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1 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

Good product. Drills holes as expected. best when used at slower speeds < 1000 rpm

Diablo Craftsman 1 Lite Stained Mahogany Wood Entry Door with Dentil Shelf and 14 in. Sidelites

Pleasantly surprised at the quality. Looked at buying a fiberglass door but couldn't touch one at this price.

Quarry Diablo Red 8 in. x 8 in. Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile (11.11 sq. ft. / case)

Several of the tiles were broken on arrival, but were replaced by Home Depot

1-1/2 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

Bit works great. Make my drill press work much easier.

1-1/8 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

I've used this quite a bit and it's managed to stay very sharp. Happy with my purchase.

15-Amp 7-1/4 in. Skilsaw Worm Drive with Diablo Blade

Very heavy duty saw. Has a couple interesting items on it which seem like they would be quite handy in many situations. There is a fold out handle on the side of this device which allows you to hang it on anything around the job site. I could have used it while I was sheathing my new house a year ago, since my old circular saw kept sliding off the roof. This one could have easily hooked on my roof while working thus keeping itself there without extra effort. The saw is a bit clumsy for taking a blade on and off, since the lock and wrench require 2 hands due to the location of the blade lock. The saw is also quite heavy, so it might be tough to use single handedly, or above your head in a construction project. Overall I like the saw and am glad to have it.

3/8 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

I used it to cut into IPE wood which is a hard Brazilian wood and it did the job great, with a smooth finish.

Diablo Craftsman 1 Lite Stained Mahogany Wood Entry Door with 12 in. Sidelites

The quality of the door is excellent and the look is incredible.

7-1/4 in. x 60-Tooth Fine Finish Saw Blade

I'm replacing all of the interior doors in my house and wanted to get a nicer blade for the ol' circular saw. I stood in HD looking at the blades and while the option to save some cash on a cheaper blade was appealing, I've been very happy with previous Diablo blades. Glad I made that choice, this blade has left clean edges and shows no signs of dulling. You get what you pay for!

1/2 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

Makes a nice clean hole in wood. I have multiple size bits and never an issue. Great product.

1-1/4 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

I used this 1 1/4" Forstner Bit to countersink 1/2" Carriage Bolts in the supporting structure of a Deck and 4 season room. The Bolt heads and nuts needed to be below the surface, so the wood could be wrapped with Vinyl Aluminum in prep for a Screen Porch installation. The Bit worked perfectly.

15-Amp 7-1/4 in. Magnesium Skilsaw Worm Drive with Diablo Blade

I do a lot of fine woodworking. Generally circular saws don't have much place in fine woodworking - especially large, heavy worm drive saws. However nothing beats one of these for breaking down sheet goods to manageable sizes. I can stack plywood two 3/4" sheets deep and make a full 8' rip without so much as a whimper from this saw. Plus the weight is a benefit here. It cuts down on vibration and makes it really easy to track a straight edge. This saw in particular is something special: Pros - The sole is actually flat! This is been a major point of contention among worm drive saws in the 70+ years they have been around. I expected some work removing the sole and flattening it on a granite reference surface, but I didn't need to. The adjustments are wonderful and accurate. Very easy to read, everything locks and unlocks smoothly and everything moves as it should. This is something I am not accustomed to on a circular saw of any type. Both the bevel angle and max cut depth adjusters can be fined tuned which is often necessary with wear and tear. I was really glad to see this Power. If you are looking at worm drive saws, you already realize they are very powerful. However this not only powerful, but smooth. There is the tell tale torque twist when you first squeeze that trigger, but after that is very smooth. The included blade is actually nice! I am accustomed to not even installing the blade that comes with saws. Generally they are very low quality. This one is nice. I still purchase additional blades because I need a higher tooth count for my intended use, however for general construction in dry, nail free wood this blade is all you need. The ergonomics are great CONS Can't really think of any. As a lefty, this saw is a little awkward until you get used to it, but that is the nature of any worm drive. It is on the heavy side for a circular saw, but very light for a worm drive saw. Also be aware this saw requires maintenance. Especially oil and oil changes. If you want this saw to last, the oil should be changed after the first 10 hours of use, or within the first 3 months. As all of the gearing wears in some metal is shed and it's important to get it all out. Also if you ever overheat the saw, (common when cutting a lot of thick wet wood) change the oil. This saw has it all. Truly a 5 star performer. This is "the saw that built america". The performance is still as legendary as it was 70 years ago. It just got a lot lighter and easier to handle. This is a saw that my son will use with pride in 20 years

1-3/8 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

I am a novice wood worker who is learning about cabinet building. I wanted to use European hinges for my second cabinet building experience but needed a tool/jig to create the 35 mm circular hole in the cabinet door to install the hinges. This Forstner bit was exactly what I needed. Used in my drill press, it worked perfectly for me. It was very reasonably priced and produced high quality results to meet my needs.

6-1/2 in. x 24-Tooth Framing Saw Blade

great blade for cordless saw!! My battery on my porter cable lasts much longer.

3/4 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

cuts like a hot knife through butter and i'm using it in hard wood

2 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

I needed to drill a 2" hole in a finished desktop and this fit the bill. It cut the hole cleanly without any extra marking on the tabletop and easily cut through the pine. The exit was in thin material like luan and this was much more problematic. Had I taped the exit hole before drilling it I might have had a better outcome. Does a great job on hard or soft wood however.

7-1/4 in. x 48-Tooth Steel Demon Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade

This is my favorite saw blade of all my blades. I cut a lot of steel for different projects and this blade just amazes me every time I use it. This thing cuts through 1/8" steel like a regular blade through pine wood. Its amazing!!! I've used this blade on my Shopsmith table saw (works great), on my Skill circular saw (works great) and even with my work drive circular saw where it works great! I'm actually on my 3rd one of these now because I get SO much use out of them, but I've also been using them for years now. DO use safety goggles though as these do tend to make a lot of hot metal shavings that like to go flying towards your face.

Quarry Diablo Red 8 in. x 8 in. Abrasive Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile (11.11 sq. ft. / case)

No broken tiles, very even coloration and surface texture. Nice results.

7-1/4 in. x 4-Tooth Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tipped James Hardie/Fiber Cement Saw Blade

I found what I needed and a employee was available to assist with questions the blade worked as expected

5/8 in. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit

Used drill bit to make a hole in the ceramic tile above the fireplace to hang a mantle. Used a spray bottle with water to help cut the tile. It worked real well.

8-1/2 in. x 60-Tooth Fine Finish Saw Blade

I’ve used one of these blades on my miter saw for about five years now without any issues. I own a 9” table saw and its getting harder and harder to find blades. I picked up another 8-1/2 IN. X 60 TOOTH CARBIDE CIRCULAR SAW BLADE for use on my table saw. So far it performs well with soft and hard woods. It excels at cutting plywood. The only issue I've found is the blade is thin kerf which throws off the measurements on my saws’ fence slightly.