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$799.00 / each
Graco Pro 210ES Airless Paint Sprayer

Model # 17D163

Was  $773.33
$299.00 / each
Save $474.33 (61%)
TiTAN FlexSpray Stationary HVLP Unit

Model # 0524085

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$99.00 / each
Wagner Flexio 570 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Model # 0529011

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Was  $99.99
$79.99 / each
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Paint Zoom HVLP Paint Sprayer Kit

Model # PZ110

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$949.00 / each
Graco Pro 210ES Hi-Boy Airless Paint Sprayer

Model # 17C305

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Was  $74.26
$66.83 / each
Save $7.43 (10%)
Wagner Control Spray Double Duty HVLP Sprayer

Model # 0518050

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$119.00 / each
Wagner HVLP Paint Ready Sprayer Station

Model # 0529017

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Was  $129.99
$89.00 / each
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Earlex Spray Station 3500 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Model # 0HV3500US

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$189.00 / each
Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station

Model # 0529021

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$48.88 / each
Wagner HVLP Control Spray

Model # 0417005

Was  $69.97
$62.97 / each
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HomeRight Finish Max Fine HVLP Paint Sprayer

Model # C800766

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$569.00 / each
Graco ProX17 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Model # 17G178

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Was  $99.97
$69.00 / each
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Earlex Spray Station 1900 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Model # 0HV1900US3

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Average rating for Paint Sprayers
(3.7 / 5)
3,620 Reviews
  1. 4 years ago
    Kilz 2 Latex Primer on cedar
    First of all, it was a little confusing purchasing this because there is also a Control Spray MAX model, which I think is the newer version of the Plus model, and I think there were multiple SKUs for the Plus model which made it even more confusing. Anyhow, I'm in the process of using this to paint a fence using Kilz 2 Latex Primer. The first time I tried it without diluting the primer, but the second time I diluted it and it works MUCH better diluted. I just added a few ounces of water from ... read more my reverse osmosis filter and the spray comes out nice and even. Without dilution, it comes out a little splatty. I've used it probably 8-10 hours so far without any problems. Cleanup is much faster and cleaner than using brushes and rollers.
  2. 4 years ago
    Good for painting lattice, once you develop the skill.
    I found that you can't rush the job, painting lattice panels, it sure beats hand painting. I found that putting all components, in a pail of warm soap and water, before I cleaned each individual, broken down item, made clean up easier.
  3. 3 years ago
    i spray pre cat lacquar
    I have been spraying pre cat lacquer on kitchen cabinets for 2 years with this sprayer as a side job A lot of the guys I know that work in cabinet shops cannot believe that I get such a great finish with this gun I add 1 cup lacquer thinner per gallon and away I go Just finished my own kitchen and brother in law was so jealous of the finish compared to his new kitchen done by ( professional ) cabinet shop Only problem is gun gets worn out by having to clean up with lacquer thinner on my second ... read more gun now But for the price well worth it
    This review was originally posted to WagnerSprayTech.
  1. 3 years ago
    Finish sprayer of choice for woodworkers
    The Earlex hvlp sprayer has quickly become the tool of choice for serious woodworkers. From oil based, water based, stains, varnishes, paints, this sprayer does an excellent job at a very reasonable price. Clean-up is fast and easy. Very little over-spray. Put a great finish on my most recent project. Highly recommend.
  2. 3 years ago
    Easy to use!
    If you can hold a can of spray paint you will find this sprayer just as easy. Very little overspray, nice lay off of paint. Have used thinned latex, acrylic and metallic's for furniture and it went on like a dream.
  3. 3 years ago
    Easy Setup, excellent results.
    Plug and play, Good instructions. Excellent finish. Used it for shellac on recycled redwood Barn wood display case. Good coverage on both open surface and tight corners.Would like to have a small touch up gun for this unit.
  1. 5 years ago
    Happy so far.
    We got this to paint mainly interior walls. Price was a driving factor. With higher horsepower than the low level competitive sparyer (1/2 vs 1/3 hp) and lower pressure than the 1/2 hp competitor I'm hoping for longer motor life. Got it set up and running and it's running well. No clogging or other problems for us. This is our first experience with a paint sprayer and are happy.
  2. 5 years ago
    Good results once you get past the lousy directions for assembly, use and clean up. With practice you will get great results.
    After using the paint sprayer three times now I have learned the ins and outs of how it best functions. The initial experience was unpleasant in large part because of the woefully inadequate directions on assembly and use. Once I figured out how to assemble and how best to use it, results have improved dramatically. If you give yourself some practice prior to a real job you will save yourself the learning curve headache and this appears to be a reliable and quality tool. Clean up takes time and ... read more again the directions are not good so you need to learn how best to do this to ensure it continues to function effectively next time you want to use it.
  3. 5 years ago
    The sprayer saved us days of time and effort over traditional brushes and rollers. I would very highly recommend this sprayer. Use was very easy with very little practice needed. Cleanup was quite easy as well. Be sure to remove and clean the small grit filter in the handle after each use - we initially missed this step and the filter plugged after the second day of usage. But once the filter (quite inexpensive) was replaced, and cleaned as directed, we had no problems at all. If you are looking ... read more for a good, inexpensive, reliable sprayer with great coverage, then look no further.
  1. 11 months ago
    Excellent spray gun
    I purchased this gun to paint a block wall. I only had a small 6 gallon compressor, but this was plenty to support this gun, no matter what the box said. The paint sprayer was excellent and very easy to use. If you have small compressor and need a paint sprayer, I would highly recommend this gun. Work much better then any of the electric sprayers. Only week point is the manual, but this gun is so easy to use, that you really hardly need the manual.
  2. 4 years ago
    C H spray gun
    Depend what u looking for this gun fit my needs.Good for remodeling use with many kinds of paint: latex (which is most important for me),oil,stain etc.Don't use it if u wanna paint a car or bike not recommended even by C H. This gun need low air consumption that means u can use it even with small compressor which is great.Easy to clean up if u do that right after use.Full recommendation
  3. 2 years ago
    Value for Performance
    Works well. Not an expensive sprayer. Used to paint deck. Not difficult to clan. Pattern was consistent. Don't have anything else to say but have not reached minimum yet. Guess need to say a little more. This is kinda dumb to have a review that requires 50 letters. Guess will keep on making letters for Home Depot IT people to see. When does this end?
  1. 2 years ago
    Awesome unit... Awesome value
    sprayed the exterior of my home... got professional quality results... This unit is easy to setup and operate. You will want to follow directions closely, but if you do, you will have great results too... Cleanup is never easy when painting, but this cleaned up easier than any other airless I've used... I initially thinned the paint because I've had bad luck not thinning with other units, but I soon realized that this unit had no problem spraying even thick behr paints... This thing throws paint ... read more up quickly and evenly... You can spray 5 gallons in under 30 minutes... Rolling that much paint would take HOURS... Quite possibly the best value tool I've ever purchased.
  2. 3 years ago
    Used on exterior stucco - beats rolling!
    I got this on sale and the price was great. I had my nephews working so I let them roll the lower portions of an exterior stucco house. I broke out the sprayer for the upper portion and JUST BLEW through the rest of the job. Learning spraying on rough stucco was the way to go since runs didn't matter. A LOT of of paint can come out of the nozzle so DON'T STOP MOVING or you can get a run. Clearing the nozzle is easy but the paint will come out in a stream which can also run. Much less overspray ... read more and bounce back than I expected. Highly recommended.
  3. 3 years ago
    This sprayer works flawlessly.
    This was my second airless paint sprayer, so I was already comfortable with how they set up, operate and clean up. An airless sprayer isn't the easiest tool to learn to use, and I've no doubt that some of the negative reviews are attributable to this. Still, the frequency of negative comments made me think twice before ordering. Once received, it was easy to put together, the instructions were clear, and it started up with no difficulty. I was very impressed with the spray pattern/intensity, and ... read more this sprayer made short work of house painting. Clean up was simpler than with my previous sprayer. I'm pleased that I made this decision to purchase it.
  1. 1 month ago
    This product exceeded all expectations! I am a homeowner, and decided I would spray paint the exterior of my home instead of rolling paint on. This was the first time I'd ever used a spray painter. I was a little intimidated. However, this little gem performed perfectly! Simply read and follow the instructions. The unit runs quietly. A big plus! This Graco, along with Behr Marquee one-coat paint, made the job easy, and saved me over $1000.00 by doing it myself.
    This review was originally posted to
  2. 10 months ago
    Great little sprayer
    Bought this to paint my house it worked very well I sprayed 5 gallons of latex with it this morning without any problems , the only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars is the tip would loosen up and then it would start to drip paint . Clean-up wasn't too bad all sprayers are a pain to clean being able to hook it to a hose helped.
  3. 3 years ago
    Makes painting a pleasure
    The Graco Project Painter Plus is hands down the best electric paint sprayer I've used. The spraying unit is a nice size for portability and the paint pickup tube fits into a 1 or 5 gallon paint can so you don't need to fill up the gun with paint. Another feature I must mention is that this is electric. You can use a great quality spray gun without hassling with noisy air compressors. Cleanup is a breeze, simply attach a garden hose to the paint pickup and clean it out in a few short minutes. I ... read more highly recommend this sprayer for jobs big and small.
  1. 1 month ago
    Pretty Decent Paint Sprayer
    This Graco Paint Sprayer is the easiest paint spray I've ever used. The disposable cups are a nice design. I found it a little difficult at first. The trick is to fill the cup and make sure ALL the air is pushed out before you start. Once you get that done, everything else is effortless. So far I used this sprayer to repaint a few of the six panel doors in my house. I took the doors outside so I wouldn't have to worry about over spray. This sprayer made short work of the three doors. It took ... read more more time to take the doors off the hinges than it did to paint them. This sprayer applied the paint quickly and evenly. Once everything was finished, cleanup was a snap since you can just toss the cup.
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  2. 1 month ago
    All you need in one compact unit
    This handy dandy sprayer is all you need in one compact, conveniently stored unit. - 20 individual speed settings so you can easily control the spray rate depending on the project. - Hard shell storage case to keep everything together and in one place. - Ability to spray in any direction to get those hard to reach spots. - 4" and 12" spray tips for various applications - Great unit for a novice as I've never used a sprayer before and always found them a bit intimidating. Not so with this ... read more one... Easy start up, use and clean up.
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  3. 10 months ago
    Simple, Even Coverage
    Wow, this is great! I have a paint sprayer with an air compressor, but I really like this airless paint sprayer better--it's definitely a step up. With proper care and use, the paint nozzle does not clog as easily, and the finish goes on more smoothly. It's really easy to fill the reusable/disposable paint canisters, and additional containers can be purchased at a reasonable price if you want to save time and not rinse out the plastic. It includes 3 canisters to get you started. It's ... read more straightforward to put together and use, and also comes with a sturdy storage case. Just make sure you carefully follow the instructions, especially before the first use: you mush flush out the sprayer before you use it as it comes from the factory with a lubricant which is BLUE--if you don't flush it out first it will color your paint. So far I've used it to paint bedroom walls. It definitely saves on paint and goes on smoothly. I can't wait to use it to repaint our kitchen cabinets. Overall, love it!
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  1. 2 years ago
    Worked perfectly
    Painted three sides of the house in just 4 hours. The hardest part was moving the ladder so often because painting went so fast. You will spend far more time taping and masking then you will painting, but you will still come out ahead. get one of those 3 foot shields with the adjustable handle that Home Depot sells. That thing was worth it's weight in gold. With all the grooves in vertical siding I could not see myself painting every one of them with a brush. I followed the instructions to the ... read more word and the sprayer worked perfectly, never clogged or splattered and never skipped a beat. Do, thin the paint per the paint can instructions and there is no need to run it on full pressure, that is for double hose use. Clean up takes time but is not hard since it basically cleans itself when you run it with whatever cleaning solution you are using. All in all, worth every penny.
  2. 2 years ago
    Really great
    I ordered this airless and had it shipped to my home, when it arrived it was on a pallet and wrapped in plastic really well so as to not be damaged.Upon opening the box, everything was there and in prefect condition. Very easy assembly and operation instructions, it wasn't long until I was painting. I practiced on my shed and then painted my house. No complaints at all, but I would advise to get the 311 spray tip for trim and doors, and maybe even the 20" tip extension for the hard to reach ... read more areas like the overhangs around the house. I did buy a GRACO 20" tip extension with guard, but the threads on the extension were too deep for the CH gun, when I screwed the extension onto the gun the nipple on the gun would not bottom out. So I marked the extension and took a reciprocating saw and slowly cut maybe a 1/4" off the threads. I cleaned up the burrs a little bit and now it's perfect. The GRACO tips from Home Depot will work in the CH guard that comes with the airless, and now I have a GRACO guard that comes with the extension. Really happy with my decision and it's a very good product.
  3. 1 year ago
    paint sprayer
    25 gallons so far works great. Graco extensions leak on Campbell gun. I probably will put a graco gun on it other than that it works great
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