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Nexgrill Cart-Style Charcoal Grill

Model # 810-0025

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RiverGrille Cowboy 31 in. Charcoal Grill and Fire Pit

Model # GR1038-014612

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$49.00 / each
Aussie Walk-A-Bout Portable Charcoal Grill

Model # 4200.0A236

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$149.00 / each
RiverGrille Stampede 37.5 in. Charcoal Grill

Model # CG2053904-RG

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Average rating for Charcoal Grills
(4.5 / 5)
4,100 Reviews
  1. 1 year ago
    Kitchen Aid Charcoal Grill
    I dont think I know anyone who enjoys assembling a purchase but to my surprise this was very easy dispite the instruction manual completely missing a step. The main reason it was so easy was that almost all the screws were pre-set. I only had to loosen them a little and slide the pieces in then tighten. Didnt have any missing pieces, everything was in great condition. The cook surface is wonderful and quite large for the actual grill size. Heats evenly. Good value for the $.
  2. 2 years ago
    Very Nice Charcoal Grill!!
    I love this grill!!! It looks awesome and cooks great!! Nice quality too!! Cant go wrong!!! The only thing that was sort of bad were the instructions! They left out alot of steps and hardly explained anything. Putting it together wasnt hard but you have to figure out alot of the steps on your own since the instructions are so poorly written.
  3. 2 years ago
    Great charcoal grill
    This is a solid and well built grill for outdoor BBQ'ing. Some of the more important features, Chimney style stack, built in -easy to read thermometer and adjustable height heat box for low and slow grilling. The unit ships un-assembled and assembly time will vary.
  1. 1 day ago
    22" Weber Kettle
    A great grill that's easy to put together. I use it secondary to my 26" kettle when needed for larger crowds.
  2. 12 months ago
    High quality charcoal grill
    I recently purchased this grill and it was worth the money. The grates are very thick and made of high quality metal. the features such as the built in thermostat are one of the many great options that is available in this grill. I only plan on having less then 8 people over at any giving time so the amount of space if perfect for me as well. The ability to change out the center grate is also a plus.
  3. 1 year ago
    Best Value
    Grill was easy to assemble. I have only cooked 3 meals on it and can tell you best charcoal grill out there bar none. I used the baskets to smoke ribs indirect in which temp was easy to control and today I did pork steaks on direct heat. Other grills would flare up or catch on fire with pork steak since they drop grease on fire. Weber handled it like a pro. I was able to load charcoal across the bottom, heat up grill, put steaks on then close lid and finally I was able to finish what I had to do ... read more inside. Grill is so simple just about set and forget. If you are worried that it is to much forget that thought and buy the best value out there. To many accessories to list that could cost you more than grill cost are included in this grill.
  1. 6 months ago
    Always quality
    Very quick delivery,very happy always great when it's weber and depot
  2. 11 months ago
    Perfect birthday gift for my husband!
    He LOVED it! My only complaint is that its $50 more expensive for the green opposed to the standard black. But he had to have the green so I splurged! Overall worth the money. He broke the plastic handle during assembly which was disappointing but it doesn't effect the performance at all.
  3. 1 month ago
    Love it!
    I have had a smaller Weber Grill for many years and decided to up grade to this larger one and I really love it. As with all Weber grills this one cooks great and I have very little to no flame ups. I like the dark green color, now if I could only get them to make a lime green one I would be a real happy camper..LOL. I had it shipped to my home and got it within three days, great services and a great product.
  1. 2 years ago
    One-Touch Gold 22-1/2 in. Charcoal Grill in Copper
    Easy to put together, the copper color looks great. I can control the temp very accurately. The the ash scraper and catcher work well.
  2. 2 years ago
    Solid Grill
    Solid grill. My Weber Silver lasted me 12 years...hope for the same with this one! Great color!
  3. 2 years ago
    Great grill
    Very functional grill , nice size not too big. Good quality from Weber
  1. 6 months ago
    Really Compact, Easy to Use
    I like the folding side, the ability to move the grill right away, and the beer bottle opener! And you can adjust the height of the charcoals with ease. You have two vents on either side, and a smoke top vent as well. Then you also have a thermometer, always handy to have when cooking various meats. The installation to put this thing together was really one of the worst experiences I've had with a grill. My wife, her friend and I all had trouble figuring this guy out! We found ourselves taking ... read more the grill apart a few times, starting over and correcting the mistakes we made. But after some adjustments and getting through it, the grill was everything we could have hoped for. The charcoal has an easy slide-out pan for disposing the ashes after you are done, and the grill grates are easy to take out as well. Overall, a great grill!
    Seeds Program Review
  2. 6 months ago
    This little Dyna-Glo Compact Charcoal Grill is perfect for the beginner back yard griller or for a couple that wants a charcoal grill that's not too expensive. The adjustable charcoal tray is a favorite of mine because it allows you to adjust the tray level without risk of burning yourself by cranking the outside handle. The firebox is easily accessed by a firebox door conveniently located on the front of the grill. My dislikes of the grill is the metal it is made of is very thin which makes ... read more the grill light weight but begs to question durability of the grill. If the grill is well maintained it should last a few grilling seasons. I would strongly recommend a grill cover to keep it at its best. If not, after a few uses and left in the elements of the outdoors you will find rust may eat through the thin metal the grill is made up of. Otherwise, over all this is a real nice, light weight, easy to put in the back of a truck for a tailgate party type grill.
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  3. 6 months ago
    Good for starters
    DELIVERY Everything was very well packaged, from large to the smallest parts with no damage of any sort. All the hardware was included and no components were missing. ASSEMBLY Assembly is easy and one person can tackle it easily. There were 37 parts to put together. The only tool you need for entire assembly is one Phillips screw driver. Instructions Manual included illustration with every step which made an hour long installation easier. You do not need any experience to put it all ... read more together. DIMENSIONS The entire grill is about 50” tall (including top vent), 28.5” wide with side table folded and 41.25” wide with side table unfolded. The side table is 10.5” wide and 17.75” deep. The top two grates are22.5” wide and 16.5” deep. The tray at the bottom is 15.75” deep and 20” wide. Overall, it got ample cooking area for small to large meat portions. It can easily accommodate about six 20 oz. stakes or 8 large sized leg & thigh pieces with some spare room to flip them around. QUALITY Some parts are very thin metal i.e. 1/32th of an inch thick and some are 1/16th thick. Door and crank handle are of thick metal and provide good grip with or without gloves. The crank handle works nicely lifting the charcoal tray up or down. The side table folds nicely, a handy feature for prep area and when storing it. Given the overall quality, keeping it in the garage would be a better choice otherwise an outdoor graded cover is a must to get the longevity out of it. USAGE I have grilled chicken tikkas and chicken leg & thighs and bunch of vegetables. Everyone enjoyed the charcoal touch in crispy and juicy chicken thighs. I however would like to keep that credit to myself. Bottom line is that the grill will last you a few years easily without spending much. I’ve owned heavy duty cast iron grills but those cost arms and legs to begin with. If you are a starter and the build quality is not a must have on your priority list then go for it.
    Seeds Program Review
  1. 3 months ago
    Old School Look with New School Performance
    This throwback looking grill is easy and fun to cook on. Holds high temps for a long time. I love that I can grill or smoke.
  2. 3 months ago
    Love this Grill!
    Having cooked on one several times, I highly recommend this grill! Great for smoking and grilling alike. Perfect for the backyard chef. Not only is it made from high-quality materials, but it also has an awesome vintage look that will definitely be a conversation piece.
  3. 3 months ago
    A do-all solution for your backyard.
    As someone who just a short 2 years ago had never cooked much on a charcoal grill and preferred gas, let me tell you that this grill was a game changer. What started as a gift has almost turned into a backyard obsession. I use the PK on average now probably 3-5 times a week, sometimes more in the Spring/Summer/Fall, never less. I've done Brisket Flats, Pork Shoulders for 15-20 people and also indirectly smoked up to 3 full racks of ribs cut in halves. The heat retention in this grill is ... read more unbelievable, I've done night smokes where I set a few alarms and go check and temperature drop or rise is extremely minimal to the point I can literally let it go most of the night with very few heat source tweaks. It excels as an everyday charcoal grill, Steaks/Fish/Burgers/CastIron Tacos, you name it I've probably done it. I saw the Home Depot news on their Instagram page and felt obligated to share my experience with the grill, do yourself a favor! Longer grilling nights are imminent.
  1. 1 month ago
    Best Grill Purchase ever
    This grill is one of the best grills we ever purchased and with the qualify of this grill it will probably be the last one we will ever have to purchase again. When we took it out of the packaging there one metal part a very important metal strip that goes around the grill and the top attaches to that was broke, I sent an email, registered our grill and was sent a new part immediately , great customer services. I would recommend this, it is great for smoking food, and grilling Great Purchase.
  2. 3 months ago
    The BOMB of Grill/Smokers
    At 227 lbs it's Heavy. The Kamado Vision has some features some of the more eggpensive models don't. In 2 months I've cooked on the Vision 40 times. Meatloaf, Wings, Pork Roasts, Beef Roasts, Pizza, Chicken, Italian Sausages you name it. It's a Grill, Smoker and High Temp Oven. After a few cooks temperature control is easy. You'll need a Plate Setter for Non-direct cooking and a Pizza stone. I gave the Quality a 4 because the Top Vent has a Plastic Tab that will break. I know Kamado will ... read more warranty it but come on guys, it's on a Cast Iron Vent. Aluminum or Steel would have been the better choice. If you are thinking about an "egg" cooker, this is it. It uses much less Charcoal that I expected.
  3. 3 months ago
    A Superior Charcoal Grill
    I have used this Vision's Kamado Pro grill for over 4 months now and am very pleased with it. While very similar to the GreenEggs, what makes this great is the slide-out ash tray. I don't have to bother with small brooms and small scoops to clean the ashes out. Just use a grill brush to move the ashes over the ash grate and they fall into the ash tray. Then just slide the ash tray out the front and dump. Wow, that is easy. It is just about as easy as the Weber kettle grills with the removable ... read more ash tray at the very bottom. Visions really had an excellent idea to make clean-up easy. Add the electric element for charcoal starting and it couldn't be quicker for both start-up and clean-up. Thanks Visions. Making my life easier and food taste great is much appreciated. One note, if doing high-temp grilling then be sure to get a Nomex felt gasket. The OEM version will begin to smoke at 600+ degrees.
  1. 3 years ago
    Excellent charcoal cooking, superb quality
    After much thought and consideration, I decided to switch from my rusted out gas grill to a charcoal grill. Every review I read on this grill was outstanding and it lives up to the hype. Great even cooking, easy to assemble and if you get the Weber rapid fire chimney starter, even easier to get going. The ash catcher works great and really speeds up clean up. I have not regretted the switch, and the food tastes better too!
  2. 3 years ago
    I finally have my Weber!
    A Weber chargoal grill has been on my wish list for a while. I was not disappointed with this grill. It's a great patio grill. Love the blue color. So much easier to clean than the cheap-o grill I've been using for the past couple years. The assembly instructions were not quite clear to me on step one and I broke the first piece. Called Weber. Great customer service. Sent me a replacement piece right away. I then found an instructional video on youtube. Even with my little hiccup, I am very happy.
  3. 3 years ago
    So glad I got this! It was very easy to put together besides the fact that there were no written instructions included, just pictures. There really aren't that many pieces, though. Just pay attention when you're putting it together. The blue is not as dark as pictured, it is a lighter, purplish blue. I love it. When I received the grill, though, the box was full of blue paint chips! It's not terrible or super noticeable so it isn't a big deal. The area for grilling is huge and it is easy to ... read more clean. Definitely recommend!
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