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There is no better way to welcome spring than with the bright, bold colors of annuals. Although these beautiful plants and flowers only last one growing season, they do have an extended blooming season that adds personality and interest to any space. Plant them in flower beds or along borders to give your home added curb appeal, or in container gardens or hanging baskets to liven up a dull corner of your patio.

Proper plant care is essential in making sure that your annuals stay healthy and happy all season long. It’s important to plant them at just the right time to produce the best results. If you plant your annuals too early, an unexpected cold snap can damage or destroy delicate plants. If you plant them too late, however, they may not have the opportunity to take root and grow to their full potential. Be sure to pay careful attention to the typical growing season of your region, as it can change drastically from one area to the next. You can find a huge selection of garden tools, like hole diggers, pruners and garden forks, at The Home Depot to make sure that you get the job done right.

After planting, annuals continue to require care and attention so they remain healthy and keep blooming. Fertilize plants once or twice during the growing season if needed. Soil that has been enriched with compost may not require fertilizer. Annuals also need to be watered regularly and thoroughly to encourage deep root growth. Adding mulch to your flower beds helps to keep moisture in the soil longer, while also reducing weeds and enhancing the appearance of your garden.

Shop your local Home Depot store to find a large variety of annuals to choose from. Besides coming in a huge assortment of colors, annuals also have varying characteristics such as level of sun or shade preference, the type of soil they thrive in, and how well they can tolerate drought conditions.


Fragrant flowers are stunning in the garden or Fragrant flowers are stunning in the garden or early summer bouquets. Attractive in rock or herb gardens or in combination with lamb's ears creeping baby's breath fever few roses and small grasses such as blue fescue. Remove faded flowers for re-bloom. Blooms Spring through Summer Prefers 6 hours or more ...  More + Product Details Close
Drop this combo into your favorite container to Drop this combo into your favorite container to create beautiful planter instantly. Great for beds and borders too. Container gardening made simple. Quick easy and convenient. Takes the guess work out of container gardening Mixes chosen by garden designers for outstanding performance Colors and varieties vary by store  More + Product Details Close
Magnificent spikes of long-blooming flowers attract hummingbirds and Magnificent spikes of long-blooming flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies. An eye-catching accent for gardens and containers. A lovely companion to yarrow daisies coreopsis and ornamental grasses. Remove spent flowers to promote re-blooming. Blooms early Spring to Fall Prefers full sun Space 24 in. to 36 in. apart Grows 30 in. ...  More + Product Details Close
A balanced blend of the most popular annuals A balanced blend of the most popular annuals and perennials. They will grow virtually anywhere in the United States and Southern Canada. This blend will provide long lasting colorful blooms for your home well after cutting. Contents: baby's breath bachelor button Siberian wallflower tree mallow black-eyed Susan blanket-flower clarkia lance ...  More + Product Details Close