Exterior Paint, Stain & Waterproofing

Renew Your Deck
Prep your Deck

Scrub and/or wash the wood to remove stains and old finishes.

Coat your Deck

Apply the material of your choice in a uniform coat.

Seal your Deck

Apply a protecting sealer after your wood has dried.

Project Color

SEE, MATCH or FIND   your perfect color!

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Let's make it new again

Renew Your Deck

Whether your deck just needs a quick cleaning or a complete refresh, you can use this project guide to get you started on the steps to having a brighter, longer lasting deck.

Painting Exterior Walls

Painting exterior walls is quite different from painting interior walls because of the variety of siding types available and the equipment needed for working off the ground. Get the info you need with this handy guide.

Painting Exterior Windows

When it comes to painting the outside of your windows, quality exterior trim paint and prep work are absolutely necessary. Learn about this and more in this project guide.