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  1. 4 years ago
    Good balance of speed, power, and ease of use
    Tiller makes quick and relatively easy work of breaking ground. The way the wheels flip up and under right behind the tines makes if very easy to transport too.
  2. 5 years ago
    Fairly Quiet and Tough
    I bought this smaller tiller for my 26 ft. x 16 ft. raised garden beds. The machine is perfect. The Briggs and Stratton engine starts VERY easily and runs smoothly. The till depth is excellent. So far so good. Since I've only used it once I can't speak to how long it will hold up, but I plan to take excellent care of it so it should last at least 20 years.
  3. 5 years ago
    Great tiller
    I bought this tiller 3 years ago to save on renting a tiller. It has worked wonderfully and no problems what so ever. The Briggs & Stratton engine tills through sod covered soil with no problems, and walks it way through previously tilled gardens with ease. Easy set up and maintenance. Well worth the money and it is American made.
  1. 1 month ago
    Good tiller
    The machine came almost fully assemble. The only assembly required was to bolt the handle bard and connect the cable, instructions were easy to follow. It started on the second or third pull (I can't remember) and it was easy to run. After about 15 minutes of use, I pulled on the reverse lever and the machine made loud noise almost like when you try to turn on the car when its already running, so I tried pulling the forward lever and it made the same noise. My was was standing by and she noticed ... read more a big washer nut on the ground. The nut holding the belt pulley came off. After installing the nut and torquing it, I have not had any problems.
  2. 3 months ago
    Great product. Glad I bought it.
    This tiller has been a great purchase. It was easy to assemble. It breaks hard, untouched ground great, as well as pre-tilled ground. Turns dirt to near powder with just a couple of passes. I had been using a front tine tiller and it beat me up every time I used it, but not this one. It has saved me time and pain, and that is the idea behind good tools. I will use this for many years to come. Thanks for such a good product.
  3. 2 months ago
    Great product
    Enough power to break up any soil. Quiet and easy to assemble
  1. 4 weeks ago
    Awesome Machine!
    This rototiller is great!! It arrived in a big box in perfect condition. It took approximately 2 hours to assemble (however assembly is not my strong point!) This machine is well built, great quality, super powerful and easy to use! The handle has two setting options which can be changed with a wrench. It has very comfortable handle grips on the handles. There are 3 settings for the "blades" or tines as well as a depth adjustment that are all easily changed by the moving of locked pins. It has a ... read more pull start and started right up on the first pull! We have a very hard and rocky yard that makes creating a landscape or garden very daunting each time you dig with a shovel but the "Earthquake" makes starting a garden a breeze!!! In the pictures attached we had it on the widest and deepest setting and it ripped up our rocky ground quickly with ease! On the shallowest setting the machine was actually "pulling" my husband! Meaning you need to hold on to this machine it is quite powerful! As powerful and heavy duty as this rototiller is, it is also much lighter than other rototillers that we have used in the past! All in all this is a GREAT product that we are so happy to have! Just when I was giving up on my dream to have any gardens in this yard, now that we have the Earthquake I'm beginning to visualize new beautiful gardens all around! Thank you Versa!!
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  2. 1 month ago
    Powerful and Durable 2 in 1 Garden Machine
    The Earthquake Versa Compact Tiller was delivered in perfect condition. The box weights around 83 pounds, so you may need a hand-truck. Detailed instructions were included and easily assembled in about an hour. The Earthquake Versa 99cc Compact Tiller and Cultivator is a 2-in1 garden machine. The Viper 99cc 4-cycle over head cam engine is a high-performance reliable engine. The front-tine tiller, has removable outer tines and side shields to allow the unit to quickly change into a cultivator ... read more that can weed, mulch and aerate soil, which, also allows tilling in tight spaces. It has a low center of gravity making it a easy maneuverable and light enough to turn effortless control. Comes with three-position adjustable handlebar for different height users and added control. Included is a depth control drag stake, which acts as pivot point for a tighter turning and smoother till. The Engine is shipped from the factory without oil, you must add engine oil before starting, a 20-oz. bottle of 4-cycle oil is included. Great Product!
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  3. 2 weeks ago
    Powerful and large
    This is a wide, powerful tiller. We had a much smaller one previously that worked well the first season and than didn't start again, so we upgraded to this larger one to do the gardens. It was difficult to put together, with overly-complicated directions, but works well once assembled. It is heavy - which is a good thing since it needs to be able to rip through denser weeds and dry soil. It has removable tines so that you can till a broader path or more narrow. You can also take one tine off so ... read more that that you can till around obstructions. So far, I am very optimistic. We will use Tru Fuel in it to keep it clean and hopefully it will start next season too. I am reserving the final star for that start.
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  1. 1 month ago
    Exceptional Cultivator
    This is the only small cultivator/mini filler you'll ever need. Don't let the size fool you. Super easy to start, reliable, and powerful and easy to use. With optional digging tines, I used it to dig the footings for my new wall and shed. One of the best power tools that I've ever purchased.
  2. 1 week ago
    The best small tiller. Starts first time everytime. Easy to use. Light weight. Love it
    I am a retired lady who loves her garden. This is light weight and perfect for my use. Going to buy one for my daughter.
  3. 6 days ago
    Honda 25 cc 4-cycle gas mini tiller
    Nicely packed and in excellent shape upon arrival. Light weight so easy to carry or use the wheels. No problems starting cold or after running. Would recommend getting and using the digging blades if just starting your excavation and if you have tight soil. Blades that it comes with are more for cultivation of an already tilled area. Blades are easy to remove and install. Follow the instructions on how to use it because this baby has lots of power and will jump all over the place if you're not ... read more careful. Had some problems getting the wheels back on after I was done. No instructions and /or illustrations. Took me awhile to figure it out, but that might just be my problem. All in all I am pleased with the products operation.
  1. 4 years ago
    So far so good.
    I enjoyed using the 17 pound tiller a couple of weeks ago when I received it from UPS. It is powerful enough to use in my 4' x 20' raised garden and all the landscaping areas of my 1/3 acre lot. It has a two year manufacturer warranty also. My gas rototiller weighs at least a hundred pounds and I used it mainly to start tilling in virgin soil that the electric one would have a hard time with. I will be selling the gas one this summer.
  2. 4 years ago
    The product is easy to use and great value.
    Very good tiller for small to medium projects. Easy to handle and cuts in to the ground with good speed. Keeping the on switch activiated was a problem during the first few minutes. With some practice the issue of keeping the on switch active was not a problem. I use the tiller in my horse stalls for mixing the bedding and operate it about about 2 hours each session every month. No problems with motor overheating.
  3. 12 months ago
    Surprisingly great!
    Understand that you are buying a small, inexpensive machine....for what I paid, I am very pleased. I have a 30 x 20 garden and it took about 30 minutes to till the entire area. Simple to use, powerful for what it is and performed better than expected. I wish it was easier to hold on the "Power" button and keep the machine running but it is a safety issue so I understand. If you are tilling a new piece of land, probably not what you need but if you have an existing garden than this will do the trick.
  1. 2 years ago
    Wow I love this tiller
    Just bought this Saturday after noon. I was tilling up the front yard to plant new grass. It was a rocky area. Had I little tiller trying to till it up. I wasn't doing the job, at all. After buying this. got it out and put oil in it and gas. Started it up the first pull. Got set up took the wheels off. Started going and oh my god it took off . I am a big guy I weight 235 lbs. and it took all I had to hang on. This thing is a beast. had to put the wheels back on. Buy it you wont buy another one again.
  2. 3 years ago
    Very Impressive Tiller.
    I think the word AWESOME is a very overused adjective in the english language but in this case I can't think of a better word to describe the Cub Cadet 208cc front tine tiller. I have been using it to till a garden spot that has never been tilled before. After filling it with gas and oil, it started on the first pull as it has done every time since. The only time it has bounced instead of digging was when I hit tree roots and they were no match for this tiller. I highly recommend this tiller to ... read more novice and experienced gardners, landscapers, homeowners, etc. I have used both front and rear tine tillers in the past and I would put this tiller up against any of them. Great job Cub Cadet and Home Depot. You came up with a winner with this one.
  3. 2 years ago
    Great garden tiller
    Bought this tiller a month ago and I absolutely love it. Does better than the rear tine tiller I had before. Doesn't bog down, great on gas, easy to handle and very very powerful. Good depth. Took the wheels off and it dug even deeper and never bogged down.Very impressive. Starts on the first pull. The tines look weak, but they're not. Great tiller for the price.
  1. 12 months ago
    Great Tiller
    I wanted a strong tiller for my packed soil. I waited for after the rain. This tiller did an excellent job and was surprised with the ease it did the job. I went as deep as 8 inches. There was no need for me to wait for the rain. Just be sure that your extension cord is rated at 15 amps. This machine is light and easy to setup and operate. I wanted an electric to avoid difficulty in starting and ethanol gas staying in the engine.
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  2. 11 months ago
    When I first looked at this product, I was not certain that it would do the trick. Boy was I wrong! I was able to till a small garden plot (about 20 X 20) in just a few minutes. It has an adjustable depth setting (by moving the wheels up or down) that is easy to use and change. The motor seems strong and didn't bog down much even though my soil is hard with a lot of clay. The finished product was ready to rake smooth and plant, but I think I'll wait a few days to do that until our temps go down ... read more from our present 99 degrees. This will be a useful tool as I prepare other planting beds throughout my back yard.
    Seeds Program Review
  3. 1 year ago
    Don't underestimate
    The little tiller that could. I have a well established garden and my full size tiller could no longer be used in areas of my beds. I can't see preparing Iowa for planting, but I find this machine great for the urban gardener. Almost jumped out of the box ready to go. Dug in deep and didn't complain. Easy to use and manuver. Wheels are easily adjustable. Fun to use!
    Seeds Program Review
  1. 3 years ago
    This product is so easy to use!
    Trying to rake and shovel is for the birds, LOL! It is so much easier with my Tiller Joe Max!
  2. 2 years ago
    excellent small tiller
    Easy to assemble and very easy to use. I have tilled up about 2000 sq ft. for new grass. It did an excellent job. Slight trick is the tiller works better if you pull it slowing toward you, rather then letting it move the normal way, which is forward. Definitely worth the money. It did an excellent job of tilling up ground. I even used it to make several large holes to new scrubs. A lot easier then digging. If have huge garden it probably not right tiller. But for most home owner with easy assess ... read more to electricity, it is the way to go. I used it is clay and dry conditions. Worked great. So light weight, even my wife could have used it easily.
  3. 2 years ago
    Works great and very easy to use. The fact that is light weight makes it easy to handle
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