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Average rating for Tankless Gas
(4.1 / 5)
412 Reviews
  1. 4 years ago
    Took 220v 50 gallon of the grid!
    The electric was always throwing breakers, and the water would get too hot! I put things off quite well. Got a deal on line for this unit. Had a plumber give me a quote on installing it with me buying it, 650-850 and I buy all materials. This was my first soldering job ever. I also relocated mine, so the cost was probably more then yours will be. I have 1650-1700 in my do it yourself deal. I adjusted the temp down to where it was a good shower temp. 116 works good. No need for hotter. If you are ... read more unsure of soldering, use the "shark bite" connectors and corners. I ran black gas pipe, installed a cut-off, nipple, and completed with 3/4" flex copper pipe. Back to the shark bite items, I used them when I had leaks in my soldering. You do not adjust the water as you bathe, like hot water running low, it just wont happen! Thats why I adjusted as low as I could for a nice shower. I only have hot water when I need it. I do not keep 50 gallons hot on stand by 24/7. It is saving moneyright now doing nothing! Dont be afraid to install it yourself, make the wifey proud! I left my horizontal exhaust about 30" from the house over some shrubs, to keep steam away from siding. Use thin solder wire, melts easier!
  2. 4 years ago
    Performs well, but I did my research and ordered one that was sized appropriately.
    Works very well. Maybe a slightly longer delay in arrival of hot water but its one if those things you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it. We run three showers simultaneiously with no problems. I measured the GPM needed at my house to run the biggest three water users (which turned out to be the showers), then ordered a unit that was slightly oversized. Installation was a pain. Nothing hooks up to previous tank waterheater so I had to reroute gas, electrical, hot water line, cold ... read more water line, exhaust duct and add an air intake duct, since I got the high efficiency modle. I installed myself, but wouldnt recommend except to advanced doityourselfers. It took some research to figure out the required water line configuration and valves. Over all we are happy with the performance. Looking forward to completing our first year so we can see how much gas we saved.
  3. 4 years ago
    Endless hot water
    Nice unit, endless hot water. I have a walk in shower in my master bath with 3 shower heads and I can run them all at the same time with plenty of hot water to spare. No more having to wait 90 minutes for the water heater to recover before someone else can take a shower or bath. On the technical side; the instructions are good, but if you're not a VERY experienced DIY person, hire a contractor. As my previous water heater was electric, I had to add venting ducts, tee into my propane line and ... read more reroute the plumbing. I think it would easily have cost me $1500 to have someone install this for me. Regardless, I love it!
  1. 5 years ago
    What A Great Investment,Happy We Made The Purchase.
    Extremely easy to install , saves so much space and my gas bill has gone down by $40 per month.
  2. 4 years ago
    great features, even better savings
    had no problem with the install. I also purchased the install kit that was recommended by the store associate at the same time I bought the heater. Glad I did. It made the install so much easier. I put a little dab of silicone grease on the O-ring to help keep it in place. I am enjoying PLENTY of hot water along with a lower gas bill!!!
  3. 4 years ago
    awsome water heater!
    had to relocate the water heater do to the new tankless heater requiring a 2 layer stainless exaust/fresh air intake line (which is very expensive). but the remote water temp. controller and the constant water temp./pressure compared to our last tankless more than makes up for the added install cost. As far as savings over a tank water heater we're paying 1/3 the monthly gas bill and can take multiple long showers without the water temp. dropping
  1. 4 months ago
    Good Product
    The Ecotemp 3.0 Tankless is a Fairley easy Install. The directions are easy to follow. The problem was water heaters plumbing is normally at the top. The Ecotemp is at the bottom. I moved the water lines for a cleaner installation. Could have been done with flex lines.
  2. 5 months ago
    Put this in my manufactured home and it works well
    I put this in my old manufactured home with 1 bathroom and 2 other sinks. It works well... The flow is slowed down to help heat the water but what can you expect for such a inexpensive unit. I LOVE HOW IT LOOKS. Super stylish and sleek. Overall I gave it 4 stars as the manual is a little lacking and it took a few extra fittings. I also liked that when I called support they transferred me to someone in America who was very helpful.
  3. 2 months ago
    Tankless water heater
    I Do Like the tankless water heater. Much better than the traditional. Getting used to it. My bathtub hot has lower pressure but that might be the copper pipes but Iwill be going to pex soon so that might help. Can't wait to see how much I save on my water bill
  1. 3 months ago
    Best customer service ever
    The best part of purchasing this product was the help that I received from Andres at the store on US1 and 32nd Ave. He found exactly what I needed and wrote up the order. It was interesting that while he was writing up the order a man came into the store specifically to thank Andres for the help he had given him with some gardening issues. Obviously this young man is a real asset to your store.
  2. 1 year ago
    very pleased with purchase
    Installation was very easy, water is much warmer than with the electric hot water heater it replaced. nice to have endless supply of hot instant on demand water everyone can shower, do laundry, run dish washer at same time without running out of hot water wish we had done this years ago!!
  3. 11 months ago
    Great product, TERRIBLE customer service :(
    Great product, we have several of these in our cabins. Fairly easy to install if you have electrical / plumbing skills. These work great, hold up to our cold winters here in NW NC.
  1. 3 years ago
    ok, but make sure you have everything
    got the water heater, going to install it over the weekend, come to find out, that the 3/5 inch vent hose is extremely hard to procure around here, so had to wait another week.
  2. 12 months ago
    We like it. Plenty of hot water
    We've been using this water heater for about a month now. Really happy with it. its summer now and keep the thermo set on 114f and have plenty of hot water. comes with easy manual. best part its easy to handle and install and it only heats what ya need. I live in West Texas and our water is extremely hard. I highly recommend a water softener installed upstream of this unit and maybe a small inline filter if you have dirty water or well use. it does have a built in cleanable filter though. I went ... read more with propane after a January ice storm left us without hot water for 5days. this unit needs 120v for use. but draws small amperage for generator use. im running 3 faucets and 3 showers.
  3. 6 months ago
    Plenty of hot water.
    Bought this to replace an electric tank water heater hoping it will save on energy usage. Our certified installer didn't have much trouble until we had to get a vent pipe to go thru the wall. Home Depot does NOT carry the vent pipe either in store nor online. So one must go to Amazon to find one. Cost was about $89 but with expedited shipping ended up over $100. Still was without hot water for 9 days. Why does Home Depot not sell the vent pipe that must be used with this Rheem heater?!! We ... read more searched other stores in our area and no one carried this size vent pipe. We do, however, now have plenty of hot water. We had to set the thermostat to 130 to get enough hot water for dishwasher. Just hope it will save on energy usage.
  1. 2 years ago
    Easy install and works Great.
    3/4" connectors for Gas and Water. Requires a drain close by. The only thing that was confusing on install was that the spacing between the intake and exhaust were different on the Heater and the outside cap. We have 2 bathrooms and it seems to work excellent. Much cheaper to run over the last month then our electric tank water heater, and never runs out!
  2. 1 year ago
    Love this water heater!!!
    The ability to us PVC piping for the vent as well as the output was a deciding factor in choosing this water heater. It takes up no space in my utility room and works beautifully. Having endless hot water is a luxury I can now not live without! I can run my washing machine, the dishwasher AND take a hot shower at the same time. Not to mention the money saved on my utility bill from not having to keep a tank of hot water heated while it just sits there. Totally worth the investment.
  3. 1 year ago
    We were replacing a 50 gal. electric w.h. I have a tankless gas water heater at home and wanted to put one at work. This was perfect for our application. We were able to vent with 3" pvc due to this being an ecosense. We have much more room in that corner as you can see from the picture. Easy to install and will save us tons on electricity since this is natural gas and is demand only. Quality piece of equipment. Works like a champ.
  1. 3 years ago
    I wish I had it installed sooner
    Easy installation and temperature control. Plenty of hot water when needed.
  2. 2 years ago
    Rheem 9.5 gpm
    Had a 40 gallon water heater on the second floor of my two storie home. Installed this on the first floor outside, so there was a lot of work just to run the gas, power, and water. The unit howerver was very easy to install. I have read other post on here about people not being able to buy the "Rheem tankless water heater valve kit" and having to order it. Homedepot does carry in the store the "Watts tankless water heater valve kit" watts is a very old and very well known plumping part company ... read more this kit is a must have to install this unit. Also the beat way to mount this is with Uni strut. And I have to give a shout out to Dasiy who works the plumbing dept. at Homedepot Burbank this lady knows her stuff and was a huge help.
  3. 3 years ago
    Outstanding Unit!
    UPS delievered my new tankless water heater at 2:37 this afternoon and we had it installed and running perfectly by 6:25. And that included removal of my old Bosch unit and a trip to my local hardware store to pick up a few fittings. The unit delivers hot water in 8 seconds, and I have run it continuously now for 15 minutes in 2 showers and the kitchen sink with no drop in temperature or pressure. Being thoroughly familiar with tankless heaters - 6 years - I can overwhemingly endorse this product!
  1. 2 months ago
    Fantastic heater
    I purchased the Rheem ECOH200DVLN from Home Depot to replace a Bradford White 48 Gallon Powervent tank unit that started leaking. I have a 4 Bedroom/3 bath house and so far this unit delivers consistent hot water as needed. A can have the washer and two showers running simultaneously without issue. The units fan(which turns on when there is a call for hot water) is much quieter than the power vent on my previous hot water heater. Please note that if purchasing this unit ensure you order the ... read more service valves as well as these are needed to clean the unit on a periodic basis. As this unit requires a 3/4 inch gas line, movement of all water lines and PVC work to vent and provide fresh air I hired a professional to perform the install. I am glad I did so as he spent a day to remove and install the new unit. In short, this unit works well and is a great value at the price point being offered by Home Depot. Yes, labor to install is more than a standard tank, but endless hot water with a longer warranty and space savings is worth it.
  2. 2 months ago
    Works great
    I had a direct vent water heater that I needed to replace. Based on some research I discovered it was actually cheaper to buy a tankless unit than replace with a similar direct vent water heater. I was also able to get a $300 tax credit for the tankless unit. Installing the unit took longer than I thought but that was because I had to wire in an electrical outlet, change my gas line to 3/4", reroute my water lines lower on the wall to support the new location and I had to drill through my ... read more foundation to support the condensation line. I would recommend installing the optional water valves ($97) for future maintenance. The unit is working excellent and I would recommend it to anyone considering switching to a tankless unit. Love not running out of hot water anymore!
  3. 3 months ago
    Huge Upgrade
    Had an on demand unit already but much lower BTU. Water simply wouldn't get that hot in the winter up here in the Northland, even cranked to the highest level. Replaced with this one and now I can't come close to turning this up all the way. Unlimited 125 degree water - that's pretty much all you need to say. The ONLY bummer about the install was that I needed to drill two 3" holes through the cement sill to vent, and had to rent an industrial tool to do that (a buck twenty that I didn't ... read more expect). Everything else is basic plumbing. Oh - buy the accessory flush kit!
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