter for 20-30 AWG Solid and 22-32 AWG Stranded Wire

It worked for me just as it was advertised it would!