How To Divide Perennials

How To Divide Perennials

Dividing perennials is an easy project that can quickly grow your garden. One plant can produce several additional plants to use elsewhere in your landscape or to give away as gifts.

Year-Round Care for Perennials

Year-Round Care for Perennials 

The joy of perennials is that they come back year after year. But without proper winter care, many perennials will not return in the spring.

How to Create a 3 Season Garden Bed

Creating a Three Season Garden Bed

A colorful garden is truly a spring delight. Here, you can learn how to build a low-maintenance garden bed that has the added bonus of keeping its colors for three seasons.

Container Gardening Design

Container gardening design

“Thriller, Filler, Spiller” – the design technique that adds drama to a dull backyard and color to a neglected corner of any patio. Simply follow these 3 steps to create a beautiful container garden in no time.

1. Thrillers.  These plants and ornamental grasses bring height and drama to your garden. Place them either in the center or back of the container.

2. Fillers.  Use these rounded or mounded plants to make your container look full and robust. They should be placed in front of, or around, the ‘Thrillers’.

3. Spillers. Round out your garden with these trailing plants. Place them in the front of the container so they can hang over the edge.



Perennials are the plants that keep on giving. When properly planted and taken care of, these plants and flowers can be counted on to come back in bloom year after year saving you time, energy and money. There are many different types of perennials that come in a variety of colors and features, but many of them do have certain things in common.

The typical perennial has a relatively short blooming season, ranging from two to three weeks depending on the type. However, if you plan ahead and group early, mid-season and late blooming perennials together you can ensure that they provide a continual backsplash of color to your yard.

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