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Model # XG29T06EC32U1

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Model # XG40T06PV40U0

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Model # XG75T06ST76U0

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Average rating for Residentail Gas
(4.5 / 5)
6,920 Reviews
  1. 1 year ago
    Awesome to have hot water!
    Replaced an old 40 gallon water heater with this new 29 gallon XR90 model. Adjusting the for inflation the numbers suggest a yearly savings of $210 in the cost of natural gas. Installed the new unit myself -- and the installation went well. Compared to the 40-gallon model the XR90 was about 4" taller at the water pipe and exhaust connections. The gas valve was located within a half inch of the older unit and therefore did not require any rework or rerouting of the gas piping. No additional ... read more floor space was needed as it really is just as wide as the old 40-gallon unit was. The directions for first use were logical. Fill up the tank, allowing the air to escape. Plug the unit in. Select the desired temperature. Warm water in 10 minutes; hot enough within 15. Electric ignition means there were no matches required. Regarding capacity I am able to take a 45-minute shower without having to adjust the hot-cold mix. I have found it does not matter if washing the laundry and/or the running the dishwasher at the same time. My only complaint was the unanticipated noise from the exhaust fan when running; equivalent to the exhaust fan on the furnace when it kicks off. Surprisingly it has not bothered me as much as I thought it was going to.
  2. 3 months ago
    90 gallons of hot water in a small water heater
    I have an older house and when my 25 year old heater went out the new heaters were too wide to fit onto the space. The only heaters that would fit were the 29 gal heaters but that is not enough for my large family. I found this 29 gal 60,000 BTU heater that makes 90 gal of hot water in the first hour. That is more than my old 50 gal heater. I read the reviews and decided to try it. I did the instal myself with the help of my sons with no problems. It works better than I had expected. We have a ... read more large family and we have not tried to skimp on hot water. We have showers, baths,clothes washer,and dish washer all going at the same time and we have never run out of hot water. We can hear it when it is on because it is in a closet in the hall. The fan isn't noisy but we can hear it. It only seems to run for a few minutes after we stop using hot water so it gets all heated up really fast An on demand gas water wasn't an option for us cuz it couldn't keep up with our needs and we would have to run bigger gas lines and special exhaust. This 60,000 BTU heater is a great option for us. I would highly recommend it.
  3. 4 months ago
    This is a well made product that heats the tank fast. Firing up the unit is a simple as pushing the switch, no annoying clicks until the pilot lights. Fan is nice and quiet. My issue is with the venting. I have not been able to find a part to transition the fan to the flexible vent. The part sold at the orange big box store won't fit because the connection needs to be about 3 1/8" to connect to the fan, and the industry standard is 3". You need to find a variable sized adjustable universal ... read more adapter to fit the fan housing, which is NOT easy for a homeowner to find in order for the venting to pass inspection. Rheem should partner with the major venting vendors to offer a part that a homeowner can easily order. Other than that, a good product. One other think, you need a plug within a few feet of the product and also, if your area is prone to power outages, you will NOT have hot water if there is a power outage. The phone customer service is not helpful at all and quite dimissinve of any questions or concerns. I think their phone service agents could use more training rather than just stating "read the manual and install per code." Duh, I can read and I know the code, but can't comply if I can't find the parts that works.
  1. 1 year ago
    Awesome product
    I bought it a few months ago and it works great! I upgraded from a 50 gal to the 75 gal because I have 3 baths, kitchen, dishwasher, and washer. Now I don't have to worry about running out of hot water. Definitely worth it!
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  2. 1 year ago
    plenty of hot water
    So far this heater is working well. I am getting plenty of hot water. It has a plastic outlet vice a brass one but the store said it did not come with a brass fitting. The true review will be how good it performs through the years.
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  3. 1 year ago
    Great product
    Easy to install and very efficient. It is well built at a great price.
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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Great Water Heater
    I purchased this water heater for a rental unit. The tenants are extremely happy with the capacity and temperature and the install was very easy. I was pleased to find a reliable brand name at such a reasonable price.
  2. 2 months ago
    Simple Install
    My 20 year old water heater decided to quit the day we had guests arriving. Left for Home Depot at 8:30AM to get a new gas water heater, my wife was taking a HOT shower at 11:30AM. The boxed unit weighed 120 pounds but the box had plenty of hand holes which made sliding it down the basement stairs very easy. Unit unpacked very easily. Used sharkbite connecters and flexible gas line to adapt to the old configuration. Pilot light lit on the second attempt. This was my first water heater install ... read more but I am not unfamiliar with plumbing and was so easy, my wife could have done it with me coaching.
  3. 10 months ago
    Convenient control panel.
    Installation is about as easy as replacing a water heater ever is. With the new standards, the new water heater was taller then the old one. The connection spacing was also just a bit different. You may want to consider getting flexible line connections, both to make this job easier, and for the next time it needs to be replaced. The only connection that didn't need work was the gas hookup. I like the build-in igniter. It makes lighting the pilot easy. Just hit the igniter button every 10 ... read more seconds until the LED starts flashing green. You still have the usual change to pilot position on the dial and hold in the button, but it sure beets using a match or torch to light.the pilot. No panel to remove and put back on.
  1. 2 months ago
    Installation was a breeze
    Installed on copper water lines. Home Depot associate recommended their Shark Bite fittings instead of the 3/4 copper pipe and associated fittings I had in my cart. All said and done, the shark bite fittings were cheaper than the copper and the installation quite literally took 10 minutes. Cut the water lines, push the Shark Bites onto the copper pipes. Move the gas line over to the new unit. Done. Easiest install ever. Pilot light has a piezo igniter on it, so it's a snap to light. Had hot ... read more water in no time. Even got a nice rebate from the gas company. Couldn't have been any more painless.
  2. 4 weeks ago
    Reheem Water heaters
    I purchased the 40 gal Gas 4 years ago and recently the pilot light would not stay lit. It turns out that the Pilot assembly which is covered under the warranty for parts by GE has a high failure rate. Cost to install the new part runs around $160.00 other then the failure rate of the pilot light this tank is a good buy. Note Reheem makes this tank and most other brands i.e. Lowe's etc
  3. 2 months ago
    water heater
    Just bought and opened when i got home and just like everyone has said on other reviews. There was a dent on the top side of the hot water tank. What is going on during shipping or when the employees are stocking?? This makes home depot and Rheem look bad. NOT sure if i would recommend going back to home depot for another tank. What a hassle to take back tank and take a chance on another one. Just had tank installed , hope the dent has no effect....You would think someone would get to the bottom ... read more of this on going problem. on a good note, price wasn't bad.
  1. 4 months ago
    RHEEM 29 Gal. Tall 6 Year 32,000 BTU Natural Gas Water Heater
    Bought it in Dec 2015 for my Mom and installed it myself Now at Feb 2016 it's still working as it should. I also have a different RHEEM Nat.Gas water heater, and it is still working as it should.
  2. 2 months ago
    Good item,good price.
    Good water heater, I am fine with this product, easy to install.
  3. 3 months ago
    a difficult purchase
    The water heater is working great. It was hard to find a small water heater and Home Depot cancelled my initial order. I drove 50 miles one way to get the water heater from another store. The service was bad but the product is fine.
  1. 2 months ago
    Water Heater with difficult Installation
    Because this was a replacement heater, it required a longer time for the plumber to do the installation, which of course cost a lot more. Some of the instructions seemed to be difficult to follow. This plumber had done work for me before and this install seemed to stump him.
  2. 4 months ago
    Reliable product
    Replaced a Rheem that came with the house. The original lasted 10 years on hard well water. This product was essentially the new model of the old one. I like the changes that they made to the controls/igniter to restart the pilot.
  3. 1 month ago
    So far so good.
    I replaced an 80 gallon electric (that was still functioning-jjust inefficient). Because I am on a basement, the foundation walls are quite high so I had to source a 4 foot chimney extension from a plumbing supply house but it fit perfectly. Had to put it on a 13" platform to get it to the right height. Overall, it's working great, and with nat gas rates where they are, should save appreciable funds. I thought about direct vent, but that just seemed like more moving parts, more cost, noise ... read more level, etc. So, I would recommend this heater...
  1. 12 months ago
    Straight Forward Installation
    This replaced my still functioning 37 year old Rheem short 40 gal heater. Connections for gas and water were pretty close for this replacement so a minimum of plumbing or re-routing of either was needed. Important to me, the short unit fit in the back seat of my car, no delivery necessary. After 5 weeks all works well.
  2. 9 months ago
    Love my new water heater
    We are first time home-owners and knew the hot water tank would need to be replaced eventually since it was installed in 1987. Home Depot was very helpful, and talked me through some of my choices. I was informed prior to purchasing that the installation wouldnt cost too much, and that when the water heater did go out i would expect to spend about $800 total. Well, I spent 800 on the water tank only, and when I contacted home depot about installation they wanted an extra $600-800, without ... read more knowledge of whether they would have to charge more for parts. I am lucky I knew a plumber to install for $250 because that would have blown out my budget.
  3. 3 months ago
    Great Water Heater!
    Great water heater! However make sure you open the box at the store as there were multiple with dents on different water heaters despite having perfect boxes. I found one with a dent the size of a nickel. I told the manager you don't buy a new car with a dent and pay full price, the guy laughed and gave me 10% off.
  1. 5 days ago
    Great product.
    This water heater is working very efficiently and it heats up the water incredibly fast!
  2. 2 years ago
    Had really hot water in less than an hour!
    I did an enormous amount of research before purchasing this water heater and I am very satisfied with my purchase. It is comparable to the other, more expensive, models in terms of energy efficiency (which was the most important thing to me) and I even found it to be more efficient than some of the "Better" brands. 217 therms/year is excellent in my book. Shows it pays to do your homework as I almost bought the whirlpool 800 plus dollar model. Easy to install. My husband and his father did it in an hour.
  3. 1 month ago
    Raheem 38 Gal Gas with WiFi
    Only had it two weeks, but it is working great. Quieter than the old one which I could hear the gas come on and the tank crackled and popped. The WiFi module was easy to install and I have used it to dial in the water temp and set it for vacation mode for a weekend trip. It started and ended the vaction mode on schedule. One time it failed to connect, but 10 other times I worked flawlessly. Today I noticed it even was working with NEST and set to eco-mode when the Nest was auto-away.
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