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Eco Wood Chisel Set with Bamboo Grip Handles (3-Piece)

The concept of bamboo handles appeals to the eco-friendly crowd - and I thought I would give these a try. They aren't bad - I quite like the nice, long bamboo handles, the grip is nice and there is something nice about the "thunk" of the hammer hitting wood (as opposed to plastic). The chisels arrive nice and sharp, and I am glad each unit has a plastic tip cover so that I can toss them into my tool box and don't need a special case. While I have not had any trouble with the chisels, they don't feel extremely sturdy. Fine for someone like me that will use a chisel a few times a year, probably not a great choice for a professional.

Wood Chisel Set (3-Piece)

Nice and sharp out of the box just what I wanted sturdy tool could ask for better

2-1/2 in. Guardian Handguard Floor Chisel

Great value and well made, it protects your hand really well and it does the work right.

Wood Chisel Set (3-Piece)

I use chisels for basic shaping and this is a good set. It is not a high-quality set for fine work but good for basic jobs. The chisels are durable in front of a hammer and have stayed sharp. I like how the chisels come with plastic caps to help prevent the tips from being damaged when in a tool box. The handles are comfortable as well.

1-1/4 in. × 7 in. Wood Chisel

I needed a bit that would cut fibers on a large tree root that was up against a house concrete foundation wall. This tool was perfect for the job. Small enough to get close to the concrete without damage; and sharp enough to cut through the root fibers to break apart the roots. Easy to sharpen as the bit dulled from use.

1/4 in. Wood Chisel

Nice tool sharp right out of the box sturdy stands up to hard use

Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)

These chisels arrived very sharp (as you would expect), with nice protective ends for each chisel. They have a nice feel and heft. after trying them out, on several jobs, I can say that they are excellent quality.

Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)

I bought this set online and visited the store to collect them. I made a point of inspecting the set before leaving the service desk, and I am glad I did. 2 out of the 4 chisels had visible nicks in the blade and one of them looked like it had been used to pry out nails. I am normally happy with DeWalt tools but this is the one exception so far.

Basic Wood Chisel Set (3-Piece)

The chisels are good. But you need to sharpen them before use. Another issue is they are very easy to get the rusted.

FatMax 1/4 in. Wide Thru-Tang Wood Chisel

Seems like a great chisel, I've liked my Stanley chisels (I have 2 sets/1 unused) and supposedly these FatMax chisels are 50% "stronger" than the Stanley chisels, we will see.............. Thought this handy 1/4" size was a good value at the $8+ price, and buying via was very convenient.

Wood Tool Sharpener

Your problems have been solved by the folks who bring you the Drill doctor. I have always had a hard time free hand sharpening chisels and plane irons. The Worksharp 3000 makes almost anyone a pro in no time. The unit is pretty much foolproof with guides for the tool edge and angle. I can quickly run through the grits on tools that are getting an initial treatment. Touch-ups take only seconds after that, If I am at the stage on a project where I am doing a lot of chisel work, I just keep the Worksharp on the bench and do a quick touch-up as required. A sharp tool makes better, faster cuts and is safer to use.

Pro Tool Wood Handle Chisel Utility Knife, Wedge/Prying Tool with 10-5/8 In. long Carbon Steel Blade

Great idea; not so great execution. Metal quality could be better, and tool could be sharper. Wood handle was very nice, though. Impressive. Would be fine as a gift for a handyman. You can buy cheaper chisels, but the first impression is really good. Someone whould like to get it. And it does work OK. Part of the reason for the not-so-sharp blade is the fact that it was heat treated so you can bang on it all day with a hammer and not chip the steel. This tool is easy to sharpen, too. But for myself, a regular set of chisels would work as well and cost less.

1 in. Wood Chisel

The tool was nice and sharp. Ergonomically felt ok. It was my forst time using a chisel on wood and had to mess up at first but got the hang of it. I love that it came with a protective sheath.

3/8 in. Wood Chisel

What can you say about a single chisel? Except it was sharp, a solid tool and worth the price. THANKS!

#8 x 1-1/4 in. Phillips Bugle-Head Coarse Thread Sharp Point Drywall Screws (25 lb.-Pack)

These are great screws they are easy to start, and have a low tendency to break when sinking up, there is also a low occurence of head stipping. They also have great holding power, and do not tend to back out with material expansion. It completely met all my needs for this type of product.

#8 x 1-5/8 in. Phillips Bugle-Head Coarse Thread Sharp Point Drywall Screws (25 lb.-Pack)

I use these screws in the shop to build jigs and fixtures, and for shelving, cleats, benches, and for holding up lights. I used to buy the one pound boxes, and be very careful about how many screws I used. Ever since I got the 25 lb bucket, I have had a new sense of freedom and creativity that has allowed me to try building new things in the shop. Instead of saying "I wish I had some place to put all these tools I bought at HD!", now I just say "I'm building me some shelves!" Having plenty of storage has made my shop cleaner, and a more pleasant place. My wife normally vacuums the shop and takes out the trash. When she saw how I was cleaning up, she decided to make curtains for the windows in the shop. She went to the fabric store and found some Bud LIte motif cloth, and made curtains for all the windows. I put the curtain rods up with #8 x 1-5/8 in. Coarse Drywall Screws (25 lb.-Pack).

#8 x 3 in. Phillips Bugle-Head Coarse Thread Sharp Point Drywall Screws (1 lb.-Pack)

It took to long to get screws, had the job done week before receiving screws. I am sure they would have worked fine it I got in time.

Economy Wood Chisel Set (3-Piece)

The chisels are a great value for the price. They will take care of any basic chiseling needs.

3/4 in. Wood Chisel

we use this chisel to scrape the tar inside the firepot in our pellet stove, making the process a quick and clean pot in on time flat.

#8 x 3 in. Phillips Bugle-Head Coarse Thread Sharp Point Drywall Screws (5 lb.-Pack)

You wont get screwed buying these; and they're not just for drywall!

5/8 in. Wood Chisel

Great tool to use especially for a women. Easy to use and light.

2000 Chisel Sharpener

I do a lot of lathe work and was looking to get a better method for sharpening some of my lathe tools. I looked at many solutions that cost 2 to 5 times as much as the Work Sharp 2000, but none seemed to offer the flexibility that this single sharpening system offers at such a low price. So I bought one online at Home Depot and after a month of solid use, I am happy to say that I do not regret my decision. Not only have I repeatedly been able to sharpen all of the various lathe tools in my arsenal, but I found it to be so quick and so much fun that I have sharpened all of my chisels, awls, pocketknives, scissors and even an old hatchet I found out in the garage. Now that I have pretty much run out of things to sharpen I may have to start knocking on some neighbors' doors and volunteer to sharpen stuff for them free of charge! (Just kidding.) The setup was quick and simple right out of the box and there were two slotted wheels included so I could set up four different grades of paper and make an easy transition between them. The unit runs quiet and smooth and is quite portable, which makes it easy to move the unit to where the different tools are stored rather than vice versa. I have friends with some of those more expensive alternative sharpening systems that have been over to see my new Work Sharp. Both were impressed and one even said he was going to get one. I made him promise to give a review here after he's had it a while because that would be a tremendous comparison to see. You can't go wrong with the Work Sharp 2000 and buying it online at Home Depot was much simpler than driving way across town to one of those dedicated Wood Working stores to buy it at a slightly higher price (plus gas.)

1-1/4 in. Wood Chisel

Customer service not needed, I knew what I wanted, Purchased in store, no shipping required