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100 Inch Wide Track Clamp Edge - Straight Edge Saw Guide

The first time I used the product, the brackets that grip the rod on the moveable end snapped. The theory behind the product is good, but for $140 - something better than 3 pieces of metal with a hole in them should be used as a stop. I have not decided if I will try to order a replacement.

24 in. Aluminum Straight Edge with English Graduations 1/16

Big letters, numbers and marks makes laying out any project easier.

66 in. Wide Track Clamp Edge - Straight Edge Saw Guide

This is a great tool. I use this to cut 3 x 5 cement board with a circular saw and a diamond blade. works great and it's long enough to rip a 5 ft sheet length ways. I also use it as a straight edge for general layout and you can flip it over and use it to clamp tile as you do detail work. I can't wait to make some custom jigs with the T track. overall very useful product.

48 in. Aluminum Straight Edge Ruler

We bought this ruler and did not use it - we will take it back soon

24 in. Aluminum Non-Marring Straight Edge Anodised Laser-Etched Scale

Was cutting window glass for my antique cabinet. So I purchased this so it should not slip while cutting the glass. I worked wonderfully and I can see using it on other projects, so it will not slip as I use it to guide my wood or other cutting projects.

50 in. Wide Track Clamp Edge - Straight Edge Saw Guide

I’m not a woodworker but a home DIYer. This wide track clamp & saw guide is something I need infrequently, but when it’s needed, it’s really needed. That said, I found this tool / accessory to work very well for its intended purposes. The clamps hold tight and the locking mechanisms are very easy to set and release. I’ve yet to determine how to use the angle feature (documentation is wanting), but I generally wouldn’t need it for my projects. In all, a very good value.

3 in. x 6 in. Battery Operated Iridescent Glitter Straight Edge Wax Candle

These candles are absolutely lovely. And I do not have to worry about my 3 year old grandson getting burned. Great addition to my Holiday decorating!

18 in. x 2 in. Straight Edge Terra Cotta Border (4-Pack)-DISCONTINUED

The border is a great idea and I was sold on it in the store. However, to install, it does not allow the border to be cut. If you cut it, the extensions that hold the tile underneath are now removed and will not hold securely. If an edge is cut, the corner borders will not fit in the straight border either. Bottom line - your patio, deck etc has the be the exact size of the tiles as they are constructed.

18 in x 2 in. Straight Edge Earth (4-Pack)-DISCONTINUED

Looks kind of flimsy but works, and is too expensive for a piece of plastic in my opinion and it will crack

19 in. x 2.75 in. Utility Floor Straight Edge (4 Pack)

product does not interlock properly into main floor tiles as intended. It buckles. poor product design

18 in. x 2 in. Straight Edge Gray Border(4-Pack)-DISCONTINUED

If you are using these on a flat floor, they are fine. For edging on a porch, The plastic may not be the best option. I would like to see something a little stronger.

3 in. x 6 in. Wax Bisque Straight Edge Candle with Timer

These exceeded my expectations. They really look and feel like real candles. We set the times start and come on at dusk and turn off 5 hours later. They flicker and really look like the real thing.

3 in. x 4 in. Wax Bisque Straight Edge Candle with Timer

these candles do not have a wick stem coming out the top as pictured/described. they have a very fake looking glass bulb instead and eat Duracell batteries up in 2-3 weeks. have other bought from even walmart and they last for months but do not have the fake glass bulbs on top--they look so cheesy--wish I had inspected before gave as early gifts as my family and I will be out of town for Christmas--home depot I am using less and less and lowes is now my main home store--stay away

ArmorGuard 15/16 in. x 5-1/4 in. x 20 ft. Straight Edge Capped Composite Decking Board in Coastal Cedar

Building a new deck with my son. Wood was not an option as he wanted low maintainance. Azek was too expensive, so we had heard good things about HD Veranda. Went with the Armorguard, Coastal Cedar. Our deck was a right angle so making sure both sections were square was of utmost importance. We also decided to do a picture frame style around the perimeter which had some tricky cuts. But with the wavy ends of this product you don't want to see the end cuts. The first few pieces were a little tricky as they were 20 ft. sections and aligning the fasteners was difficult. But once we got the hang of it, it went pretty smoothly. When putting in the screws for the hidden fastener system, make sure you don't go at too large an angle. It was a lot easier to drill with just a little more of an angle than 90 degrees. Also make sure you push the clips all the way into the grooves or you gap between boards will be too big. We had to use a few of the colored deck screws for some locations where we were not able to use the hidden fasteners. Screws are ok but you will get some mushrooming effect. The material was easy to cut with my chop saw and really looks nice when installed. The gap between boards is perfect and really gives the deck consistency. This deck does get hot when there is direct sunlight on it and that's a little bit of an issue. We originally wanted to go with the darker Brazilian color, but went to cedar because of the heat issue. Now we tackle the railings. It will be interesting to see how this material holds up over the years with New England weather.

3-Piece Clamp Edge - Circular Saw Jig Saw Router Straight Edge Saw Guide set

tools received in excellent condition and were as expected