Pots & Planters

outdoor planters and garden pots at the home depot

Using outdoor planters is the perfect way to create beautiful container gardens for your front porch, patio or any outdoor space. Planters and garden pots allow for creativity and flexibility when designing a garden that fits the specific needs of you and your home. The Home Depot offers a huge selection of planters in different colors, sizes and materials like wood, terra cotta, metal, plastic and ceramic. Save money on grocery bills by adding a raised garden bed to your backyard and grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables. Increase your home's curb appeal and install a window box filled with colorful flowers on street-facing windows, or perk up a neglected area of a small patio by placing bold, colorful planters.

Just like with traditional gardens, the health and happiness of your container garden depends in large part on proper consideration of individual growing zones. Not only should the selection of plants and flowers be dictated by specific climates, but the care and maintenance of planters themselves depend on climate as well. You may need to bring ceramic and terra cotta pots indoors during freezing weather, as they tend to crack more easily. Also, certain pots and planters may overheat your plants and flowers during hot and sunny weather if care is not taken to keep them in the shade.

In addition to pots, planters, plants and flowers, The Home Depot offers everything else you need to kick-start your container garden this season such as a variety of mulches and garden tools that will help your garden grow and thrive no matter where you live.


Inspired by classic clay pots the Dura Cotta Inspired by classic clay pots the Dura Cotta Planter is made from durable polypropylene. Plastic outdoor planters offer affordable beauty without heavy weight or risk of breakage. Drainage holes protect plants from excess water. 12 pack None of the disadvantages like clay planters no chipping no cracking and no discoloration ...  More + Product Details Close
The Emsco Group Outdoor WallFlowers vertical garden planting The Emsco Group Outdoor WallFlowers vertical garden planting system enables you to enhance any wall fence post or other vertical surface with a bright palette of colorful flowers or a lush carpet of natural growth. This easy to use system is designed to cradle any plants you choose. There is ...  More + Product Details Close
This is a square shape with tulip pattern This is a square shape with tulip pattern basket. It includes coco liner which helps retain soil and provide adequate drainage. It's a hanging basket and could be decorated your garden more beautifully. Powder coated finish ensures durable use in outdoor background Tulip design attracts eyeballs and a good looking ...  More + Product Details Close
The Mela Wall Planter is a bright modern The Mela Wall Planter is a bright modern addition to your patio or outdoor living space. With a deep molded planting area with single hanging point Mela Wall Planters securely hang on any wall. Combine flowers and greenery to brighten your home’s entrance or lift your favorite patio combos up ...  More + Product Details Close