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$899.00 / each
Gorilla Playsets Outing III Cedar Playset

Model # 01-0001

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6 Options Available
Was  $849.00
$729.00 / each
Save $120.00 (14%)
Paris 34 Gal. Black Steel Outdoor Trash Can with Steel Lid and Plastic Liner

Model # 461-304-0006

  • • Ship to Home
  • • Ship to Store Free
Was  $1,478.00
$1,178.00 / each
Save $300.00 (20%)
Cedar Summit Lewiston Retreat Wooden Playset

Model # F24954

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Ship to Store Free
6 Options Available
Was  $799.00
$679.00 / each
Save $120.00 (15%)
Paris 6 ft. Black Premier Backless Bench

Model # 460-076-0006

  • • Ship to Home
  • • Ship to Store Free
  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Ship to Store Free
$1,485.32 / each
Suncast Ready to Assemble Vista Hybrid Playset

Model # WRP7000D

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores
$1,018.62 / each
Lifetime Monkey Adventure Playset

Model # 90143

  • • Ship to Home Free
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Was  $1,198.00
$998.00 / each
Save $200.00 (17%)
Cedar Summit McKinley Wooden Playset

Model # F24950

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Ship to Store Free
$1,699.00 / each
Sheds USA Installed Adventurer Cedar Playset

Model # 46113

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores
3 Options Available
  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Ship to Store Free
Was  $899.00
$799.00 / each
Save $100.00 (11%)
Swing-N-Slide Playsets Knightsbridge Wood Complete Playset

Model # PB 9241-1

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Ship to Store Free

4 Options Available

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores

2 Options Available

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  • • Not Sold in Stores
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Was  $1,377.00
$1,170.45 / each
Save $206.55 (15%)
Kids Creations Installed High Flyer Deluxe Wood Playset with Wood Roof and Monkey Bars

Model # 6022

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores
$576.79 / each
Backyard Discovery Oakmont All Cedar Playset

Model # 65114com

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Ship to Store Free

4 Options Available

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores
Was  $3,782.03
$3,479.47 / each
Save $302.56 (8%)
Gorilla Playsets Sun Valley Deluxe Swing Set

Model # 01-0042-1

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores
  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Ship to Store Free
$2,999.00 / each
Lifetime Double Slide Deluxe Playset

Model # 90240

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores
$1,999.00 / each
Sheds USA Installed Voyager Cedar Playset

Model # 46213

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores
$1,395.64 / each
Lifetime Earthtone Adventure Tower Playset

Model # 90440

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores
  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Ship to Store Free
Was  $2,399.00
$2,207.08 / each
Save $191.92 (8%)
Gorilla Playsets Malibu Extreme Swing Set with Timber Shield

Model # 01-0046-TS

  • • Ship to Home Free
  • • Not Sold in Stores

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Average rating for "Parks, Playsets & Playhouses"
(4.4 / 5)
4,287 Reviews
  1. 1 month ago
    Looks beautiful, easy to put together kids love it
    Purchased in December but waited to put it up until April. I spent 6 hours working on it, mostly by myself, taking my time. When I needed a hand my husband helped. Directions were clear and easy to understand as well as the pictures. All items were labeled and easy to find. Tools were provided except for a wrench, and a hammer. Great product. 4 kids ages 7, 9, 11, and 12 use it and love it. I highly recommend it!!!!
    This review was originally posted to
  2. 1 week ago
    Wonderful swing set.
    I bought this 3 years ago and it is still being used. Us adults can swing on it too and that makes it fun to have in the yard.
    This review was originally posted to
  3. 4 days ago
    Monkey Adventure Playset
    I ordered this on line delivered to store and received it in less than half the time they said. It was crated to protect. The instructions could have been a little better but over all easy to follow. Two allen wrenches were provided and needed. The 1/2 inch wrench was not provided. Very easy to assemble but 2 people are required at one point to fit it together. Granddaughter was very pleased and spent several hours on it even though the weather turned on her.
  1. 12 months ago
    Great play set
    My husband & I had someone to put the play set together for us. When he opened the bags of screws, nuts, bolts & braces, he was missing some braces & had too many of another brace. I went to the Greer Home Depot & an associate had to call the manufacturer & order the pieces. When I received the box, the order was not correct, so I had to call the manufacturer again & have them send out the correct pieces again. If all the pieces had been in the box when opened, there would have been no problem & ... read more installation would have gone quickly & well. The play set is very sturdy & looks like it will last for several years. I am pleased with the purchase.
  2. 8 months ago
    Very nice playset
    This is a quality playset. The hardware and included wood is of good quality. I spent about 11 hours of solo construction and had about an hour of help from my wife. The instructions were good, but you do need some knowledge and common sense, so the difficulty is moderate. We have a 3 year old and a 5 year old and they love this set. The playhouse is big enough for the both of them. I did make two alterations. 1) I closed in the area around the rock wall and net and created a big sandbox there ... read more and under the house. 2) I replaced the 4x4x10 swing bar with a 4x4x14' swing bar to create more space between the swings and between the supports. This has kept the kids from hitting the supports and each other. Pros: Quality/Sturdy Ease of construction Kids love it Price (around $800 total) Cons Swing bar not long enough, kids bumping each other and swing bar Highly recommend this product!
  3. 2 years ago
    Great buy, granddaughters are really enjoying it
    Purchased this while down in Texas visiting my son and his family. I was able to have it loaded via forklift into my van for transport and unpacked from the van. Liked that we had to purchase the 4x4's as we were able to select the type and quality of wood for the supports. We also added the slide. Sealed the beams prior to assembly; Instructions were very easy to follow and all parts were included - checked this out before starting - so did not have to purchase additional screws. Was a two ... read more person job but we finished after working on it off/on over two days. Quality of product was very good and should stand up to weather conditions in Texas. Parts supplied were well made and metal support pieces were designed to last a long time and carry a lot of weight. All in all, we were very pleased with the play set.
  1. 2 months ago
    Built to last
    I purchased this playset for the 2 boys last year. Let me tell you... it is built like a brick "you know what house". Everything is steel construction and can take some serious abuse (even from lawnmower hits) and show very little for it. Lots to do to keep the kids busy and strong enough for my wife to swing as well. And even better no slivers! My only complaint is the fasteners are a bit soft... so be careful if you pull something apart to move the playset. The fasteners can strip if not ... read more careful. Other than that this unit is great and will be around long after I am. I would definitely recommend.
    This review was originally posted to
  2. 3 years ago
    This swing set was exactly what we were looking for.
    The playset is good quality, and was fairly simple to assemble. I was able to assemble quite a bit by myself, but there does come a point when you will need a hand. It has a lot of good features that allow several kids to play at the same time. We are overall very happy with this set, and I'm happy that I wont have to deal with the maintenance of a wood swingset again. My only complaint would be with the instructions, and the labeling of some of the parts. Sometimes it wasn't very clear as to ... read more which parts were to be used in each step of the instructions. I didn't have any of the hardware problems that others have complained about. We've only had it a couple of weeks, but I would purchase it again.
  3. 5 months ago
    complete playground in my backyard
    I ordered this item and within 2 days was informed that it had shipped and to expect delivery in 7-10 days from Utah to Florida. It was delivered within 5 days and took up the whole garage. Assembly was a 2 man job but was accomplished on a Sunday afternoon All the parts were included and arrived Once assembled my daughter said "Oh my God" and wanted to sleep on the deck the first night and now spends her outside time on the play set and does her homework in order to be allowed out Best gift ... read more ever and this product will last as long as my daughters childhood
    This review was originally posted to
  1. 4 years ago
    Be prepared!
    We put this up in December. We have a professional contractor as friend and neighbor. Even with his skills and equipment it took two men nearly 12 hours to assemble. That being said, it was done right and is quite solid and level! Just be prepared. We did not need to buy extra or stronger screws, the provided hardware worked fine. We live in Las Vegas so we shall see how it holds up to the dry heat. But, we were told if we stain it every year it should fare pretty well. I wish we bought some ... read more extra swing attachments; my boys are already bored with the swings. But we love it and would do it again.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    Pre-drill everything!
    Consider the horror stories I was hearing about assembling this type of playset, the process was pretty straightforward. All off the wood components are number (and you can read most of the numbers) and there is more than enough hardware to get the job done. Just make sure you pre-drill holes before you just start firing deck screws into the wood. I had several pieces of the wood split during assembly. Pre-drilling helped, but some of the splits occurred where the wood was pre-drilled from ... read more the factory. I'm debating ordering replacement pieces from the manufacturer, but I'm going to wait until it has been through a few weather cycles to see if anything else splits.
  3. 4 weeks ago
    gets the job done
    I thought the product was of acceptable quality considering the price. I assembled it alone except when my two three year olds came by to help. That slowed me down a bit but in total 16 hours over two days to put together all the pieces.
  1. 2 months ago
    Great Playset
    We purchased this playset for our grandkids and had it installed at their home. So nice to have installation included in the price. The set looks great and the kids love it! Should get many years of use. Plan to add a baby swing which is very simple because of nice big hooks. Very easy to switch or add swings.
  2. 1 month ago
    Great service from the installer
    Great service from the installer! Weather was difficult snowed the day of the install. installers were still able to build the playground.
  3. 2 months ago
    Great Product - kids loving it
    Would never have tried to install on my own, but the installation crew was great and the product looks great and my kids are playing on it every day.
  1. 7 years ago
    Blue Ridge Pioneer Peak in Rincon, GA
    Lots of directions and pieces...missing a few, but great reaction from the kids when it was finished. We have great pictures and great memories. Love the climbing wall and the tire swing is a hit.
  2. 5 years ago
    Built like a tank and high quality!
    This is a great play set. The directions are accurate and easy to understand. Minimal tools are required and the hardware is top notch. My kids love it! Customer service is great. There was a mix up in the parts provided so I contacted the company and they sent what I needed right out. The milling of the wood was accurate and they provide more than enough fasteners and bolts. The construction time is about 20 hours like the manual said. I only needed an extra set of hands for one section. So ... read more Super easy to put together, very well built and customer service is excellent!
  3. 4 years ago
    overall mostly happy
    we had some missing and broken pieces. I am a licenced general contractor with every tool and a pile of spare wood & hdwr and it took 2 of us 47 man hour to finish. The very 1st thunderstorm, a week after installation, the swing set was leaning about 5 degrees, I need more braceing.
  1. 3 years ago
    Nice once completed but difficult to build
    It took me two full days to assemble this play set and I had about 4 people helping me. If you’re not an experienced handyman than I wouldn’t attempt to tackle this project. If you do then I wish you the best of luck. Also, you will find that you will be missing several screws and lags. However, it really is a nice setup once complete. The kids will love it…
  2. 4 years ago
    LOVED it, but needs more than 4 monkey bars!!!
    I am very happy with this playset, its great, my kids love it. Though it could use a larger platform so all my kids can sit up in it and it needs more than 4 monkey bars, at least 9!!!!!!!!
  3. 4 years ago
    Pretty Good With a Few Issues
    The product is awesome for the kids. They love it. However, It took 22 hours of labor for a professional builder and my husband to put together. Do not be fooled by the "1 day to set it up" idea that the maker suggests is possible. The instructions are not as good as they could be. There is a lot of jumping around during setup and some of the parts are not labeled well enough, so there is some guesswork involved and in our case there were a few things that had to be undone and redone because we ... read more guessed wrong. We bought the tube slide, which is not as awesome as we thought it would be. The diameter of the finished tube is pretty small. I am 5'2" and I have to lie down to slide down it with my 13 month old on my lap. Also, the tube slide took a ridiculous amount of time to put together and the bolt holes had to be forced to line up through the brute strength of two large men. The tube slide is not worth the extra money it costs... get the regular slide instead. The floors of the two decks needed additional support across the middle (underneath) to prevent some pretty serious sagging that happens if an adult gets up there with the kids (which is necessary with small kids). Same story with the climbing wall.... had to add a 2x4 support on the backside, perpendicular to the slats that hold the climbing handholds. The support for the monkey bars is 1x4 construction, but they have you screw two of them together, in a staggered pattern to make them strong enough. I would suggest just using 2x4's instead for better strength. I was impressed with the quality of the swings and the velcro wraps for the 4x4's. The roof seems like it will shed water and not leak. I think the slide needs an additional support rod from the middle of the exterior to the ground because if a heavy child (65 lbs+) goes down the slide it really makes it move, but does not seem to do any damage to it. Overall, we like it, but in hindsight we would not have purchased the tube slide, and I think it needs extra floor support (as mentioned above).
  1. 3 years ago
    A very nice swingset for toddlers
    My grandchildren loved this swingset. They play on it all day long. However if you have small children 6mo. to 18mo. you need to purchase an infant swing. It was fairly easy to assemble, but if you have help it is a whole lot easier. It took about 21/2 hours.
  2. 3 months ago
    Good buy. But directions could have been better.
    Cute starter swing set. It will take you 2 hours to assemble.
    This review was originally posted to
  3. 1 year ago
    The thing is great. It fits together really easily and my kid loves it. Just one thing: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LONG HOLES IN THE SWING POLE FACING THE GROUND. If you don't, you'll have to take the entire structure apart to right them. In all fairness to the manufacturer, the video instruction DOES say, "make sure the long holes are facing the ground," but if you miss that line... as I did, you'll be sorry. NOTE TO STEP2 INC.: a sticker on the pole that says "this side down," would be helpful.
    This review was originally posted to
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