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Find flowers that will thrive in your landscape. Figure out how cold it gets where you will plant them, 
then shop in your hardiness zone. These zones are based on the average lowest winter temperatures in your area.

To make things easy, your local Home Depot Store takes extra care
to ensure the perennials they carry will live in your area.

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Saturate your garden with the long-lasting flowers and foliage of perennials pants. Our perennials are delivered fresh from local growers, so you know they are healthy, hardy and thriving.

Brighten up your shady spots with some butterfly and bird attracting full shade perennials.

Accent your edges or rev your garden up to full purple perennial, or another color of your choice. Establish Astilbe on your borders or throughout your perennial garden for a stunning display. Cover ground with the rich foliage of Coral Bells and the tough Gaillardia for a long season of daisy-like bloom.

Check our guides or ask an in-store gardening associate for help narrowing down choices for your perennial garden.
If you’re concerned about the critters getting to your garden bed, our deer resistant annuals should give you peace of mind.

You can count on perennial flowers and plants to come back, year after year.
But if they don’t, we’ll replace them for free.


A member of the mint family lavender has A member of the mint family lavender has aroma so fantastic you'll want to break out in song Sound-of-Music-style. The plant's oil is known to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Use your lavender in baked goods or simply keep it around to whip your decor into shape. Grow beautiful lavender ...  More + Product Details Close
Pink Chiffon Hibiscus from Proven Winners has the Pink Chiffon Hibiscus from Proven Winners has the same flower power and soft graceful stems of other Chiffon varieties but with large soft pink flowers. The clear pink of Pink Chiffon is an unusual addition to summer gardens. This Hibiscus can be trained up a small tree and also resists ...  More + Product Details Close