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BEHR's Picks of 2014
BEHR Paint
Ocean Liner
South Peach
Miami Weiss
Sky Blue

BEHR's Picks of 2014

Find your perfect color with the guidance of BEHR’s Color Expert, Erika Woelfel. She has identified the top color trends of 2014 and is providing tips on how you can make these colors work in your room.            

Glidden's Picks of 2014
Glidden Paint
Swan White
Natural Linen
Red Delicious

Glidden's 2014 Color Palettes

Not sure what colors go best together? Glidden makes it easy to add color to your life. Simply pick a palette to see a few color suggestions, and Glidden will show you how to coordinate colors and create the room of your dreams.

Home Decorators Collection Color Palettes
Home Decorators Collection Paint
Icicle Mint
Spearmint Frosting
Cheerful Wine
Winter Coat
North Wind

Home Decorators Collection Palettes

The Home Decorators Collection has partnered with BEHR to create custom interior paint palettes available only at The Home Depot. Developed by designers, create a color scheme by simply choosing wall, trim and accent colors from a single style. Neutral palette colors work with any design.

YOLO Colorhouse Palettes
YOLO Colorhouse Paint
Stone .07
Grain .06
Stone .04
Imagine .06

YOLO Colorhouse® Palettes

YOLO Colorhouse has created harmonious color palettes to make the color-choosing process easier.  The palettes are timeless and easy to live with, as each color was designed to be a rich backdrop for living. YOLO Colorhouse paints are zero VOC, low odor, and EcoOptions certified. 

DIY: How To Paint Interior Walls

DIY: How To Paint Interior Walls

Painting interior walls can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.



Follow these steps to estimate the amount of interior paint needed to cover your walls and trim. Paint is sold in quarts, gallons and five gallon quantities.

Step 1 – Measure the length of all 4 walls in your room, and add up the lengths to get your total lineal feet. (ex. 10+10+10+10 = 40)

Step 2 – Multiply the lineal feet by the height of your walls, floor/trim to ceiling, for your total square footage. (ex. 40x10 = 400)

Step 3 – If you intend to apply more than one  coat, multiply  your total square feet by the number of coats (ex. 400x2 = 800)

Step 4 – The average gallon of paint covers 400 square feet, divide your total from step 3 by 400 for your total gallon need. (ex. 800/400 = 2 gallons of paint)


Getting started with interior paint colors or interior stain can be both exciting and exhilarating. A coat of fresh wall paint for hallway transitions, new wall colors to make a statement and a bold splash of room paint in a kid’s room all provide you with super easy and inexpensive ways to use paint to give any area a whole new look.

Wall painting can also be one of the most daunting projects. With so many choices, options and styles to choose from, where exactly should you begin? One place where you can’t go wrong is selecting high-quality paint, such as Glidden paint. While these top brands usually cost a little more, they provide superior coverage and last longer—saving time and money in the long run.

Unlike many outdoor paint projects, such as laying down a coat of concrete paint, painting interiors give you a greater opportunity to let your personality shine! Find a starting point, like a favorite painting or furniture item, and then take a look at our fan decks. Take note on how colors work together and compliment each other. And for more help choosing a color scheme, check out our paint blog for inspiring articles and videos. Or come in store to talk to a Home Depot Paint Pro. We’re happy to help!