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Cottage 36 in. W x 34 in. H x 21.5 in. D. Vanity Cabinet Only in Antique White

This vanity is of average quality. The doors are a little flimsy but overall it's a nice piece for the price. Just be aware, it's not really antique white, but more a yellow. Not the color I was looking for but it works in our new bathroom. I would buy this again.

City Loft Flo or Cabinet in Black 35 in. H x 14.75 in. W x 17.5 in. D-DISCONTINUED

This little stand was just perfect for the powder room. It came very quickly and in good condition, and I think the quality is very fine for the price. Definitely would recommend this again. We got it on sale.

Naples 32 in. L x 30 in. W x 2 in. D Wall Mirror in Warm Cinnamon

I purchased this with the vanity after just checking the reviews for a long time as I was never able to actually see the product, so I was very nervous. If you are on the fence the quality of this product is excellent, what a beautiful upgrade for my bathroom.

Haven 30 in. W x 21.625 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Espresso

product came damaged. The delivery people are not to careful. Tried to return and call tag never got sent out. even tho I ordered another that was delivered the damaged one still sits and I have no credit for it.

Exhibit 60 in. W X 21 in. D x 34 in. D. Vanity Cabinet Only in Rich Cinnamon

This vanity is actually one of the best "furniture" style (with legs) that I saw, and I looked at a lot of them, and this one is definitely the least expensive. The open shelf in the middle is unique, but not as useful as I thought it would be. The color is much richer and orange than on the website. It actually looks much better in person (see my pic). I was even able to find this item stocked on the shelf in 1 local HD store. Most of the others in my area didn't stock it. It comes almost fully assemble in a huge box.

Naples 36 in. W x 21.75 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Warm Cinnamon

We purchased two vanities, with right and left drawers, planning to install them side by side in our downstairs bathroom. The units have a functional design and fit together rather well. I had reservations about the hardware included that proved to be of even less utility than I'd anticipated. The drawers are drilled for single pulls and doors for 3" pulls, which reduces options for alternative hardware. The holes are also countersunk into the backs of the drawers and doors at inconsistent depths, requiring either washers or assorted length screws to attach new pulls. The units look good together but I'd have been happier to have had the option of ordering them undrilled and without hardware.

Zen Stacking Cube Feet in Nickel (4-Pack)

I received my shipment quickly and the product is exactly what I needed.

Gazette 18-1/2 in. W Wall Shelf in Espresso

We bought this shelf along with several other gazette items for a master bath remodel. This matches the other gazette items well. It looks as though this item could be recessed into the wall (sort of like a medicine cabinet) but it may be too deep for that. It hangs on the wall with a cleat that screws to the wall, then the shelf hangs on the cleat. This sticks out from the wall a little farther than we expected but that's not really an issue for us because of the location. It's nice to have the extra depth - the shelves are more useful that way. As always double-check the dimensions before you order it, The item arrives well packaged. It is completely assembled except for putting in the shelves and hanging it up. Very nice look. Stain is dark brown with reddish tones.

City Loft 24 in. Wall Shelf in Black-DISCONTINUED

Liked shelf but returned because on initial assembly, screw cracked shelf on bottom & someone put in an anchor & another screw. Took back to store, but, low and behold, I could not be reimbused for shipping even though they clearly shipped me damaged product. I did not reorder because I would again have to pay shipping. HD showed a lack of respect for customer by sending damaged product in the first place. Bad move HD.

Cottage 30 in. W x 34 in. Hx 21.5 in. D. Vanity Cabinet Only in Antique White

Great service from Home Depot but it is a shame that the buyers couldn't find products with better quality. Hinges are weak and undersized. Doors are not hung squarely. Doors do not stay closed. Hinges are loose and missing screws. Wood feels thin, light, and cheap. Typical made in China junk. When can we see box stores carry quality cabinetry? I based my purchase on the rating of 4 stars. Are you kidding me?

Cottage 38 in. L x 28 in. W Vanity Wall Mirror in Antique White

I purchased two vanities for the master bath they are well built and have beveled mirror and shelf that can be left on or off depending on your decor I attached them for style and function for toiletries .I would have help when you hang the vanities they are pretty heavy beautiful custom appearance . True to color and size you won't be disappointed

Naples 26-1/2 in. W Wall Cabinet in Warm Cinnamon

The cbinet perfectly matched the vanity that we also got from Home Depot, delivery was prompt, and installation was very easy. Have received many compliments on both the cabinet and the matching vanity, a lot of surpised people when I told the the price for the two item, they figured they cost at least $1000 more then what we paid for it when we paid under $800 for both idtems

Haven 36 in. W Vanity Cabinet Only in Espresso

I needed a 36" vanity without drawers due to the plumbing for the sink, and this was perfect. The back is completely open so we didn't have to deal with any extra hassles for our off-center plumbing when we installed it. The value completely met my expectations.

Gazette 16 in. W x 42 in. H Floor Cabinet in Dark Espresso

Had a few factory dings that I was able to cover with a black sharpie. Finish is a bit off on part of top and sides but not noticeable enough to keep me up at night. All in all, nice piece. Love that I didn't have to assemble! It is more black than expression, but looks good. Packaging was superior.

Cottage 17 in. W x 35 in. H Floor Cabinet in Antique White

This cabinet was shipped to my home. No apparent damage on outside of boxes. After unpacking found many issues with quality. One drawer slide was damaged. The screws had pulled out of one side and it appeared the drawer was too narrow and put stress on slide screws that pulled out of composite stuff. There were several blemishes in painted surfaces. The feet were chipped. Returned for refund.

City Loft 37 in. W x 22 in. D x 34.75 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Black-DISCONTINUED

This vanity is absolutely beautiful! The only complaint I have about it is that the two drawers are extremely hard to open... probably an easy fix though I just don't know how to do it. We remolded our entire bathroom and this vanity is definately the center piece! Definately worth the money.

Haven 31 in. L x 25 in. W Framed Wall Mirror in Espresso

The quality and design of this mirror works perfectly with my newly remodeled bathroom. Great value!

Exhibit 34 in. L x 28 in. W Wall Mirror in Rich Cinnamon

The mirror is heavy, and framed in solid wood. It matches the vanity perfectly and was very easy to hang.

Cottage 48 in. W x 34 in. H x 21.62 in. D. Vanity Cabinet Only in Antique White

We love this vanity - it is lovely. It makes our new bathroom remodel perfect. It was even delivered earlier than expected. I love it. Our contractor took a drawer with him to get paint for the beadboard on the walls. Really nice looking in our 1905 home. The drawers are smooth closing and easy to close. The doors all line up perfectly.

Cottage 32 in. L x 23 in. W Wall Mirror in Antique White

I purchased two of these for my double vanity. The mirror is a nice quality (no warping/wavy effect)- solid reflection and the frame is sturdy. The paint finish is wonderful~ must say it is in no way “white”… definitely “antique” creamy/beige ~ yellow white. The mirror does come with a bottom shelf~ but can be mounted without it. If you’re handy with a drill and a measuring tape, mounting is not that difficult. I did not have a stud for support so in addition to using heavy-duty drywall anchors at the top; I went an extra step and drilled (countersink) a hole in each lower corner (above shelf) and mounted with drywall anchors (covering holes with wooden plugs that I painted to match). Bottom Line~ A solid, well built frame with or without the shelf- looks great and most important for a mirror- no warping/waviness in the reflection.

Exhibit 48 in. W x 21.63 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Rich Cinnamon

I like the design of this 48" vanity. The material is not the most solid but it is good value for the price. The installation of a top on these was challenging. The four corners are higher than the rest of the vanity, so the top can only be glues at four points and the top bows down with no support across the middle. I shimmed the top for support to solve this.

Naples 60 in. W x 21.75 in. D x 34 in. H Vanity Cabinet Only in Warm Cinnamon

The only thing I don't like about it, is that it is a little on the orange/red side. I am glad I purchased it and it is a nice durable cabinet.

City Loft 24 in. Vanity Mirror in Black-DISCONTINUED

The product was lovely, but one of the two in my order arrived cracked. Looked like it was dropped on end. When I called to have it replaced, home depot no longer carried. I must say, the rep went out of her way to help me find one in stock from the manufacturer.

Exhibit 34 in. L x 23-1/2 in. W Wall Mirror in Rich Cinnamon

This mirror is a high quality and pretty. We returned it only because the color was not a good match with our vanity.